George Soros Did Not Give $33 Million To Black Lives Matters Organization

Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush have caused quite a stir over the past month with their campaign called “Black Lives Matters.” While the premises of the campaign are absolutely a worthwhile cause, it has been erroneously reported that George Soros gave $33 million. This story has been circulating for quite some time now. The democrats see this campaign as a big problem. The real problem for Soros is that the rumors have gone mainstream.

On a recent episode of The O’Reilly Factor, the topic of Soros and his generous giving was mentioned. Additionally, people are left to wonder, if Soros is not funding this left-winged campaign, then who is? Sources say that this organization is being funded by non-other than Jay-Z and Beyonce.

George Soros name got mixed into the group because it was three female employees that work at one of his affiliated companies that started the organization. One theory is the rumors started when Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi went public trying to gain momentum by using Soros name as one of their financial backers. It was all lies and not really used with malicious intent, rather, they just wanted to drum up more support. In fact, a spokesperson for the Soros’ Open Society Foundations says the billionaire is very generous, but he did not donate money to this cause.

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The director of the U.S. programs at Open Society Foundations, Kim Zimmerman, spoke out against this outrage. She has no clue where the rumors originated and how it got blown to such a substantial proportion. The deaths of young black Americans cannot be ignored, but being such a political person, Soros is not going to affiliate himself with anything that may be deemed as controversial in manner.

Everyone knows that George Soros backs Hilary Clinton as the next president of the United States. He was able to raise $2 million in PAC money for her campaign. As a pro-Hillary Clinton activist, he would not back an organization that is run by Bernie Sanders. Soros has never been in the business of paying for protest type events. He hasn’t in the past and he isn’t going to start now.

Soros is known for his philanthropy, specially the Open Foundation, but he tries to stick with causes that are less controversial in nature at While he is saddened by the number of senseless deaths that have occurred, he does not take a public stance on the matter. He has one goal in mind for this year and that is to make sure that Clinton wins the election and becomes president. He is not going to do anything that will directly counteract his goal.

How Don Ressler Road A Unicorn To Become Start-Up King!

Unicorns do exist, and no, I am not trying to get in touch with my inner 10-yr old girl. Fortune magazine uses the term “Unicorns” to describe private companies valued at $1 billion or more. These super-companies were thought to be a myth Ð only existing on TV or in movies, but now with CEOs like Don Ressler at the helm, billion-dollar startups are a reality.

Ressler is making his money in the direct-to-consumer selling trend that is helping busy and financially well-off buyers experience the luxury of curated shopping. From JustFab in 2011 and FabKids and Fabletics in 2013 and the acquisition of ShoeDazzle that same year, plus a few serious rounds of multi-million-dollar funding, Ressler is just beginning to tap the surface of what’s possible. In an interview with Christina Maraccini of the blog Brandettes Don Ressler said: “Our competitive edge is that we are making a premium performance product – I would put our pants next to Lululemon or Athleta any day – but we have done it with style and at a price that makes you feel good buying it.”

Becoming a fashion start-up billionaire wasn’t easy, and Don Ressler has relied on the expertise of hand-picked partners like Adam Goldenberg and industry guru’s like Kate Hudson (Fabletics) and Kimora Lee Simmons (JustFab) for brand leadership. Ressler can see the gaps in industry and technology and leverage that into a highly successful retail brand. The combination of having the right team in place and knowing how to get investors for multiple rounds of funding are key to Ressler’s success at This success has enabled Ressler and his team to take another great leap and offer the previously on-line only brand in retail shops around the country. When asked about his decision to take the exclusive brands into retail stores he said he understood that there is still a large population who likes to shop at stores, and he doesn’t want to leave them out.

Ressler was serious when he was worried about leaving out an important subset of shoppers. Last June, Don Ressler launched FL2 the men’s version of Fabletics. For this endeavor, Ressler enlisted the help of actor Oliver Hudson known for his role as Jeff Fordham on ABC’s Nashville who also happens to be Kate Hudson’s brother. FL2 will be available online and in retail stores.

