Clay Siegall, CEO and Chief Founder of Seattle Genetics in Washington DC

Clay Siegall is the CEO and Chief Founder of Seattle Genetics since its establishment in 1998. He is also the chairperson of the board of directors in his company. Dr. Siegall graduated from Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics and a B.S. in zoology from the University of Maryland. Clay Siegall holds many other titles in different organizations that he has worked with. In 2011, under his leadership, Seattle Genetics built an Antibody-based cancer therapy that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in U.S. His company operates with more than 675 million dollars since 2001.

Between 1991 and 1997, Dr. Siegall was operating as a pharmacist in the Research Institution in Bristol-Myers. Before then he worked with National Cancer Institute between 1988 and 1991. He is also in the Board of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, which is a private company. Above all, Dr. Clay Siegall is an author, and he has managed to publish more than 70 books.

Seattle Genetics is ranked as the largest biotech in Washington D.C. The company has over 900 employees and boasts a market value of nearly 10 million dollars. The company is aimed at expanding and creating more work for young and learned youths. It expects to add 200 employees as we speak. The Chief Founder and Director Dr. Siegall is passionate about the company, and the pipeline of drugs they produce is a sure deal that he is not going to sell the biotech firm. Recently, Dr. Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland to help Seattle Genetics to perform its international marketing efficiently.

Dr. Clay Siegall is focused on drug production and other complexities that may be existing in the international market. He is ready to fill the gap of drug scarcity and therapy across the globe. In February 2017, Dr. Siegall spent 2 million dollars to get global rights to commercialize cancer drug that was developed by the Jersey-based firm. Thereafter, Dr. Siegall managed the case and was in a position to deliver a new cancer drug into the global market.

The company has grown in the last 18 years from a share of 20 dollars to 66 dollars. It has also improved from a capital of 418 million dollars to 46% by 2014. The company has concentrated on producing an antibody drug conjugate also known as ADC. Other than ADC, there are other drugs that the company is largely producing that include Adcetris, number 33A, 22ME and LIV1.

Combining Industry Expertise plus a Strong Focus to Serve Clients

According to the recent article on the, NexBank SSB, a Dallas-based regional bank, was pleased to announce that it was a sponsor of the world’s largest regional fund for women, the Dallas Women’s thirty-second Annual Luncheon. Through a donation of 100,000 dollars, NexBank would support the foundation to advance the economic security and leadership of women. The 2017 Annual Luncheon was scheduled for Oct. 20 at the Dallas-based Hilton Anatole Hotel.

The luncheon was to feature a keynote speech from one of the Top 100 Influential People published by the TIME Magazine, Dr. Hope Jahren, who is an award-winning scientist as well as the best-selling author. The keynote speech was to be live-streamed to a total of 20 schools and more than 10,000 students across North Central Texas.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation usually hosts the luncheon yearly with over 1,300 civic, business, as well as community leaders in attendance. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is known to be the biggest regional women’s fund worldwide as well as a trusted leader in improving positive economic and social change for girls as well as women.

Nexbank is headquartered in the city of Dallas in the U.S. state of Texas. It is known to be the twelfth largest bank in TX. It also takes number 179 largest bank in the United States. Nexbank was founded in the year 1934, and since June 2017, the bank had grown to a total of 87 employees at three locations. The company’s money market rates are three times the national average. Additionally, Nexbank has a rating of an A in health.

NexBank has 6.4 billion dollars in assets since June 30, 2017. It delivers commercial banking, institutional services, as well as mortgage banking primarily to financial institutions and institutional clients plus middle-market companies, large corporations, as well as real estate investors.

The team of the NexBank executive management combines industry expertise plus a strong focus to serve their customers to offer to lead financial service abilities to institutional, corporate, as well as individual clients. Led by James Dondero, who is the chairman, Co-Founder, as well as the Highland Capital Management President, the directors of the Nexbank brings a breadth of leadership and management experience as well as a strong dedication to the success of the company.

Inspirational Words of David Giertz

From April 3, 2013, David Giertz, also referred to as Dave, has been working at Nationwide Life Insurance Company as the senior vice president, nationwide financial distribution, and sales. From March 2013, David Giertz has served as president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. In most nationwide companies, David Giertz performs as president, senior vice president, and director.

