Who is Sheldon Lavin and Why is He Regarded As a Respectable Entity in the Food Industry?

If you identify as a foodie and keep tabs on the day to day happenings of the food industry, then you must have heard of OSI Group. As one of the most successful food processors in the world, the company’s name hardly needs any introduction to those who love anything and everything about food. For those who don’t, learning about OSI Group and its chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin remains an interesting read nonetheless.

Based out of Illinois, OSI Group is one of the oldest and largest food processing companies that are based out of the U.S. Launched in 1909 as a butcher shop, the company hit its first big opportunity when it was approached by McDonald’s to fulfill its need for ground meat back in 1955. In 1973, the company established its first major plant to start catering to McDonald’s growing demand of fresh meat – and from there, the rest is history.

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Joining the company around the time of its ambitious expansion with McDonald’s, Sheldon Lavin soon became integral to the firm’s day to day processes. With careful and targeted steps to expand the company’s operations into other areas as well as enhance its line of products and services, Lavin started a few initiatives that worked towards cementing the firm’s status as an established food processing company.

The actions taken by Sheldon Lavin included targeted initiatives such as the introduction of new food items, refinement of existing processes, and an increased focus on sustainability. Through these actions and the company’s focus to optimize costs while also maintaining quality, OSI Group soon became the go to choice for many commercial clients all over the world. To this date, it maintains its status as one of the primary suppliers for McDonald’s massive meat processing requirements.

Today, Sheldon Lavin has expanded the firm’s operations to a whopping 17 countries, where OSI Group proudly operates with 65 facilities. With that, Lavin has also established the firm and himself as champions of sustainable food processing, which has earned both the CEO and his company several accolades. Overall, Lavin has established himself as a respected entity in the food industry, which is not shocking to see given all that he’s done for OSI Group, and the larger food processing sector in general. Learn More: http://digital.bnpmedia.com/publication/?i=178706&article_id=1529744&view=articleBrowser&ver=html5#{%22issue_id%22:178706,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%221529744%22

Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Man Behind The Success Of JD.com

The e-commerce industry has been growing at a rapid pace, and this industry has been experiencing massive developments as a result of many prominent marketplaces. The competition within this market space has also become significantly more fierce, making it harder for brands and sites to establish themselves well. One company that emerged as a well-regarded name within the industry JD.com. JD.com was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong who wanted to build a company that he could call his own.

When Richard Liu Qiangdong embarked on his first entrepreneurial venture, he decided to start up a store that would sell a number of different goods. The idea was to sell genuine goods, especially because of the shortage of them in the Chinese markets. The store proved to be an incredibly efficient business, and Richard Liu Qiangdong saw a good amount of success within the first few years itself.

The SARS outbreak in China was the point where Richard Liu Qiangdong was forced to rethink the manner in which his business worked. He realized the growing importance of a medium through which people could easily shop and realized that the internet was becoming the primary medium through which people could eventually shop. This foresight led him to start up JD.com, which soon become one of the primary marketplaces for those who wanted to shop for genuine goods and didn’t want to end up with goods that were not the quality that they want. The site quickly gained momentum, and within a short period of time stood tall as one of the biggest names in the business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong attributes a lot of the success that he has witnessed to the hard work and dedication that he has put in. He was always someone who knew that if he wanted to be successful, he would have to work incredibly hard to make a name for himself. He always tried to push harder to achieve his goals and become a well-regarded name in the industry that he worked in. This enabled him to focus on his goals and enabled him to become the success that he is today.

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Boraie Development Exceeds Expectations

Wasseem Boraie, vice president of Boraie Development, is in a good mood these days, and he has good reason to be. His company started leasing condos in their new 25-unit 600 NoBe (an abbreviation for North Beach) development in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in January, and half of the units have already been leased. He’s ahead of the schedule he set for himself, and he’s thrilled that he was wrong about that particular projection. All residents should be able to move into their condos by January. While the three buildings will be near Atlantic City’s famous casinos, they are not meant for tourists but rather for permanent residents.

