David Giertz Has a Happy Solution For Retirees

Born on 10th of April 1964, David Giertz, a registered broker by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has worked for more than 30 years in the finance sector as a financial advisor. He attended the University of Miami for a master’s degree in business administration after acquiring a BS from the Millikin University.

David Giertz started working with Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. in the capacity of a President in March 2013. Dave also began working with the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales on 3rd of April of the same year serving as Senior Vice President. Apart from the named companies, Mr. David Giertz is either a president, a Senior Vice President or a director in many other Nationwide Companies.

David Giertz, with his rich financial management background, has engaged most of his career period with giving advice to individuals on how to make a good plan for their retirement. He has made so many retirees live a happy retirement life with no monetary distress. In his advice, Dave stresses on the key factors below for a good retirement plan:

Being disciplined; in this factor, Dave explains that people have different desires that they wish to fulfill on retirement among them travelling to new places, visiting and staying with their grandchildren among others. On this he advices individuals to undertake them responsibly to avoid misuse of money spared for other purposes.

Development of a retirement plan; here Dave advices his clients not to exclude the inheritance they wish to leave to their heirs as well as the activities they wished to have done but couldn’t due to unavailability of time.

Budget creation; a budget according to David Giertz would enable one to undertake even pleasurable activities without worries as it features all expenditures.

Having a reserve of cash; Dave advises retirees to always have a mechanism that would enable them have cash at any particular time as stock markets may not be a reliable source and may lead to discomforts.

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Insightful Information About End Citizens United

James Bopp is a white lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana. He challenged Hillary Clinton’s campaign in court using a film known as “Hillary: The movie” in 2008. He asked the bench of three judges to allow the movie to be aired by End United Citizens during the presidential campaign primaries. James Bopp accused Hillary Clinton of being a socialist and a schemer in the political arena.

The film was a 90 minutes show as compared to the 60 minutes movies that many people in the US are used to watching. The Federal Commission refused to heed the demands of James Bopp. They claimed that the film was long and no one was responsible for paying for it. James Bopp claimed that the film needed the First Amendment Protection because it was not different from the 60 minutes shows. Royce Lamberth was among the panel of judges. She laughed sarcastically when Bopp was presenting his argument. She undermined Bopp’s arguments and claimed that the case did not make sense at all.

The Supreme Court adopted his case two years later. The court stated that campaign spending was part of the freedom of speech so long as people disclose their donors and sponsors. The Federal Electoral Commission cited the First Amendment Protections to various corporations that were the same as those of average voters. Bopp became the best lawyer because he shaped the policies of the large political campaigns in the USA. The lawyer is now waged by federal campaign finance laws and the state. James Bopp is still striving to fight a mandate that will allow corporations to disclose its donors. James Bopp still has many arguments in court concerning the campaign finance. Many people are scared of undermining his case this time.

Money plays a significant role in shaping politics in Washington. USA Today revealed how End Citizens United would use the money that had been collected in the first three months of the year. The collection is estimated to be more than $4 million. The money will be put into various projects. The money is expected to hit $35 million in the next financial year. The money will be used in all organizations and pro-format classes in the grassroots.

The contributions came from famous individuals and friends like George Soros. More than 100,000 volunteers contributed the same. The money is expected to increase tremendously because the court ruled in support of Bopp’s argument. The End Citizens United is expected to use the money to finance the campaigns of their favorite candidates during Mid Term US Elections. Those who are willing to join the transparent lobby will have to visit their official website and register.

The Noteworthy Accomplishments Of Logan Stout

Passion for work is a vital factor for a successful career of any individual. With this etched deep in Logan Stout’s mind, he did not hesitate to exhibit the passion he has for his profession. As a direct result, he ranks among the wealthiest businessmen in the nation. Besides, his career has rewarded him with billions of dollars in revenue.

Currently, Logan Stout is a fecund businessman. He has ventured in various businesses, authoring, public speaking, and leadership training. His efforts are geared towards making the business environment more conducive for new players through training them on matters affecting contemporary businesses. Moreover, he does not shy away from giving and is a renowned philanthropist who prides in assisting others.

Logan Stout is an aggressive investor. He has been directly involved in the development of well over nine companies, seven of which are doing great. Logan stood out after founding IDLife, a healthcare business dealing in energy supplements, sleep aids, and weight management items, which provide clients with personalized health benefits. Besides, he serves as the CEO to the firm.