Dick DeVos is a Wealthy Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

Dick DeVos is associated with Amway Corporation which is a privately owned company that deals with health, households and personal care products through a chain of dealers. Dick DeVos is the eldest son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway Corporation. He started working for the company in 1974 at a young age. He rose through the ranks and was promoted to vice president of the company in 1984. He was responsible for its operations in 18 countries. He later started his company, The Windquest Group, which manufactures and markets storage and closet organizers. He was also involved in managing the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, a company that was owned by his family. He later returned to Amway as its president in 1993 and oversaw its restructuring. Alticor Corporation, an umbrella firm was established that had Amway, Quixtar Corporation and Access Business Group under its wings. He later retired from Alticor as its president and concentrated on political causes and his business ventures. Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth Prince. Dick and Elizabeth have four children named Andrea, Elissa, Ryan, and Rick.

The two have been married for over thirty years and are actively involved in business careers. Dick graduated from Forest Hills Public Schools and Northwood University and currently co-chairs Grand Action, an organization that is involved in the renewal of downtown Grand Rapids. He also serves as a board member of several organizations including Willow Creek Association, Spectrum Health Systems, RDV Corporation, Thunderbird School of Management, West Michigan Aviation Academy among many others. He has a passion for sailing, and he is a two-time national champion in sailing. Among his other interests include being a jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.

Dick and his wife are actively involved in the operations of the Windquest Group, a privately owned investment management firm that does various projects in many sectors including manufacturing, technology and nonprofit solutions. He is the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that has donated a lot of money to religious, civic, artistic, educational, community and free market economic organizations. He opened the first aviation charter public school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This is a charter school with the aim of supporting aviators in the community to attend courses at no cost. Dick DeVos has used his vast wealth to engage in philanthropic activities that have brought positive changes to society.

Lovaganza’s Plan for the Future

The Lovaganza Foundation wer created by J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon with their hopes of increasing the quality of life for the whole of humanity. The Gagno family believe that by funding smaller foundations and inspiring organizations that share similar goals to their own Lovaganza Foundation the process of reaching their goals is attainable within the next few decades. With more and more people working toward the same goal Lovaganza’s quality of life objective could be reached by 2035. In addition to helping other organizations Lovaganza is also be releasing their own productions, documentaries, programs and events to increase funding for their message of peace and positive life style.

The first milestone that the Gagno family wishes to achieve with their Lovaganza Foundation is to have all children, up to the age of fifteen, reach their official “Universal Quality of Life”. For a children to be placed into this category they would have to pass six qualifiers. First, they would have to have access to clean water. Second, they would have to have access to clean and sufficient food sources. Third, They would have to have a safe place to sleep that would also protect them from the elements. Fourth, they would have basic healthcare and basic education without any charge. Lastly, they would be expunged from anything that could cause them harm, such as child labor, marriage or war. The foundation believes that once every child reaches these goals the world will be a better place.

Before Lovaganza can start helping those who are in need they are going to extensively research the quality of life of children in different countries. The Foundation hopes to have their research completed by the end of 2017. Afterwards they, with the help of other organizations, will work on finding the best solutions based on what each specific country needs. With the help of those working outside of Lovaganza, the foundation’s first milestone should be reached by 2020. Also, in 2020 Lovaganza will start soliciting the governments of each nation to commit to their plan to increase the quality of life for each person. This will not only help with spreading the message but it will also help with funding as well. Lovaganza will set up eight major facilities around the world to help the process. By 2025 the Gagno family hopes to be fully supported with a worldwide treaty with all the nations of the world working together to make life better.

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Fun Festival that Creates Autism Awareness

Over time, many people have not known the cause autism. In fact, a majority lack information about the condition. The lack of sufficient knowledge has led to the suffering of those with the condition. It is because people do not know how to take care of them. However, organizations and individuals have come to their rescue by improving awareness and creating relief.

Autism is a condition that makes people unable to communicate properly. In fact, the ability to understand each other is hindered and creates frustration that should be well-managed. Autism Rocks is a fun-filled event created by billionaire Sanjay Shah Denmark and wife, Usha. After getting a son that suffers from this condition, they understood the suffering that people with the condition go through. Therefore, they came up with an event where people have fun and appreciate those with the condition. The charges for the event will go to helping research on autism, so that more about the condition can be understood. To date, the situation has no known cure.