These condos will be a good thing for Atlantic City in general by creating a small permanent community. Hopefully, they will serve as a positive example to other developers by proving that people want to live and work in Atlantic City and not just gamble there and leave. Essentially, the NoBe development takes nearly two blocks of what was recently urban blight and turns it into a neighborhood for long-term citizens of the city. The success of the $85 million project so far flies in the face of the predictions of naysayers.

Kisling Nestico & Redick Are The Best Personal Injury Law Firm In Cleveland

Kisling Nestico & Redick started a highly successful personal injury law firm in Ohio in 2005 that provides their clients with the best service possible. That service includes tons of experience and knowledge that allow each client to end up with a very satisfactory settlement. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick employ almost 200 lawyers, paralegals, and support staff that all work hard to ensure victims of personal injury accidents receive the justice they deserve. Having so many employees allows Kisling Nestico & Redick to give their clients more attention than the smaller personal injury firms with extensive research that helps them come up with many great strategies for each case. 

Those resourceful strategies for each client, the experience behind their numerous employees, and the aggressiveness towards the pursuit of client interests no matter the risks give Kisling Nestico & Redick a great advantage over many other personal injury firms. That experience is also special because it includes extra knowledge about insurance companies, the main adversary of personal injury law firms. 

One of the things that makes Kisling Nestico & Redick fight so hard for personal injury victims is the fact that Nestico had a near-fatal car crash when he was 15 that was caused by negligent driving. This gives all 3 partners extra strength as they empower their clients all over the state of Ohio to defeat those insurance companies for justice. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to Ohio Communities

When the law firm of Kisling Nestico & Redick is not doing all they can for their clients, they are probably doing all they can for their local community. They know that true philanthropy starts at home and they show this by helping out charities that support disadvantaged children. 

Kisling Nestico & Redick have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to many charitable organizations in the Ohio community, they have a new project called KNR Cares About Kids that will do good deeds for 12 months and they recently gave away backpacks at the start of the school year. It is obvious to see that Kisling Nestico & Redick are a personal injury firm that offer exceptional services and help to their clients and community. 

U.S. Money Reserve Is A Company That Holds A Deep Understanding Of The Benefits That Businesses Attain When They Engage In Employee Development

Something that smart and profitable companies have known for a long time is the fact that putting time into employee development is a business practice that pays off.

Even though this is a well-understood fact, it is surprising how many companies fail to put adequate effort into this part of their business. When they do so, they do it at their own detriment. The benefits of employee development are extensive.

Companies that engage in this enjoy a higher retention rate for their employees and this saves a lot of time and money that would be lost if they were constantly having to train new individuals.

Developing existing employees also helps them to take on new and valuable skills that can benefit the company and it also fosters a better and more harmonious company culture and working environment.

There may be a lot of companies that fail to take this factor of business serious enough, but there are also a lot of companies that do take it seriously and they benefit from it in many ways that add up to a better bottom line.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of these companies that gets it when it comes to employee development. The firm puts a great deal of emphasis on this and these efforts are led from the top-down by the U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch.

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that commits to offering its customers the best options available in the area of government-issued coins composed of precious metals.

It is a firm that has been turned to by countless individuals to find unique ways to diversify their portfolios. Over its decade-plus history of service to the public, U.S. Money Reserve has provided an outstanding customer experience to more than 500 thousand customers.

These customers trust the integrity that the firm is known for as well as the staff of experts that know how to assist them in making the right purchase decisions.

The tenure of Angela Koch at U.S. Money Reserve has been a big part of the reason that the organization has built such a strong reputation with its customers. This is due to her visionary leadership and a big part of this leadership is her insistence on the importance of employee development.

This is something that the leadership team at U.S. Money Reserve is committed to and the results have been impressive. A major aspect of these results is the fact that U.S. Money Reserve has developed an outstanding team of dedicated professionals who enjoy an outstanding company culture.

