The Philanthropic Work of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur, the owner of the NBA team and a philanthropist. Bruce was born to a Jewish family in Washington D.C and he grew up in Maryland. He later attended the Washington University and graduated from the school of law at American University. At the time he was attending law school at night, Bruce started his career in journalism at the Washington Star.
In 1997, Bruce collaborated with ED Peskowitz to establish United Communication Group (UCG). Bruce and Peskowitz began the firm in the apartment of Levenson by publishing a newsletter, oil express, concentrating on growth in the oil business. UCG obtained additional newsletters and launched the database that included oil price information services (OPIS). United Communication Group is privately owned company information that concentrates on data, energy, news, and psychiatry of healthcare, mortgage banking, technology, and other business. UCG also manages and owns a mobile app that helps drivers in finding affordable local gas stations known as GasBuddy.
In 2004, Bruce and Peskowitz formed Atlantic Hawks LLC, in order purchase Atlantic Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. They are the major associates of Atlantic Hawks LLC, a group of entrepreneurs who collectively own the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena. Bruce is the team managing associate and a member of the board of governors of NBA.
Bruce is also a participant of the board of directors of Tech Target. The company was established under UCG, and Bruce served as a director of the firm from the time it was founded in 1999 up to 2012. Levenson was a counselor for a private equity company called BIA digital partners. He was also a participant of the board of directors of the newsletter and electronic publishers Association (NEPA).
Levenson is also an active participant in various philanthropic organizations like community foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. Previously, he was the leader of the Washington chapter I Have a Dream Foundation, an association that assists low-income children aspiring to pursue higher learning.
Levenson is the founding contributor to the Holocaust Museum and financing the program that brings the lessons home. The program teaches inner city students the lessons of the Holocaust and coaches them to be a tour guide at the museum. Bruce has as well made a significant contribution to the seed foundation and seed of peace. Levenson supports many different Jewish causes including Birthright Israel, Jewish youth philanthropy institute, and BBYO a Jewish-American youth movement.
In 2010, Bruce together with his wife spearheaded several developments. For instance, they established philanthropy center and nonprofit management at Maryland University. They also offered seed funds to the institution that teaches the students on how to manage the nonprofit organization and engages the schools to enlighten and motivate philanthropic activities.

Paul Evans Cares About Shoes

Summer is gone and that means the sandals have been put away for the cold months. There is one great thing about fall and the cooler temperatures. That’s the fact that a mans style is truly the best during fall. It’s a time for sweaters, slacks, and the most important part – shoes. Falls is really a time for a mans appearance to shine through.

A lot of attention is drawn to shoes during the fall seasons on That’s because shoes do so much more than protect feet from the cold winter elements. These shoes also make a statement about fashion. The right kind of shoes can really boost a mans confidence. It can make him feel ready to take on the day, whatever that might entail. Good looking shoes are also a turn on for many women. That’s because it shows that a man takes pride in his appearance.

No one cares more about shoes and making a man look good than Paul Evans. They are all about the luxury dress shoes. Their products look so great because they actually care. They’re not some factory mass producing shoes. They’re not some chain store simply trying to make a product. They are men that really understand those important points about shoes. They understand that when a man wants to look good, he’s going to need a nice and solid product on his feet. Paul Evans uses the highest quality material. A man never has to worry if his shoes are going to fall apart. These are shoes he can take pride in because the maker of the shoes took pride in them, as well.

Good looking shoes have many benefits. The right pair of shoes not only gets a man from point A to point B but it also grows his confidence. The right pair of shoes makes a man hop out of bed and is ready to take on the day. Paul Evans also offers a man the luxury of browsing online and not having to try a million different stores. A man can browse the internet for a pair of shoes that he loves. It could be loafers, it could be oxfords, or any other multitude of options. Once he finds the shoes that are calling to him, that’s it. The shoes are delivered right to a mans doorstep so that the next time he steps out, he’ll be doing so in style.

