A Look at Some of 2015’s Best Songs

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a list on their website of what they feel are the best 25 songs of 2015 so far. The songs come from all different genres of pop music, and Rolling Stone provides an audio link to each song as well as a brief explanation of why they like it.

Number 19 on the list is “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” by Tobias Jesso Jr. This is a great song. For the most part, it’s just the artist singing the song while he plays the piano along with it. It’s a love song, and the simplicity of the arrangement enhances the sincerity of the words. The only aspect of the song I don’t like is the string section. This is kind of sappy and dilutes the purity of the song.

Number 18 on the list is “Good for You” by Selena Gomez. This is another great song. The lyrics are about how the singer wants to look good for her love interest. It’s not clear if the singer and the love interest are actually involved. The music is dreamy and slow. Gomez’s vocal is clear and high. She has a terrific voice, and this song highlights it well.

All in all, Amen agrees with the songs selected for this list. This article and its sound clips are a great way to check out some of 2015’s best tunes.

Harry Styles Calls Out A School Friend For Stealing His Girlfriend

Harry Styles used to date Taylor Swift, but then again, who hasn’t? No, Taylor Swift is not some loose girl who runs around with any man she wants, she is a very respectable woman, and she just happens to date a lot of guys. Guy Steals Harry Style’s Girlfriend. The only reason why Taylor Swift dates a lot is because every guy has broken her heart. You would think that she would give up on love, but instead she continues to make great music based on her broken heart. Harry Styles is a part of the group One Direction, and when he was 14 years old, he had a girlfriend.

Now that Harry Styles is a heartbreaker, he can look back and laugh about the incident, but at 14 years old, no doubt he was upset about losing his girlfriend to another guy. Harry decided to share the story while on stage, and he let everyone know that he lost a girlfriend at such a young age says Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn. The incident was something that made him feel neglected. The funny part about the entire thing is that the same guy who stole his girlfriend, he was in the audience.

Jack Robinson stole Harry Style’s girlfriend at the age of 14, and Harry made sure to let the entire stadium know about it. Harry even blew up the guys picture on the big screen, so every one of his fans could see who the girl theif was. So sad for Jack Robinson!

Like A Rolling Stone Now 50

The song that Rolling Stone has called the “single greatest song of all time” (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bob-dylan-recorded-like-a-rolling-stone-50-years-ago-today-20150616)was recorded on this day fifty years ago. A young Bob Dylan, only 24 at the time at the end of a full day trying to get two other songs recorded (“It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” (then called “Phantom Engineer”) and “Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence,”). Frustration had set in and neither song worked. Dylan had been free versing “Like a Rolling Stone” since his European tour early that year and started to play a rough version of it for the rest of the band on June 15th. The next day after the fourth take the song was done although Dylan and the band cut several more takes, but it was that fourth master that was the song to be included on Highway 61 Revisited.

Dylan didn’t really like the original free verse he had started penning while on the European tour but continued to work and polish it making it into a Billboard number 2 song. The Beatles’ Help had the number one position firmly locked up or there would have been no doubt Like a Rolling Stone” would have held that prestigious spot. Only a few at Amen Clinics and even on Facebook were actually alive when it was hot.

Foo fighter’s Singer Falls Off Of Stage

Sometimes musicians get so into their music that they do something crazy like fall off the stage. That’s what happened for Dave Grohl, the lead singer of Foo Fighters, recently. He was singing the second song of the night at a concert in Sweden when he fell off of the stage. He got back up and moved to the microphone only to say that he may have broken his leg, and that he was going to head to the hospital.

The fans at the concert had to be shocked. Alexei Beltyukov knows he would be. No one expects to see something like this happen when they are attending a concert.

But, at least the fans didn’t have to go without music. Once Dave Grohl had left, Foo Fighter’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, stepped up to the microphone and the band did covers of their songs. The crowd was given a concert, just a different one than they would have been picturing before the show.

Carrie Underwood Takes The Lead With CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood has swept the CMT Music Awards with 13 wins to date. This makes her the number one most recognized artist in the history of the awards show. Wednesday night, Underwood added three awards to her list, including Collaborative Video of the Year, Video of the Year, and Female Video of the Year. Underwood credits her son, Isaiah for her song, “Something in the Water.” Her son is now three months old and Underwood spoke about how he has inspired her, publicly thanking him for the award.

Singing “Little Toy Guns,” Underwood gave a stunning performance, focused on lyric and vocals, according to the Rolling Stone. This particular award show had more performances based on less choreography and more vocal strengths. This came through with performers such as Reba McIntyre, Eric Church, and the Zac Brown Band.

My friend James Dondero even said the outstanding performances by young country artists took center stage with stellar performances. Newcomers included Kelsea Ballerini, Chris Janson, A Thousand Horses, RaeLynn, Maddie and Tae, and Frankie Ballard. Sam Hunt earned the Breakthrough Video of the Year. Jason Aldean won alongside Bob Seger for CMT Performance of the Year. Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again” gained him the Male Video winner.

Walmart Execs Boost Morale by Reducing the Amount of Celine Dion Played in Stores

As somebody who occasionally shops at Walmart (as most of us do), I have noticed the repetitive sound track they have blasting on store speakers. I’ve often wondered what it must be like for employees who are forced to listen to the constant intrusion of the same old songs, over and over again. Now I know I wasn’t the only one, Walmart executives have announced they will stop the repetitive loop of cheap radio songs. Instead, the company will be playing a Radio Walmart, a station with songs handpicked by an actual DJ.