Angela Koch has a philosophy that she adheres to in the way that she directs the business dealings of U.S. Money Reserve. This philosophy includes paying careful attention to her own strengths and working to maximize them.

She expects the same from her staff and they consistently rise to this challenge. Angela also believes that a leader must be able to stand by their decisions and go forward with confidence once a leadership choice is made.

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Vijay Eswaran Discusses The Rise Of The Gig Economy

The gig workforce has been consistently growing in recent years and entrepreneur and author Vijay Eswaran spoke about the concept and the types of people that make up the gig economy. This conversation took place during a panel entitled “The Demographics of the Gig Workforce”. Vijay Eswaran is currently Qi Group’s Executive Chairman after founding QNet in 1998. QNet is now part of the QI Group and is one of the most substantial direct sales companies throughout the continent of Asia. The QI Group of Companies consists of several different subsidiaries in industries such as hospitality, retail, direct sales, and education. With all of the changes that are taking place throughout the global economy, many people are looking for ways to make money that are different from the traditional routes that many people have been following for generations.

Vijay Eswaran notes that millennials are one of the fastest-growing demographics that are participating in the gig economy as they are not wanting to spend their days doing a nine to five job. Millennials are wanting to take control of their lives and they need the incentives to do it. While generations in the past were immediately wanting to get their own house and brand new car, Vijay Eswaran sees a different trend among the millennials who don’t mind waiting for these things as long as they are enjoying their lives in the process. The younger generations want to be able to travel and have the experiences that they would not be able to have if they were working a traditional job.

The gig economy is something that Vijay Eswaran says has been around for the last century or so, but the internet has changed how it works, especially when it comes to direct sales. QI Group was one of the first direct sales businesses in Asia and the rest of the world that began using e-commerce as part of its business plan. Vijay Eswaran had dreams of taking his company global through the use of the internet long before Amazon and other companies had embraced the possibility. Technology has made it easier for people to participate in the gig economy wherever they may happen to be located as long as they have access to the internet. There are many different types of positions that are considered part of the gig economy and these opportunities are only expected to expand in the future. Read more about Vijay Eswaran:https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=248353155&privcapId=39506766

Jason Colodne Exudes Rare Qualities that Sparked his Rise to the Top

Few, if any, industries are more competitive than investment finance. The entertainment industry is known to be cutthroat. Now, imagine finding success at both. What types of skills, talents, and character would a person need? One might even have difficulty assessing such attributes in an individual who has reached the top of both industries.

Jason Colodne is such an individual. As an investment finance professional, he managed some of the top firms’ most valuable assets. He would then go on to co-found his own company, Colbeck Capital Management, in 2009. Mr. Colodne’s success does not end there. In recent years, he helped bring top blockbuster films to the silver screen.

Investment Banking Success

Jason Colodne achieved a great deal of success in the finance industry very early in life. Here is a list of the companies that employed him:

  • Bear Stearns
  • UBS
  • Patriarch Partners
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley

From 2004 to 2007 Colodne was the Managing Director for Morgan Stanley’s Strategic Finance. From 1998 to 2004, he was Head of Distressed Research, Investment, and Hybrid Lending for Goldman Sachs. These successes led to Mr. Colodne’s pivotal role as the President of the $6 billion private equity firm Patriarch Partners. His background also includes credit investing, proprietary distressed securities investing, and restructuring committees. Jason Coloden has held several board seats for various portfolio companies.

With such great success working for others, Jason Colodne’s personal venture to co-found his own company was destined to thrive. As the Managing Partner of the newly formed Colbeck Capital Management, Colodne brought a wealth of experience and proven principles for success. He ensured Colbeck’s prosperity by overseeing all aspects of investment that pertained to execution, diligence, documentation, and portfolio management. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platform.