It’s not too often that a shoe company truly takes pride in their shoes. That’s why rare gems like Paul Evans are so important. They show that there are still people out there who take pride in making a solid pair of shoes. Paul Evans is one of those companies that is to be treasured.

Tips to Follow When Shopping for Cleaning Service Company

Many people always have the opinion that house cleaning is actually a dirty affair. Today, when you are running the average household, with dealing with work, house hold chores and other family matters, it can be quite a challenging task. To help you in managing your activities, many companies have emerged everywhere in the world, and they all want to offer you gleaning services for your home so that you can concentrate on other beneficial activities.

Selecting a cleaning company has becoming a great challenge too as they have become so many in the market. Deciding the company to contract for a regular basic is not easy, and you need some guidelines so that you can choose the best at the end of them day. Here are some times to help you choose wisely.

• First of all, you should narrow down to the specific places you want cleaned in your house. How many rooms do you actually want to be cleaned, and which ones do you consider to be off limit? Before hiring a company, it is essential to know whether you require standard cleaning services or you only need cleansers who can provide laundry and window cleaning services. This will help you decide on the companies to choose.

• The second important step is to ask around for referral. You can enquire from your family, your neighbors, and even friends about your preferred Handy House Cleaning Companies. If they have worked for them in the past, or maybe they know someone the company worked for, they will advise you well. It is important to hire a company that has been recommended by someone close to you, so that the safety of your properties in the house is guaranteed,

• Another very essential step involves getting rid of House Cleaning Companies which are not insured or even bonded. These Insurance and bonds will always guarantee you safety, and if they are not available, you will be the one to pay if any damages occur.

• It is also very important to request for a free consultation from your potential cleaning company. A representative will come, and review the type of work that is available in your home, and at the end of the review give you a quotation. You need to be very careful during the process, so that you can know what is expected of you, and also to let the company know how you want tour house to be cleaned. Ask how the company charges, so that you know how you will be paying. Choose the company that charges fairly, with quality services.

Handy is the company on youtube you should mostly probably give your cleaning job. The company allows you to request for cleaning services with a single tap on your smart phone. Handy has very experienced cleaners, who are believed to charge fair prices. The company has reliable trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about your cleaning services any more. Just two years after it was founded, the company is gaining popularity, with 1million orders every single week. This demand shows that they are actually doing a good job to the consumers.

What Makes a Great Adviser

When one is attempting to decide on who to trust in the realm of finances, there are certain tried and true characteristics that are required for the success of an investor. First, you should search for an adviser that has experience. Experience is critical for many reasons, but most notably you need someone on your team that has seen the comings and goings of the market. Someone who has lived and worked through decades of market swings will be able to see a better long term strategy than the recent graduate, even if they were a top performer. One of the hardest aspects of financial investing is knowing when to buy and when to give up or pause an investment. This is critical and requires a sound long term strategy on You need to be able to see the direction of the market, and differentiate a short fall for a downward turn. In many regards the market will temporarily turn up or down, but in the long run it makes a steady upward tick as it moves from year to year. Although the media will report on daily numbers and quick rises or falls, the real investor needs to look ten or twenty years into the future to be able to tell if the investment is worth purchasing. This is where experience is critical, long term strategies are best formed with an informed adviser who has seen and worked in the up and down swings of the market, while building their company or investment base on wise decision based on a long term outlook.

The second important aspect of a sound strategy, and a characteristic that is critical to a worthwhile investment adviser, is creativity. While this may seem contrary to the point of experience, you still need an adviser that has the ability to adapt to a new market, because the finances that are dealt with today are very different from those that guided the market twenty years ago. An adviser needs to see new concepts and products and judge them accordingly, with a progressive mindset and knowing that the market in twenty years will respond differently than the market today. This outlook is critical, and requires creative thinking based on sound experience.

One investor and business leader that still exemplifies both of these traits is Jim Dondero. He began working more than 30 years ago, and has routinely revolutionized how assets are classed and sold through the market. He can see the long term market and make decisions accordingly. In fact, in four years he grew a company to be worth over $2 billion. Now, with his most recently founded company, they manage over $21 billion in assets for all types of clients. Highland Capital Management is well regarded in the industry and much of its success is due to the experience and creativity of James Dondero.