In Dubai, the Autism Awareness Month is April. On the second day of April, Autism Rocks held an event that attracted many families that came to have fun and create awareness on the condition. The people that came had a lot of fun as the event was graced by celebrity rappers; Tyga and Flo Rida. It was an indication that the event was widely accepted and was on for the right reasons. In London, more stars including Drake graced the event. People had fun and for the first time, they got something positive to associate with the condition. People are now changing their attitude towards those with the condition.

Shah is an investor that has founded Solo capital. Solo capital markets is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. However, Shah moved to Dubai after falling in love with the country. The move has not affected the way he runs his business. It has given him good time to concentrate on Autism Rocks. The effort that he has injected into making a successful campaign has received support. More organizations are joining his campaign and are determined to see people get to know more about the condition. In a statement, Shah says that understanding the challenges that his son faced was a defining moment. It is the driving force for the unending calls for awareness of the condition. So far, the efforts his family has put have been successful.


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Securus Technologies Exposes Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company. It is situated in Dallas, Texas. The company mainly provides civil and criminal justice solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring. Securus Technologies announced that it has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBP) and received an A+ rating. In the month of May 2015, Securus Technologies announced that it had signed a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement to acquire JPay Inc, which enabled it to digitize payments, communications, education, and entertainment in the correctional space.

Recently reported by PR Newswire, Securus Technology released a report implicating Global Tel Link (GTL) of wrongdoings and integrity breaches. The report helped us gain insight on some of the illegal activities undertaken by Global Tel Link company. Securus America Technologies believes their business mission is to serve their customers with their best interests at heart. The article is a 17-page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission(PSC)regarding GTL actions when the served at the Louisiana Department of Corrections by providing outbound telecom services.
The investigations into GTL operations found out that GTL programmed to rate calls by higher rates than those permitted under Public Service Commission rate caps. They also discovered that GTL artificially inflated charges to customers by adding additional costs to calls made. GTL was also billing single calls as double calls. Besides, they programmed their clocks in the telephones at the prisons to add 15-36 seconds in each call. As a result of GTL deliberate actions, Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by GTL almost $1,243,000.
Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, said on PR Newswire that the potential wrongdoings of GTL had continued since the order by PSC was released 18 years ago. He concluded by stating that the customers need high levels of integrity and such cancerous behaviors exhibited by GTL were only killing the industry.

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Why Maintaining Your Online Reputation is Essential

Before virtually any customer decides on whether to purchase a product, they look up the reputation of the company online. A simple search for that company and the reviews of their products will generally be done and negative feedback on the brand will often lead potential customers to flock to a competitor instead. There are often so many sellers than any black mark on a company, whether it be through Yelp, Amazon, or any other review site online can spell doom for a company’s business processes.

Reputations aren’t just limited to a company looking to get your business. Individuals are also judged on their online presence by those who are seeking to hire you or interact with your company. The prevalence of social media simply makes looking up a person as easy as can be.

To combat this many people and businesses are turning to online reputation management companies, also known as ORM to help to improve your online reputation and clear the web of your negative reviews and other black markets. That way when a person looks you up online you are viewed in a more positive light and you may earn that business or job that you have been after. There are numerous ways that they do this by suppressing bad reviews, highlighting and promoting positive stories, and making sure that the first results on search engines like google are positive in nature and don’t hold back your business.

One firm that offers these services is known as Better Reputation. The professionals behind Better Reputation believe in the powerful impact that your online reputation can have on your business and that a negative reputation can be fostered based on just one negative review which may not be the reality of your offerings. They work with companies and individuals who are trying to perform damage control of their brand or name as they understand the importance of them. Managing your online reputation is an ongoing process and working with a high quality ORM like Better Reputation can greatly improve your business prospects in ways that you can only imagine.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Returned To Austin

Texas has one of the best economies in the entire country. The Texas economy has long seen growth in the double digits. This allows many Texans to have the funds to devote to improving how they look. Today’s medical techniques allow many women to look younger and feel better. Someone who knows exactly how to help clients accomplish this goal is Austin doctor Jennifer Walden. Walden talks to Austin MD Magazine about her career and how she hopes to continue to help her fellow Texans enjoy access to amazing state of the art medical advances. In opening up a practice here, she has brought her skills right back where she started.