At Nationwide Investment Services Corporation situated in Dublin, Ohio, David Giertz also works as a financial advisor and is a licensed broker. This firm takes part in brokerage consisting of purchase and sale of securities. David has practical skills in the financial industry for more than three decades, making him one of the best financial advisors in the US.

David Giertz Advise to Those Willing to Invest for the Future

David Giertz has stated that it is a challenge to put up funds for use after someone retirements even in the circumstance where one is highly paid. The reason for his statement is that one can never really tell the exact funds that will cover them for the entire retirement period, remembering that they are going to use more funds than they are making.

David also points out that the thought of setting aside funds for retirement is pleasing in the beginning until one discovers the amount that may be inadequate and is forced to explore other income generating activities to insure them against financial instability. David agrees that investment can be an option when looking to generate income. To succeed in investment, he advises that one must have knowledge of his wants during the retirement and ensure he has adequate funds to cater for them. He advises the use of brokerage accounts, stating that an individual is able to have freedom on whatever amount he invests and also have no restrictions while making withdrawals.

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Why Securus Technologies Remains the Leading Provider of Technological Solutions for Correctional Facilities

The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, Texas. It serves more than 3,450 public safety and correction agencies. Securus Technologies is committed to service through the provision of incident management, investigation, emergency response, communication, and biometric analysis services. The firm’s main focus is the provision of what matters.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and civil technology solutions for investigation, public safety, and corrections and monitoring in solving and preventing crimes including those committed by inmates. Rick Smith who is the chairman and chief executive officer of Securus Technologies says that the company develops new product or service to help with law enforcement and preventing crimes once every week.


One client says that he wants to recognize Securus for their LBS software. The Sheriff’s department uses the LBS software to work with other law enforcement resources, and it has managed to recover illegal money, assets, and drugs that are worth millions. The customer further states that there is no doubt that without the LBS software, it would be very difficult and even impossible to recover the items. In his opinion, the LBS service is a good reason on its own for them to continue working with Securus in the future. In his view, the technology together with the investigator pro has made Securus Technologies the leading jail phone provider in the market.


Rick further comments that they have received several emails and letters about what they build and how what they do helps to keep the society safer. According to him, providing safety in the society is part of the DNA of Securus Technologies and that it is an honor for the firm to serve and protect the community. Securus Technologies has extended an invitation to its customers and competitors to visit the Technology center based in Dallas, Texas, where they will have an opportunity to witness the presentation on what to do to prevent and solve crimes.


Talkspace Makes Therapy Easier

There is a lot of talk about what is happening in the world of app development. So many people have become accustomed to utilizing apps for many different areas of their lives. People talk about the app environment because it is connected to a wide range of things that make life so much easier.

This may certainly be the case at hand with a company like Talkspace. This has become the company that has managed to really bring about a change in mental health counseling. People that are struggling with any type of issue need not struggle alone. There are a number of solutions out there, and companies like Talkspace are giving people the ability to build a great dialogue with certified therapists.

People don’t to go so far out on a limb as to develop a constant communication with a regular therapist. Many people may not want to sign up for something like this. In these cases it will be so much better to consider the benefits that come with checking out a company like Talkspace. This is the app that provides people with a chance to communicate with a licensed therapist without the fear of getting too involved with tons of regular sessions. Everyone does not want a constant counseling session. Sometimes people just may want to open up for a single session with a therapist. The good thing about this is that there are people in place that can help with any type of issue that is occurring in someone’s life.

People that are trying to engage in better communication with their family members or friends may consider the benefits of a counseling session. Some people will struggle with communicating on a regular basis with people that they love the most. Talkspace can help them with this.

The Omar Boraie Is Transforming The Real Estate Industry

Omar Boraie is a prominent figure in the real estate industry in the United States. Many people in the country know him as a successful and visionary leader who has completely transformed the real estate industry. At the moment, Omar is based in New Brunswick, and the communities living in the area love him because of his great accomplishments. According to close sources, Omar has significantly transformed the city since he settled there many years ago. New Brunswick is currently one of the fastest growing empires in the United States, and it attracts investors from all over the country. The high-end luxury buildings available in the city speak volumes about the economy of the town.