7 Secret Behind Successful Businesswomen.

Although every woman has a personal definition of success, there are common features that women who have made it in business have in common. Women who discover these traits find it easier to succeed in the face of many challenges and competition. This article will look at the seven secrets behind the successful businesswomen, and that make them different from others. As a businesswoman and a consultant, Susan McGalla, on bizjounals has excelled in the world of business and held high office positions. Her achievements are as a result of hard-work and commitment

• Are passionate on what they do. It is very true in all circles of life. It is the passion that make all the skills in a person meaningful. Without passion, a person will not rise above what is common. Motivation is a key factor for distinction since it creates room for innovation. Successful businesswomen who have recognized this secret love what they do are ever passionate on whatever they embark on doing.
• Risk takers. It is a common trait in successful businesswomen. They are not afraid of taking a risk; rather they move forward to affect changes. They avoid a reckless decision by engaging in well-calculated risk.
• They are aware failure, and success go together. Successful women recognize that failure is an opportunity for success. They know that sometimes failure is inevitable and that success does not happen always. Successful businesswomen are, therefore, not easily distracted by obstacles in their path but rather use them as a stepping stone to discovering another good opportunity that lies ahead.
• They believe in success. Successful women do not look down on themselves; they stay focused on their ideas. Even if their ideas seem crazy to other,s they believe they can achieve them. They usually have a big picture of what they want. They are also confident and aware how far their capability reaches.
• They set aside personal time. Away from other responsibility and commitments, successful women always set some time to be alone. The alone time offers them an opportunity to reflect on themselves, know what they have achieved and what they haven’t. It also gives them an opportunity to rest from their busy schedules.
• They nurture lasting relationships. To be successful, a network of people that one can rely on for support is essential. Successful women maintain strong friendships as well as forming others. Such friends play an important as a source of encouragement and in boosting morale, especially during hard times.
• They are ever grateful. Success does not take place in a vacuum. Businesswomen who know this truth acknowledge the people who help them achieve their goals be it at the workplace or home. That not only make them seem good but also promote loyalty from other people.

Shoes, more than just Foot Coverings

Shoes are more important than the average guy thinks. Certainly all shoes have a practical purpose of giving you comfort through the day. Nobody wants to walk down the street with nothing on their feet, but the smart man knows that italian shoes are more than an extra article of clothing. Shoes are a status symbol, and if you do not have the right shoes in the right walk of life, you will not get a leg up in the world. You know what you are looking for, so what is keeping you from finding them?

You are the type of guy that knows the importance of shoes, and you know that any shoe won’t do, then you will be in good hands with Paul Evans. These guys know the value of shoes, and they also know what you are looking for. Paul Evans knows that nobody likes to go shopping for their shoes in traditional shoe stores. There are never enough options for shoes in shoe-stores, and we often find ourselves settling for whatever we can find that fills some of the needs we want met in our shoes. So why stick with the failing traditions of typical shoe stores? Paul Evans decided to use the infinite resources that the internet has to offer, and what they came up with was brilliant. They found shoemakers that have been in the shoe industry for generations, artisans from Naples, Italy. You know you are in good hands when you shop from Paul Evans, because they spared no expense finding the good hands to make those great shoes.

These stylized shoes will not only feel great on your feet, but they will give you the respect that you know you deserve. You will stand out from the competition, and you will stand taller than the rest. So if you are tired of just settling for what you can find, and long for the perfect pair of shoes that will give you just the right amount of flair to your outfit, then do not hesitate to look up Paul Evans and order the pair of shoes that you deserve to have. No reason to delay, your feet will thank you for the purchase.

