Ronald Fowlkes successful career

Ronald Fowlkes is an expert in law enforcement. After working in this industry for very many years, Ronald realized that he was not getting the satisfaction he was looking for. The businessman realized that there were people in the community who were in dire need of his support. Ronald felt that he could do something to make sure that these people could get more from the jobs they were already doing. Because he had been in the department for a very long time, Ronald has all the skills and expertise to offer the community whatever they were looking for.


The law enforcement sector is very challenging. Ronald has been serving in the industry for several decades, and he is confident that he can change the lives of the law enforcement professionals living in the United States. These professionals face a lot of challenges in their line of work, and some of these issues are never addressed by the right parties. Ronald thought of a way of supporting these professionals so that they can continue with their jobs and at the end of the day be more productive. His greatest desire was to make these professionals happy and contented in the situations they were facing.


Ronald Fowlkes currently works as the business development manager for a company that is known as Eagle Industries. The company has been in the United States market for a while now, and it has been doing quite well. The institution mostly focuses on law enforcement and commercial products. As the founder and business development manager of the firm, Ronald has a lot of responsibilities. His greatest mission is to transform the lives of the people in his beloved profession.


Before starting the company several years ago, Ronald was working at the popular Navy-Marine Corps. The businessman had an opportunity to work with the nation’s department of defense, acquiring a lot of expertise. The businessman got the insights he needed to start his organization when working in these two institutions. Under his belt, the businessman has an experience that spans for over a decade.


When he is not working at the Eagle Industries Unlimited, the businessman loves to spend quality time with his son. Ronald is very passionate about playing hockey, and this is why he has chosen to use his free time trying to coach his son’s hockey team. The businessman also looks for various ways to participate in the game when he gets time. Ronald has a tremendous educational background. According to his portfolio, the businessman was fortunate to attend some of the most respected learning institutions in the country. While working in the law enforcement industry, Ronald has been able to travel to various parts of the globe.


OneLogin Highlights for 2017

Identity and Access Management Provider, OneLogin, looked back on the 2017 year with a sense of pride. A number of awards, recognition, hiring and changes occurred within the company’s internals that year. Some of those are:

Customers Praised the Business

2017 was a year for praise, and this company received plenty of it. At least 14 of their happiest customers left glowing stories about their interactions with them, and they said that they would repeat their business.

Employees Were Happy

Along with customer praise, OneLogin seems to have gotten employee praise. Employees ranked this business as one of the top 10 places to work in the entire San Francisco Bay area. Fortune Magazine recognized this as well as San Francisco Business Times and Glassdoor.

The Company Added More Features

2017 was a year that added more features to the mix. The company created additional opportunities for growth and for its clients by adding Adaptive Authentication and making the user access experience easier.Customers who want to find apps can easily search for them using the new and improved search system.

New CEO Onboards

One of the biggest events of the year was the onboarding of new CEO, Brad Brooks. Brooks brought several decades of industry knowledge and wisdom to the table, and the company is delighted to have him.

The company also introduced Airbus to its many services. Airbus is a leading space manufacturer, and it chose Airbus to provide with authentication for its personnel. The company also did a lot of work to its onsite system to make access easier for its clients. They took the legacy system and made it more secure while at the same time, providing their clients with some cloud-based services to keep up with the times. OneLogin is a company that provides identity and access management to companies that need it. OneLogin is based in San Franciso, California, and it has been open since 2009. A few of the products that the company offers to businesses include products like Mobile Identity Management, Cloud Directory and Single Sign-On.

What Susan McGalla Believes About Female Executives

Susan McGalla is one of the most notable women to have led a major retail chain in the US, and she has founded a company of her own at P3 Executive Consulting. Given all her accomplishments and the way she’s earned recognition that few other women have, the local Pittsburgh media have sometimes tried to compile a narrative that this is a big deal for all women and their agendas. But McGalla doesn’t see it that way at all, in fact she had several interviewers perplexed when she said that what she has accomplished is something she’s done as a person and not gender-specific. She says it’s because she was raised in a household where the expectations on her were the same as they were on her two older brothers, and she’s always taken those to heart.