Off the office, Logan is a lover of baseball, and he was both a college and pro baseball player. For the love of the game, he has developed the Dallas Patriots, the biggest baseball organization ever. Together with helping the needy, he inspires the youth through the initiative by creating an opportunity for them to acquire and build on their skills. He also founded Premier Baseball Academy, an institution that fosters indoor baseball training.

Logan Stout childhood was eventful and was born and brought up in Texas. He studied at J. J. Pearce High School and was elected the leader of the Student Athletic Council for his exemplary performance. Later on, he joined Panola where he earned his first degree in Business before pursuing a degree in Psychology at Dallas University.

As expected of every successful man, Logan is a family man. He and his darling wife, Haley, have two boys, Cooper and Miles. His desire to help people is overwhelming, and his life is a true symbol of real success.

Visit loganstout.com for more details about Logan Stout.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Being One Of A Kind In The Male Dominated Field Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most well known female plastic surgeons in Texas. She is known to be one of the best in practice and is known to have been part of some of the biggest hospitals in  country. She initially used to practice in the city of New York but decided to move back to her hometown to continue her practice there. She has an incredible amount of experience being a plastic surgeon and has worked on countless patients through the course of her career. Her patients refer to her as an excellent doctor who gave them the treatment that they asked for with absolute skill and precision. When making the move from New York to Texas, she was wary of whether or not she would be able to create a market for cosmetic surgery there, and things worked out well for her indeed.

One of the things that Dr. Jennifer Walden mainly focuses on is cosmetic surgery for women. This has worked extremely well for her owing to the fact that there are so few women cosmetic surgeons in the profession. Women tend to be more comfortable with a female doctor and hence but the unavailability of them makes doctor’s like Dr. Jennifer Walden a rare find. One of Dr. Walden’s main specialties is breast augmentation. She is also extremely skilled in doing facial surgeries like facelifts and nose shaping. In addition to surgeries, Dr. Jennifer Walden also provides her patients with a range of non-invasive cosmetic surgery options like fillers and botox.

Currently, Dr. Jennifer Walden is part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is one of the extremely few women that are a part of this organization. Dr Walden Reviews knows how rare it is for people to find doctors like her, and regularly motivates other women doctors to take up surgery and break the mold.

Learn More: www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Jennifer_Walden/reviews

Bernardo Chua – A Successful Entrepreneur From The Philippines

Mr. Bernardo Chua is a Philippine businessman who rose from being a simple employee to a global entrepreneur. Chua has applied his business skills and strategies to establish his company, Organo Gold to the level it enjoys today.

As a marketing expert, Bernardo Chua founded his company in 2008 with only three employees. With his leadership quality, Chua managed to develop the company into a multi-million-dollar firm.

Currently, Organo Gold has business operations in more than 30 countries across the continent. It also has more than 1000 independent distributors and over 500 employees.

Before he established his business venture, Chua was employed at Gano Excel, Philippines. He was later transferred to Gano Excel in the United States of America in 2003. Because he was raised up in the Philippines, Bernardo had some background knowledge in ganoderma lucidium herb.

The ingredient is included in some of the products that are manufactured by Gano Excel. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, Chua is of the opinion that ganoderma lucidium herb can be used in beverages like tea and coffee.

The herb has brought a new alternative drink when it comes to beverage drinks. The alternative is healthier and can improve lives with a greater level of prosperity, wellness, and balanced diet.

As an entrepreneur, Bernardo believes in persistence and hard work. As a result, Chua has earned several awards including DSCEA (Direct Sales Company Executive Award). He also received the Bayan Business Award in 2014.

His company also received the People’s Choice Award for being the leading marketing company and the producer of organic and healthy coffee product.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Bernardo is also an active philanthropist. Through his company, Organo Gold, Chua has sponsored organizations like OG Cares Foundation. The organization plays the role of enriching the lives of young women and men.

The idea is to make them better leaders in the future. PR Newswire states that Bernado Chua has consistently been using his speeches to mentor young people who have the dream of realizing their future with hard work and determination.

He teaches the concept of keen business sense to the generation of today, with the hope of making them successful tomorrow. You can follow his teaching on twitter. He goes by the nickname, Bernie.