Ventures in the Entertainment Industry

Knowing where to look for opportunities, having the right tools, and a commitment to excellence are not all that make up Jason Colodne. He has a quality that is rare among dedicated professionals. Mr. Colodne has a profound knack to adapt to any situation. Below is a list of films were he performed the role of executive producer:

  • Beyond the Lights (2014)
  • Earth to Echo (2014)
  • Brick Mansions (2014) (co-executive producer)
  • Paranoia (2013)
  • Act of Valor (2012)

Consider how each one is different from the other. In terms of genre, there is pure action, a romantic drama, a musical, crime, adventure, family, and even science fiction. Also note that these films were released over the course of a couple of years. Each one of them was widely accepted.


There is no doubt that Jason Colodne knows how to succeed. In fact, it is astounding how well he does so in whatever environment he operates. Colodne almost seems to have no failures. While unreasonable to assume, it is reasonable to conclude that Colodne thrives amidst adversity.

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Maarten De Jeu the Guide for International Business

Opening the eyes and providing useful guidance to business proprietors is extremely important. Maarten De Jeu a well-known business advisor offers a diverse array of knowledge, vast international expertise, and technical talents in the business industry. De Jeu has developed a thriving profession in worldwide business, commercial real estate investment, and financial assistance. The world-renowned businessman has an extensive comprehension of global institutional and cultural environments with an international business network in North America, Europe, and Asia. Individuals recognize De Jeu for efficiently managing projects through adequate decision-making and formulating productive, diverse teams.

Maintaining a busy life can be overwhelming, but De Jeu has done a phenomenal job keeping his business and life aligned. He is well rounded and can guide other industry buffs to their most aligned self. De Jeu’s extensive expertise in procedure, investment, business development, and entrepreneurship grants clients a competitive advantage in a complicated foreign marketplace. His previous interactions with this allowed him to administer his expertise as the international strategy director at TVDK Management Consultants. This provided him with the opportunity to share with guests such as Heinz, Sara Lee, ING, and ABN AMRO.

Individuals rely on De Jeu’s great expertise. Numerous times in the industry, clients may immerse themselves in unexplored territory. To aid individuals through unfamiliar business, De Jeu offers wise counsel to solidify the client’s decision making. Maarten De Jeu generated a list that he recommends to industry heads. One of the very first aspects he recommends is cultural differences. By understanding what the culture requires, it can determine success or failure in that region. De Jeu does stress that it does take ample amounts of invested time and energy, so storing that in mind is essential. Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/06/maarten-de-jeu-insightful-advice-international-business-owners/

Business reputations can excel or fall short with the quality of your product. De Jeu implores individuals to focus on standardized merchandise and to be consistent when making high-quality products for overseas purposes. He further explains taking the time to learn the language of that overseas opportunity makes a significant difference. Respecting and embracing cultural differences is pleasing to many individuals and can help produce better relationships. De Jeu does stress this tactic is not to appeal to the residents of a particular area, but to better understand them. The idioms that we have in America doesn’t always translate over into other countries. By having this understanding, you will be better equipped when interacting in foreign business. Maarten De Jeu has taken the necessary precautions to have an advantage in experience, and history enabling him to guide other clients. The goal is to help generate the proper guidelines to elevate each project in the business industry. De Jeu guides individuals, so they achieve that goal.

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Colbeck Capital Management is a Premier Financial Institution

In 2009, a new type of investment company was born, Colbeck Capital Management. They created their corporate office in New York. When the business opened their doors, they believed in focusing on credit opportunities and assisting with stressed debt.

A goal was born, to help provide a way to provide funding and assisting with investments where needed. With each step, Colbeck Capital Management began thinking about growth.

New Growth

Although the company already hand initial ways of assisting with investments they decided to expand and help other companies through a number of services. These services were developed in a way to help other companies find there way in the financing world.

Colbeck began providing investment assistance. Being able to help a company to find ways to increase their profit margin through certain investments to help bolster their business and help it grow successfully.