In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, the businessman announced that he was introducing a new venture known as the Aspire. The high-end project will be the climax of all the real estate projects that have been introduced by Omar and his real estate company. Omar says that he has always had a dream of having such a building in the region, and for him, this is a dream that has come true. After a very long wait, his dream is coming into a reality.


Sam Boraie is a household name in New Brunswick area. At the moment, he is serving as the president for one of the most respected real estate companies in the city, known as Boraie Development LCC. The businessman founded the company several years ago, and he has been doing his best to make sure that it transforms the city in many ways. All the projects developed by the real estate company reflect the great passion and dedication from Omar Boraie and his team. Boraie Development is very keen when hiring its professionals and this explains why its projects have won the hearts of so many people in the country. Omar had a great upbringing, and this is one of the reasons he has been so successful in his career. Check out to see more.



When speaking in a recent interview, the businessman says that when he decided to transform the city, very few people wanted to listen to him and his ideas. Most of the residents in the city thought that he was just dreaming, and they chose to ignore him. The businessman had spent most of his career life travelling to different parts of the world, and he discovered several great structures that could change his city. The structures he saw when working as a scholar motivated him to invest his money in real estate and reconstruct the entire city. Although this was a challenging task, Omar has been very successful. You can visit the website to see more.


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Igor Cornelsen’s Perspective and Advice on Investing in Brazil

Investing can be a challenging financial practice to most businesspeople. It even becomes a risky venture if an investor has little knowledge about the industry. Hence, beginning and experienced investors have to understand the rules for investing and know where a particular investment idea leads.

Whether investing in foreign exchange or commodities, the businessperson needs to find an expert investor to guide them in the process. Fortunately, Igor Cornelsen; a leading Brazilian stock market businessman has offered to share investment knowledge and information.

Igor has an extensive experience in the investment field after serving as a respected banker who has successfully managed some of the world’s largest banking institutions. Besides being an investor, Igor is also a consultant providing advice to expert and beginning investors. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

According to him, Brazil has overcome the fiercest financial storms because of the secret of knowing the current market and learning from the experience of the previous turbulent years.

Brazilian private sector bankers have learned to only lend to borrowers most worthy of the credit. This helps streamline costs while giving a sense of security to the banks. In this case, borrowers less deserving of credit focus on cash-based spending, public sector banks, or forego their business plans.

This, however, is a serious challenge to the development of the country and to macro-economy. Igor advises that the best thing that Brazilian government can do to make the investors feel secure is to carry out more market-oriented reforms. Read more: 5 Ways To Make Your Business Healthier: Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Gives His Insight

The increasing need for infrastructural development to meet the needs of the booming population and the abundance of natural resources make Brazil one of the most attractive markets. In fact, Brazil is the largest country in South America and one of the leading world’s food producers.

This makes it the most prolific country for investors. Therefore, Igor Cornelsen has created a concise profile for busy investors to internalize before choosing Brazilian stocks for their portfolios.

Drew Madden’s Mission: Perfecting Healthcare IT

Drew Madden is presently one of five managing partners for Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a cutting edge Healthcare IT company that ensures a product that is personalized for each individual company’s needs and abilities. Mr. Madden believes in the value of each person within the client partnership, and places extreme importance on maintaining character and trustworthiness to ensure a fluid, successful, and continuous business exchange on a long term basis.

Drew earned his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering, centering on Medical Systems. Right out of the gate he was off, full-speed ahead, into the world of internet technology. In 2010 he became President of the prestigious Nordic Consulting Partners until 2016, and Nordic is no small deal; it is the biggest consulting company in the world and has won many awards for excellent, outstanding service. It was Drew who single-handedly increased Nordic’s employee base from a mere 10 to a whopping 725 people, and it’s clients from 3 to 150! Because of Mr. Maddens expertise and natural leadership ability, the company began earning $30 million more in yearly revenue. In fact, it’s success continues even now to this day as a result of his hand having been on the helm.

Mr. Madden is one of the nation’s most brilliant minds in IT today and brings to the table a decade of experience in detailing, optimizing, planning and applying electronic health records in hospital settings all over the United States. Drew has worked for several companies thought his career thus far, both as a consultant and an engineer. In fact, he played a huge role in placing Epic Implementation Services in the #1 KLAS slot for both 2012 and 2014!