A Proud Texas Native

Dr. Walden is a native of Austin. Her family has many members of the medical profession so she had many role models to watch when growing up. It was as a child that she began to realize the true potential of the medical profession. Her fascination with this field continued as she grew older. This led her to seek out the finest possible training in the field of medicine and learn as much as she could about all areas of contemporary medical practice. She earned a degree in biology and then gain admission to a medical school in Texas, allowing her to complete her education and stay close to beloved family members at the same time. Dr. Walden cherishes time with her loving family.

A Delightful Return Home

Walden sought to specialize in the important field of plastics. She spent time with some of the finest experts in this field in Manhattan. And yet, she ultimately realized that she wanted to be back home where she belonged. This is why she decided to settle back in Austin and leave a highly successful practice in New York City. In doing so, she has found many patients who are pleased to work so closely with a caring and professional surgeon who can offer them the results they want. Dr. Walden is happy to be back exactly where she wants to be: in Texas with her entire family.


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Fabletics: A Lifestyle Brand

You’ve most likely become familiarized with the a-list actress, Kate Hudson, but what you might not know about her is her association with an established athleisure brand known as Fabletics. Not only is she the main spokesmodel, but she is co-creator of this fashionable line of athletic wear. Since the rising of athleisure as a fashion statements, companies like Fabletics have thrived in business, due to their versatile and trendy styles. In a recent article, Kate has a sit down with Marie Claire about some new additions to the already extensive line of athleisure clothing. See:

What she wants the fans to know is that exciting new styles have been introduced to the Fabletics website and they will certainly blow your mind. The first is a line of dresses. Yes, you heard right. Athleisure material dresses with built in support similar to spanx have been added to the collection. Not only are they trendy and current, but they are worthy of wearing out or to a special occasion. The versatility of Fabletics styles is one of the most desirable features of the brand. These dresses are perfectly flattering to the figure, and a little on the flirty side which is just plain adorable. In addition to the dresses, a line of fun swimwear is now available to Fabletics customers. They’re a bit on the sporty side, while fun and vibrant. The material gives the same support of Fabletics other athleisure clothing and are sure to become your favorite swimsuit this summer.

The way Fabletics works is so easy- simply subscribe to the website and you’ll be receiving new athleisure outfits each and every month. And the best part? The reasonable price, which is so much better in comparison to that of its competitors such as LuLu Lemon. Imagine the exciting surprise of receiving out fits each month delivered to your door and gradually growing the perfect athleisure wardrobe. Fabletics makes it possible! For anyone who is addicted to this clearly huge trend, this is the perfect opportunity to add some great fashionable pieces to your closet. 

Fabletics S/S16

We often think of gym wear as being boring. non fashionable, see-through types of clothing that we just wear to go get a workout at the gym. A lot of times, these can make you feel completely uncomfortable. However, you should not have to feel this way. There is a new new activewear brand that is out today called Fabletics.

Fabletics was developed by Kate Hudson, a famous actress, that clearly has taste for fashion right along with her acting. She has two children. She is passionate and very motivational. She loves to motivate other women to lead healthy and active lives. Her passion for this led her to create a line of clothing that allowed women to be able to wear while out running, doing yoga, and just simply going to the gym.

Each month, Kate Hudson will share her favorite outfits, so that you can be sure that they are approved by her. Fabletics S/S’16 collection will consist of geo-patterns which will be extremely eye catching. The S/S’16 collection will also consist of floral prints which will have vibrant pops of color that will surely fit in with the new season. These outfits are full of style and are very functional no matter what.

You will be inspired to stay active with this brand no matter what types of exercise that you choose to do. These are high quality clothing and believe it or not, but very affordable. Fabletics and their Spring/Summer 2016 line at

According to The Krazy Coupon Lady, Fabletics has caught many people’s attention when it comes to the low prices of the clothing line. You can get a whole outfit for $25 because with your first purchase, the clothes come with a deep discount and they are very trendy.

Fabletics has so much to choose from and this even includes nice accessories. The accessories include backpacks, water bottles, hats, socks, cosmetic bags, yoga mats, visors, headbands and more. These accessories are also top selling. If you become a VIP member, you can get also get these accessories for half price but in order to get these at the VIP price, it requires a membership but otherwise, still very affordable and very high quality. It is very easy to start a membership but keep in mind, you will be asked to take a quiz so that you can get your personalized outfit recommendations that will be a great fit just for you. 

Lover of All the World’s Music