Securus Technologies Paves the Way For Better Inmate Communications

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is a privately held company that specializes in civil and criminal justice tech solutions, thus modernizing the incarceration experience for the better. They promptly lead at providing thousands of public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies technology solutions that are readily accessible. The company now serves over 3,400 agencies in North America alone, that also includes over 1.2 million inmates. Securus Technologies is praised for their easy to use tech solutions and currently has accumulated well over 100 patents under their belt.


Stationed in Dallas, Texas, the company has employed top-notch engineers, technologist, designers and innovators to deliver the utmost positive experience for their clients. Securus has gained so much trust since their start and their services are in high demand at correctional facilities across the nation. Inmates can easily reach out to their loved ones and friends using Securus’s tech solutions, and correctional personnel can send critical info back and forth securely. Securus recently developed a tablet based software to help thousands of incarcerated individuals to enroll and obtain college degrees online. There are a reported 70,000 inmates pursuing their college degrees.


Customers of Securus Technologies revel that there is no comparison in the quality of family interaction amongst inmates when using their video calls. Especially when seeing their loved ones open gifts on Christmas day for example. They stress that you can’t get that same experience using just audio calls. Facility customers stated that the calls that contained various info on drug or alcohol usage, selling or distributing drugs, threats and other suspicious activities were effectively monitored. One customer was in the midst of an investigation and used Securus’s covert alert feature and was able to take a suspect into custody. “The LBS services alone are enough for us to continue using Securus in the future”, raves a satisfied customer.


Ricardo Tosto – Legal Vacation!

Ricardo Tosto Trip

Ricardo Tosto leaves Brazil every now and again – this time, for RVing. When Ricardo Tosto and his family went on a road trip to South Dakota, they had the time of their lives, and that alone is but a grave understatement as they had never had so much fun in their lives. Plus, they saved so much money in booking their own roads on their own schedules and saving money from flight costs and even hotel costs altogether – not to mention those of eating at restaurants all along the way. They managed to save so much money, simply because they planned for this trip ahead of time and used their own RV and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Plus, since they were on vacation, they got to decide for themselves when and where we would stop along the way; they were, in a sense, the masters of their own destiny. Since time and money were no major issues, they got to truly “take the long way around” and explore several grandiose, beautiful nature paths and sceneries all along the way; the drive from Colorado to South Dakota took about 7 hours each way, but those 7 hours were well worth it. Plus, since they were in their own camper, they had more stored food, entertainment, and other living commodities than they could ever hope for and Ricardo on Facebook.

This, in Ricardo’s opinion, is truly the best way to explore the grandeur and wonder of the road. He would do it again if he could. In fact, he just might sometime next year; the drive time itself was no less than breathtaking and more information click here.

Doe, a Deere, a Female Deere – Ricardo Tosto

You have more than likely heard of beautiful, glamorous Doe Deere of Lime Crime cosmetics and fashion as she has been on nearly every magazine of these genres in the last five years alone. She is a special woman of many talents. She is, likewise, a woman that Ricardo Tosto follows on Instagram. After all, Ricardo Tosto has many celebrity crushes. This is one of his hobbies outside of the legal field.

More visit: http://whoswholegal.com/profiles/51546/0/tosto/ricardo-tosto/

White Shark Media Takes Digital Advertising to A Different Level

There is actually a whole lot of consideration that goes into choosing the right advertising company. Perhaps the most important factor is the company’s level of experience. Note that a company’s level of experience is determined by several factors including the number of years the agency has been in the industry, the number of clients (satisfied) the company has served and the company’s certifications.

White Shark Media is a reputable company that has been in the advertising sector for more than six years. It was founded by Alexander Nygart (Chief Executive Officer), Gary Garth (Chief Business Development Officer) and Andrew Lolk. These individuals have a broad knowledge of both online and offline marketing industry.

The company is a digital advertising agency that offers online advertising solutions. It delivers online marketing solutions that are specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses that do not have the time and resources to manage their marketing campaigns. The agency is dedicated to providing clients with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management of Google Adwords and Bing Ads. The agency uses an ROI-driven approach when to manage its clients’ Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Since its inception, White Shark Media has received many testimonials and positive reviews from satisfied clients. The agency aims at increasing sales leads and decreasing cost-per-lead for its clients. Additionally, it carefully hand-picks keywords to come up with a more successful campaign.