A Recap on the Grand Acquisition of Nixter by Skout

Dating is an integral part of human life and ways to enhance the experience of meeting a life partner are being made easier by the developments in technology and internet connectivity. The rising demand for social applications has ultimately led to the development of various applications that are making dating life an easy endeavor. This is the rationale that led to the development of Skout, an online dating application that has changed the online dating landscape giving it a new look. The application creates a social networking platform that allows adults to meet prospective life partners in a very simplified mode via the internet spectrum. Skout is a stable business entity judging by its capital backing that amounts to $22 million worth of investors’ contributions. The company recently bought a new application, the night life app Nixter.

According to the CEO, the acquisition of the new app is meant to enhance Skout’s functioning capacity by giving it the muscles to integrate online and offline interactions. Skout on is an app that basically allows people to find soul mates and dates. On the other hand, Nixter allows people to find the recent parties and their locations as well as any upcoming nightlife events in their locale and beyond. With the Nixter App, one can easily find out where the parties are and he or she can easily purchase tickets and book for accommodations. Christian Wiklund, the current CEO of Skout, feels that the acquisition of Nixter will bring the experience of the real world to Skout by bringing onboard the access to real events out there.

The Nixter app is anticipated to bring more options to Skout since through it one is able to access parties’ guests list to know who is attending the party. According to the CEO, the integration of Nixter’s services on the Skout platform is a great value added move that will improve the company’s client experiences. This move is essentially expected to heighten the level of loyalty from Skout’s existing users. The deal was not fully disclosed to expose how much Skout had to pay to fully own Nixter but what was clear was the fact the trade included both the selloff in both money and stock.

As Skout considered the purchase, it had put a lot of factors into consideration while fully aware of the fact that the competition was very stiff. In the live events sector, Skout will be competing with market giants with the likes of WilllCall. However, Skout’s CEO maintains that the company will set the Nixter App as a different entity but it will be prominently integrated to the Skout application. Shading some light on the success of the Skout application, the CEO mentioned that the app had been profitable although he refrained from disclosing the real information on the overall audience size. According to the CEO, the company has already hit the profitability mark.

Economists Think A United States Government Shutdown Could Cause More Globall Financial Issues

It’s true. The United States government is a broken machine. It feels like just yesterday when the Democrats and the Republicans could not agree on a budget, and the government was shut down. But it wasn’t yesterday. It was 2013, and the suits in Washington promised they would never do it again. But it looks like never again is coming sooner than we think.

Once again, it appears Congress can’t agree on a U.S. Budget by the deadline that is the start of the 2016 fiscal year. If they shake hands and get past their difference, the government will not shut down. The blame game has already started in Congress, and while they are throwing stones at each other, economists are shaking their heads in disbelief. How could a group of educated Americans be so short-sighted when it comes to agreeing on how to spend the trillions of dollars that pour into the treasury every year? That is the question economists like Christian Broda on valuewalk are asking and for good reason. Broda a former economics professor at the University of Chicago and managing director of Duquesne Capital Management thinks the economic ramifications of a shutdown will be felt next year.

Christian Broda studies situations that impact investments and the economic well-being of the country, and he and other economist think the Obama is correct when he says sequestration is hurting our domestic economy. Sequestration is the automatic spending limits set by Congress that stop spending if it is exceeding the limits. Obama wants to stop those cuts, but the Republicans want to keep them. Another issue, according to Broda is the funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is the health provider that provides services, and one of those services is abortion. Obviously the Republicans are making a political issue out of funding for Planned Parenthood, and they will risk shutting down the government to prove their point. That sort of leadership is schoolyard leadership at its best, according to Broda and other economists.

In 2011, a special committee was set up to find ways to reduce spending, but the committee couldn’t agree, so caps or limits were placed on military and domestic spending. The Budget Office claims spending will increase more than $980 billion by 2025 if those limits are lifted. Some Republicans want to get rid of the limits especially on military spending, and some Democrats want to get rid of them too, but the consensus is the limits help keep Congress in check when it comes to writing checks for unnecessary expenditures. The economists think the government should be cutting spending across the board in order to keep inflation in check, but there are no economists sitting in Congress.