Drew Madden is clearly a young, brilliant man with a bright future ahead of him. From day one out of college, he began bettering our world with his natural leadership and savvy grasp of technology; his passion for IT and its impact on both healthcare and society at large, is sure to drive him to continue his life’s work indefinitely. Because of the heroic Mr. Madden and other magnificent minds like his, we can all be sure that our medical records are safe, secure, and efficiently accessed upon demand.

Karl Heideck Explains The New Labor Law for Employees

Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over five years. He is qualified to offer litigation services in specialized areas. His works extend beyond the law courts as he has consistently offered insight on various issues that affect the society. Karl recently offered insight in regards to the new labour law that covers employees. According to the passed law, employers are not allowed to scrutinize the payment history of new candidates that are meant to be hired for service delivery. The new law covers employee’s privacy by ensuring that employers cannot make phone calls to the former employers of the candidates in regards to payment history.

Profile of new labour law

The major aim of the new law is to protect employees from the invasion of privacy by prospective employers. Initially, this was not regarded illegal as employers could make phone calls to former employers and ask several questions with most of these questions tied to the salary scale of employees as well as the bonuses offered. It was an angle towards gauging the salary scale that the new employer should propose to the employee during the interview. It was also a measure that tied employees to their past salary scales. It is projected that failure to observe this law will call for penalty according to the law.

Karl’s opinion on the new labour law

According to Karl Heideck, the attorney, this law should be observed as it was implemented in order to make the hiring process easy in addition to transparent. It is a great opportunity for employees to seek clarity during the interview. It also offers employees the chance to freely express themselves in terms of their ability to deliver excellent results and their demand for better pay. The new law allows employees to break away from the norms of being hired on the basis of payment history and salary scales.

Personal profile

Karl Heideck has internalized the different dimensions that law can cut into the society. He has mastered the art of offering excellent services to the people. As an attorney majoring in litigation, Karl Heideck understands the value of appropriate representation and service delivery when it comes to matters of law and how they must be followed. Karl has been using his knowledge to reach out to masses especially in Philadelphia. In every law implemented , he presents his opinion depending on the direction the specific law has taken in society.

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Michel Terpins: Impacting the Brazilian Rally Sports

Rally sporting is one of the best games in the world. It is a game for the elites in the society and is not for the faint-hearted. In this game, one name you won’t fail to hear the news is Michel Terpins due to his prowess in rally sports. Michel Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver who has made a big impact in the rally sporting industry.

Michel Terpins takes the mantle from his big brother  Rodrigo Terpins, who is another rally name to reckon with in Brazil. The duo comes from a sporting family. Their father was a renowned basketball player in the 1970s and former Brazilian sports president.

Terpins is a major competitor in the category Prototypes T1. Since forming his duo in 2015, Michel Terpins has competed in several prestigious competitions using his T-Rex whereby he has attained several podiums and some good classifications. He was the runner-up in the Brazilian 2015 Cross Country Rally.

Michael and his navigator Maykel Justo were participants in the 25th edition of Sertões Rally. However, their car developed a mechanical problem which made them unable to complete the race. Despite that, the due put had a strong competition and emerged 4th place in the Prototypes T1 group and position ten overall. The duo was also termed as among the top five fastest competitors in the event.

In the history of the Sertões Rally, its 25th edition was the hardest competition ever. The poor terrains were a challenge for many of the competitors. In addition to that, the weather was also not very favorable and was very challenging for most of the rally drivers. The drivers were also required to cover long distances covering three states of Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul as well as Mato Grosso.

Before Michel Terpins and his counterpart, Maykel Justo was slowed down by the damage in the rear suspension and breakage of their gearbox in the third round of the competition, and the two had been leading in the first two rounds. Though he was disappointed about the way things turned out, he was glad that they were part of the competitors and their turnout is what mattered most.

Michael Terpins’s sporting career started in 2002 when he debuted in the motorcycle category. With time, he made his way up to the car rally category where he has attained a lot of respect. He is currently part of Bull Sertões Rally team.

Lover of All the World’s Music