The change in music is part of a larger plan by Walmart executives to increase employee loyalty and morale throughout the company states industrial psychologist Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walmart also recently announced they will be raising the minimum wage, loosening the dress code and offering cash incentives for employees who earn them. Greg Foran is the CEO of Walmart and wants to address the long standing issues within the company by making it a better place to work.

“There is nothing I like better than hearing about your jobs, your ideas, your hopes and dreams, and frustration, and listening to how we can make your lives easier,” Foran said while talking to Walmart employees in Fayetteville, Alaska. The changes to policy have been very well received among employees so far who are looking forward to a bigger paycheck without earning it by listening to hours of Celine Dion

A Mile in Their Shoes

William Hayes and Chris Long are known for their plays and calls on the field. A few days ago, the two best friends and St. Louis Rams teammates made a move that would enlighten the pair more than they thought it would. The two men decided to see what it was like to live as a homeless person for one day. The teammates wore tattered clothes and disguised themselves with makeup so that no one could recognize them and their superstar status. The two sat outside of the very same stadium that they usually play in. They didn’t realize how many snarky remarks and rude looks they would get. The duo also remembered getting unwanted interactions with the police. They noted that, had they been in their suits and ties and dress shoes, the police would have shown them the utmost respect. Instead, they got to see how the police really interact with those who live homeless. The pair ended up sleeping in an abandoned truck and had to huddle together for warmth. The temperature dropped to a staggering 38 degrees and the pair could not believe that people actually had to live like this. When the night was over, Chris noted how much his body hurt.


He said it was the worst night of his life and he had experienced pain like he had never felt before, and Sam Tabar can believe it. That’s coming from an NFL player whose body is pushed physically for months at a time. The pair didn’t let this experience go to waste. They ended up helping a few people who they met on the street. They gave them temporary housing, groceries, and transportation. Thanks to the pair, the people that they helped were able to get more help from outreach programs and even employment. The pair hopes to continue helping those in need. Now they can say that they walk in their shoes.

Los Angeles Might Raise Minimum Wage To $15

Today something interesting happened in the great state of California as the large metropolis of Los Angeles is now just one step closer to getting that minimum wage rate raised to $15 per hour. There has been a great debate about this topic lately because people feel that the minimum wage is just not enough to live on, and that people who make less than that are in a state of poverty. It is true that the cost of living seems to get higher each year, but what people don’t realize is that when the wages go up so does the cost of living even more so.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater.com, not everyone is in favor of the increase because some feel that it would put them at risk of having problems in the industry. As much as I would like to have at least $15 myself at work, I know that if this were to actually happen it could also cause a massive layoff in many companies. I believe the reason the minimum wage is not that high to begin with is because that is not what many places can even afford. By having it lower, it is also allowed more people to have jobs that they might not have otherwise as any FreedomPop review points out. We will see what happens with that, but hopefully there is a way to find a middle of the road solution.

Mariah Carey Is Dating In Her New “Infinity” Video

Mariah Carey has a new song entitled “Infinity,” and many speculate that the lyrics in the song are taking shots at her soon-to-be ex-husband. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are reportedly going through a divorce, and in the song, she accuses him of lying and cheating. Mariah Carey’s New Video. Mariah also says that Nick doesn’t own anything, and the lyrics say that he supposedly still owes for the things he claims to own. Although Mariah never called Nick’s by name, it’s obvious to everyone that he is who she’s talking about.

A doctor, who is also an author, said there is a video for Infinity, and in the video she is doing some dating, which will soon be in Mariah Carey’s future. Some have speculated that Mariah was with a guy that she was pictured with on a yacht with, but no confirmation has been made yet. Mariah is still single, though Nick Cannon has been linked to at least a couple women since their breakup. It’s sad to see the couple grow apart, but many felt that the relationship wouldn’t last anyways. Mariah and Nick Cannon are about 10 years apart in age, and this may have been one of the reasons why the relationship didn’t last.

Younger men tend to want to have more fun, and they may do things that are on the wild side, and there’s no telling what the older woman may have in mind. In certain cases, opposites attract, but it looks like in this case it ended up in divorce.

Photo Drone Injured Enrique Iglesias

In Tijuana, Mexico Enrique Iglesias injured his hand on a drone capturing photos of the event. In front of a crowd of nearly 12,000 people at Plaza de Toros de Playa the drone came in low over the stage. As Iglesias reached up to grab the flying camera one of its propellor blades sliced several of his fingers. This was a standard procedure that he had done many times before to turn the camera on the crowd, a chance for the audience to see themselves on the large projection screen behind him.

Crew members bandaged his heavily bleeding hand and advised him to stop the show. Always the crowd pleaser Iglesias decided that the show must go on. He played for an additional thirty minutes holding his bleeding hand behind his back until a dramatic moment when he used the blood to draw a bright red heart on his white t shirt.

After the show Iglesias was flown to Los Angeles to see a specialist. The singer is not expected to cancel future tour dates. The folks at Beneful wonder if this event is going to make Iglesias’ Wiki Page.

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