Today, White Shark Media is a member of the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner Program. The program only partners with companies that meet Google’s strict eligibility requirements in delivering high-performing AdWords campaigns for both small- and medium-sized businesses.

The agency is also a partner of Microsoft’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program thanks to its proven track record and success in marketing campaigns for small businesses.

Omar Yunes Successful Young Franchisee

Omar Yunes developed best in a 2015 rivalry in the establishment world. This challenge was held in Florence, Italy on the fifth of December. Omar Yunes is a franchisee of Sushi Itto a Japanese chain of eateries and won as a result of his commitment to the Sushi Itto mark. The consummation pulled in agents from 34 nations that included France, Hungary, Mexico, and Portugal.

Beginning at 21 years old he now claims 13 units that are situated in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. Omar feels that his prosperity at the opposition is owed to the 400 individuals he utilizes at his 13 units and the room that the brand takes into consideration advancement. The contenders were assessed on things like the degree to which they had affected the system, their contribution as respects learning, investment funds they had made, worker inspiration and changes they may have proposed to their particular models.

The Sushi Itto CEO demonstrated thankfulness for the honors bringing up that the honors demonstrated the shared endeavors to guarantee clients get the most ideal administration. A coordinator of the opposition called attention to that Omar got the best honor on account of his commitment in the Franchiser-Franchisee relationship. He likewise called attention to the honors had demonstrated that Mexico had assumed its legitimate position on the global stage. To know more about him click here.

The second place in the Mexican part was won by Ivan tamer who thought of advertising that is utilized as a part of the Prendamex chain of second hand stores. Delegates from the Universidad Anhuac, segment business people, the Mexican Association of Franchises and Entrepreneur made up the jury for the Mexican part of the opposition.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a business person in his 30’s that has figured out how to make an achievement of himself through diversifying. He went to IPADE the Universidad Panamericana Business School. He was the general Director at Planta De Ideas starting at 20008 and has been Franchisee at Sushi Itto since the year 2000. He appreciates football and backings Pumas de la UNAM and FC Barcelona. He is the child of the Governor of Veracruz Miguel Yunes Linares. He is hitched to Angela Ruiz.

Jason Halpern, Bringing the Past into the Future

Jason Halpern is a consummate real estate professional and a scion of one of the country’s most prolific real estate families. The knowledge that Jason has gleaned from working with his family’s firm and their projects in New York City and Westchester County, NY is immeasurable. The Halpern family’s development project history spans 50 years and encompasses both residential and commercial interests. Currently, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of JMH Development, which develops commercial properties with a focus on historical preservation.

Active in historical preservation, Mr. Halpern is known for working with the communities where the firm has active development. Jason is proactive in his projects and brings quite a lot of expertise and vision to the table. His is an innovator and is not afraid to introduce creative approaches to his projects, especially those that are centered around landmark buildings with historical significance.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason has been very active in the current development of Miami Beach, and was hands on during the construction of Aloft South Beach, which was a rehabilitation of the historic Motel Ankara and the construction of an eight-story tower. The entire project will be comprised of 235 rooms averaging 360 square feet, and also offer amenities such as an outdoor pool, roof deck and 24 hour fitness center.

The passion that Jason brings to each and every project sets him apart from his competitors and is evident in the high standards that all of his projects enjoy. By specializing in projects located in historic districts, JHM Development is able to preserve the history of the past while bringing buildings into the present and future, and allow them to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Jason believes that it is through an appreciation of the past that we can enjoy our best future. Historical preservation is often a laborious and time consuming task that is fraught with red tape. By navigating this onerous process, Mr. Halpern ensures that the best of our architectural past can be available for future citizens to appreciate.

JMH Development is committed to being a partner with the communities in which it works, and welcomes philanthropy opportunities on a continuous basis. In Miami they are working with community organizations to raise money for clean drinking water in Nepal and Ethiopia through a partnership with Relief Society of Tigray and Splash.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern, and his work through JMH Development, has proven that it is possible to be a successful real estate development professional while at the same time caring about the communities in which you do business. Mr. Halpern is a role model for others who wish to be socially aware and proactive in giving back and helping others throughout the world.

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