The main issue with shutting down the government now is the fragile global economy. The United States can’t afford another glitch in their economic future. Most economists like Christian Broda think Congress should be finding ways to increase our economic position in the eyes of the world, not reduce it.

A look into the life of leading economist Christian Broda.

When it comes to leading voices in world economics Prof. Christian Broda is one of them. The present managing director of Duquesne Capital Management has quite a lot of feathers in his cap that make him so renowned, and his opinion valued when it comes to matters of world economics.

Currently based in New York, Christian Broda has over the course of his life held various titles and esteemed positions, both academic and professional. In these positions, he has been sought to offer advice and solutions both financial and economic that face the world. All this, of course, has to be founded on a good educational background.

Prof. Broda’s journey as an academician can be traced back to Argentina where he earned his first degree in Economics from Universidad de San Andres (Suma Cum Laude) in Jan 1997. From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he attained his Masters and economic in May 1999 and June 2001. With his advancements in education have come many professional engagements.

His first professional post was with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in the International Research Department between the years 2001 and 2004. After which he was made an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Teaching at the Booth School of Business between the years, 2005-2010 and being awarded tenure in 2008. He has also served as the Chief International Economist for the Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital. Working for the bank between the years, 2008 and 2009.

So exemplary is his work that he has been the recipient of numerous awards. Among these, are two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants for supporting his research as well as being named the James S. Kemper Foundation Scholar for the year 2006.
As well, he is an Editor with a few of the World’s leading economic publications. He holds the Rank of Associate Editor with The IMF Economic Review, as well as a similar position from the year 2006 to present with the Journal of Development Economics.

Having published numerous economic papers, his work continues to spread, and his opinion shared. And having been published in journals such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Economics (quarterly) and the Journal of International Economics he can be classified as an opinion leader in the field.

He is also a member of various professional bodies including the American Economic Association, Economia Journal, Latin America and Caribbean Economic Association to name but just a few. The goals of all these journals revolving around how to strengthen the economics profession.

To add on to these responsibilities, Christian Broda is also a family man, married with two kids. How he juggles all these responsibilities though is a story for another day.

Beneful Should Be a Part of a Healthy Pet’s Life

I grew up with pets, I had friends who had pets as well as family members with pets. I do not remember a time in my life where pets were not a part of my life. As a result, pet care if very important to me. I make sure I buy the best dog food on, have a really good veterinarian, do my research, and get advice from people I trust about my pets. I like to learn from others and when I learn something new, I like to share what I have learned.

I know the better I treat my pets, the long they will live. They will also be happier and more full of energy which will add to the happiness we all share together. When it comes to pet care, I also make sure that I never have only one pet. Just like people, I know that pets live longer and happier when they have companionship. If I could be home all the time, I would be, but there are times that I have to be away and I would feel terrible leaving my pets alone for long periods of time. When I come home, I know my dogs are so happy to see me, so if they were alone all day, I know they would be even sadder if they did not have each other.

It took awhile for me to find the right pet food for my babies. After all, there are so many brands to choose from and the pricing is all over the place. But, when I found Beneful’s dog food, I knew that it was the right dog food for my pets. Beneful is made with delicious, wholesome ingredients. There are twenty different flavors that my pets love. My dogs especially love the chicken, pork, and beef flavors.

I am a practical person, so I love that Beneful offers their dog food in resealable, multi-packs. I also like that Beneful offers wholesome snacks for my doggies to enjoy as well. Some of the great flavors they offer are peanut butter, bacon, cheese, and beef. In between meals, I know I get hungry sometimes, so that is why I love buying snacks for my pets. It is just my way to show my pets that I love them and am thinking about them all the time.

I also believe that part of pet care is making sure my pets get plenty of exercise. Just like people, dogs should be able to run and walk every day. I do my best to walk my dogs every day and I have a nice backyard they can run in when I am not able to take them for a walk. I love taking my dogs to the local park because that is when we can run and jog out in the open air for long periods of time. Sometimes I will even jog with my dogs so that we both get a nice workout.

Lover of All the World’s Music