Another service that was developed was Portfolio Management. For many this is kind of tricky, if you don’t have a full understanding. That’s okay, the company is willing to help you understand. In simple terms what Portfolio Management does is helps with and stock investments or other traditional investments that you or your company have created and need to have maintained. Or better yet, maybe there are a few in the portfolio that may need to simply be gotten rid of to help the overall company in general.

When companies are looking to thrive, another service came along. Financial Planning. Through this service, the Colbeck Capital Management can help a company plan their financial goals. Making sure that the best profit for their overall products, or services can be met. Through Financial planning, even finding the best contractors or even distributors is of great help. Through showing ways of cutting costs and giving ideas of what may work best for a company.

The next thought as part of building the company was adding consulting services. This is can actually be multi-faceted. When consulting comes into play, Colbeck can set up options with a business owner to either make arrangements to have a representative come and help them by analyzing their business.

Not only has the company helped in this manner, but they have also provided loans to assist companies in growth. By investing in many companies, and assisting in this manner, Colbeck has been able to help many companies continue to thrive and stay in business.

Continuing To Thrive

Colbeck Capital Management continues to thrive and bring about new ways of assisting many organizations and companies through out the world.

Since opening their doors, the company has assisted over 10 companies in different aspects. Colbeck thrives on being to do the best possible services for the different companies that they assist. With opening their doors initially, they have done an amazing job with helping so many get to where they are today.

If you are looking for a company to assist you in any form of investment assistance, its a great idea to see what this company has been capable of doing since opening their doors.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Greatly Benefits Autralian Startup Entrepreneurs

What is a startup?

For many entering into the business world, they hear the word startup and see it in so many different contexts of business, but they wonder what it is they are supposed to be doing.

It is very much like a composer who has 12 notes, but they have an infinite palette to add these notes in different rhythms, meter, instrumentations, styles, tempo, etc. Sos is in the world of the business startup. A person or group of people have a novel idea, and they want to bring it to market. It could be a Grandads® Protein Pies, and it is a whole slew of products based on Grand Dad’s original recipe handed down to the five generations.

They have a story, but they have to write a mission statement and find money to cook the products and a distributor to distribute nationally. The startup has something to get started and are definitely on their way, but they have to put their ideas into a business plan and show investors how they expect to have a positive cash flow within 2-3 years of business. A startup is any service that is novel that that never been done before.

Developing a Business Climate

To have been given an idea for a business is one thing, but for a purpose for a company to have been created by one’s insight and imagination is another. A startup idea needs to be tested if it is marketable. When Luke Lazarus was a boy in Perth, where he grew up as an Australian lad, he toyed with business ideas and wrote a few in an old notebook.

He was sure one of them would work and asked a childhood friend to help him. The childhood business was carried out, and the early experience stayed with Luke Lazarus as he grew from childhood thru his adolescent years and into adulthood, where he attended Melbourne Business School to work toward an MBA. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer

Shortly after he completed his masters in business, Luke Lazarus began executing his successful business plans. In a recent interview given by Doug Sandler, Luke Lazarus reported that he started four firms within a short time out of Melbourne Business School.

All of those businesses were successful, and Luke Lazarus negotiated a just price for the purchase for each of them, which the new owners were happy to give to acquire.

Next Steps

Luke Lazarus had empathy towards startups knowing from his own experience how difficult it is to launch and lead a business to success. His reason to work with startups was to be a consultant that could spend a set amount of time with startup teams a make a beneficial contribution to their future success.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy was put into effect in 2013 as a response to the growing need startups were experiencing to get expert advice from veteran entrepreneurs. Luke Lazarus has been able to help hundreds of businesses during this time.

Some of his startups have already launched successful companies, while others have drawn attention from Venture Capitalist for investment. One startup he has worked with has gone from practically zero in sales to hearing the name of their business called from a significant stock exchange during their IPO launch.

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Lover of All the World’s Music