Susan McGalla came from East Liverpool, OH in a rural setting and her father also happened to be a local high school football coach, a sport that McGalla still loves to this day. She got her bachelor’s degree in business and started out in the merchandising department of the Joseph Horne Company. When that company closed down, she moved to American Eagle Outfitters and took charge not only of their regional merchandising department, but also gave her input to the fashion chain’s branding and marketing leaders. Within several years, McGalla became an executive Chief Merchandising Officer and company President until 2009. American Eagle opened up its female apparel store during this time and saw one of its greatest periods of success under McGalla’s leadership.

After she left American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla joined the Board of Directors at HFF Inc., a Pittsburgh real estate broker company and for a time she also was director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. At P3 Executive Consulting, she provides advice to various retail and wholesale leaders on branding and targeting consumers. Her passion for football also led her to become the current Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development in the fan merchandise and memorabilia department of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Step Down As CEO Of Bradesco

Recently, it was announced that Bradesco CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco will step down from that position. He will be, in turn, replacing the outgoing chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao. Trabuco Cappi will also be responsible for appointing his successor, a job he has until the end of March to complete.

The changes are primarily driven by the decision of the bank’s longtime chairman, Lazaro Brandao, to finally hand in his resignation. After a career spanning more than 75 years, Brandao has decided that he would like to spend more time with his family and allow for new managerial talent to move up through the company ranks.

Brandao has acted as chairman of the board of Bradesco since 1990. Prior to that, he was the chief executive officer from 1981 onward. Between 1990 and 1999, he operated as both CEO and chairman at the same time, the only instance in the history of the bank in which one man occupied both of those positions.

Many shareholders have expressed angst about the retirement of Brandao, who oversaw the bank through its period of spectacular growth, which lasted from roughly 1990 to 2009. Over that time period, the value of the bank increased by more than 300 times, marking one of the most astonishing rises in value of any major corporation in Brazilian history.


Now, as Brandao hangs up his hat for the final time, many wonder if Trabuco Cappi will be up to filling the very large shoes of the financial giant who he is slated to replace. But Brandao himself has been aggressively assuaging the fears of stakeholders in the company, stating on multiple occasions that Trabuco Cappi is the single best person to take over his old job being chairman of anyone on the planet.

Trabuco Cappi will also be tasked with finding his own replacement. At first, there were rumors swirling that he may be looking to recruit new talent from outside of the bank. These rumors had some foundation in fact, as Trabuco Cappi was personally responsible for the formation of one of the most famous executive business schools in the country, aimed at producing more high-level managerial talent. Trabuco Cappi initiated the project because so many Brazilian companies were suffering from a shortage of high quality executives.

But Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi himself declared that he would not be departing from corporate tradition on the hiring of the new CEO, which suggests that all CEOs should be recruited from within the ranks of the firm. Trabuco Cappi has, therefore, confirmed that he will only be considering promoting one of the seven current vice presidents of the bank. Although this would tend to lead to the conclusion that any of these executives are viable candidates to become the next Bradesco CEO, analysts who closely follow the bank believe that there is one candidate who is an overwhelming favorite to get the job.

Mauricio Minas is the company’s 56-year-old IT chief, a position in which he has been responsible for overseeing nearly all of the bank’s suite of high-tech banking services products according to Minas was personally responsible for the rollout of the bank’s Next online banking platform, a product that proved to be so enormously successful that it was eventually spun off into its own enterprise.

Minas was also responsible for overseeing the full integration of all of the HSBC Brazil tech assets into the Bradesco fold. This was a critical job in which he performed superlatively, enabling the $5.2 billion deal to go down without a hitch.

Trabuco Cappi has long been one of the bank’s most assertive advocates for adopting and developing new tech. This is another factor that makes Minas’ appointment likely.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

James Larkin: A Man of Great Heights

James Larkin (known as “Jim”) was originally born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. Largin grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool, where he and his family suffered poverty. At an early age, Larkin committed to several jobs to feed and run his family.

As an employee of Liverpool docks, Larkin saw the injustice and poor treatment of workers, leading him to be a devoted socialist. Soon, he joined the National Union of Docks Labourers and took a role as a union member. Larkin then took his married wife, Elizabeth Brown and soon to be his four sons to Dublin, Ireland, where he was transported by the organization for alarming military methods.

When he moved to Ireland, he established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU) – the region’s largest union. The premise of the organization was to collectively join all Irish workers into one union. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

After this attempt, Larkin decided to lead an Irish Labor Party himself and acted upon several strikes and reforms. In particular, Larkin led the 1913 Dublin Lockout, an event where over 100,000 Irish workers led an equal employment strike – eventually earning their rights.

When the first World War started, James Larkin protested, with several thousand, against the war. He viewed it as a mistake. Moreover, he vigorously tried to combat the British, even so by traveling to the United States and raising war funds. Consequently, the Irish government saw his acts as treasonous, so he was convicted of both communism and anarchy. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Biography

Fortunately, he was still in the United States soil. Later, the Irish government pardoned him and was exiled back to Ireland, where he once again helped facilitate a labor union. In the process, he received support from the Communist International.

On January 30, 1947, James Larkin fell from a floor at the WUI’s Thomas Ashe Hall and peacefully died at age 73 in the Meath Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Larkin has felt his death coming as merely two years prior, his wife, Elizabeth had died. Today, his legacy lives on through his four sons and his commitment to the various labor unions throughout his career.

Lori Senecal’s Business Expertise Is Impressive

In 2015, Lori Senecal became the CEO of CP+B. Since then, she has had a direct hand in increasing the revenue of the company by 21% by taking calculated risks. Senecal says that creativity is a behavior and not just a skill or talent. She has participated in several marketing campaigns that have helped the company move forward.

One of the campaigns that Lori has been involved in was Kraft Mac & Cheese. 2015 was the year that Kraft took all the artificial ingredients from its macaroni and cheese products, and CP+B didn’t want to advertise this change, fearing that parents of picky eaters would no longer buy the product. However, 50 million boxes were sold after Kraft announced that their macaroni and cheese was free of artificial ingredients, and the news generated over 1 billion free media impressions.


Lori Senecal was also in a leadership position in CP+B during the Letgo campaign. Let is a classified ad app, and CP+B created that Commercializer, which is a tool that lets users of the app make TV-inspire spots for selling used items. Recently, the app got 45 million downloads.


2K released NBA 2K in the fall of 2016, and Senecal has been involved in the collaboration with the game and Fitbit. The partnership allows video game players to sync the game with their Fitbit, so they can improve their health by taking real steps while improving the skills of their virtual players. Check out cpbgroup to see more.



According to Fast Company, the success that Senecal has achieved starts with incorporating healthy habits into her day that prepare her for greatness. Lori Senecal shares that her typical day starts with a workout so that she can get her blood flowing and prepare her mind to come up with great ideas. She asserts that no two days are alike, but most of the time she has to attend internal meetings with her teams to talk about progress on marketing initiatives for the company’s 10 offices. Check out inspirery to see more.



Senecal also shares that she brings ideas to life through collaborating with other creative and professional organizations. At CP+B, she and her team operate under the belief that The Best Idea Is Boss, and the team is not focused on the best idea coming from the person with the biggest title. This helps the company to move forward with new and fresh ideas that makes CP+B an industry leader.






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Dr. David Samadi Works In A New And Different Way

There are doctors who are advancing the world of medicine and changing the way that treatment is available to those who are in need of help. Dr. David Samadi is one of those people, and he is changing things for the better. He works in a modern way that allows men to have access to a new kind of help when they are faced with prostate issues. When this doctor was asked about something that he has been working on recently, he shared that he is developing a new option for those in need of a prostate removal. This option will give men the help that they need without causing them to face the anxieties and side effects that they face with other types of prostate surgery.

Every person has their own way of taking the ideas that they come up with and bringing those ideas to life. Dr. David Samadi has shared that he likes to spend time drawing out the ideas that he has. He will take time to create pictures that go along with the ideas that he has, even in the middle of the night. If an idea hits him and he believes that it is something that is worth following after, he will take time to draw things out, using his photographic memory.

There are different ways of staying calm in life, and Dr. David Samadi is someone who believes in the power of deep breathing and of exercise. When he was asked about a habit that he has that helps him to be productive, he shared that he likes to practice deep breathing. He likes to stay calm and focused in that way. He shared that he also likes to break a sweat by playing sports.

When he was given the chance to share what he would change if he had his life to do over again, Dr. David Samadi shared that he would not change anything. He is happy that everything happened in the way that it did and in the timing that it did. Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, and he is great at handling both of those positions. The path that he took led him to a good place.

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Bitcoin May Have Been Hot At One Point, But Paul Mampilly Says It’s Collapsing Now

Is cryptocurrency a wise investment or does it spell trouble if you go all in on it? According to Paul Mampilly, the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin fits in the latter category. Bitcoin was a good choice for investing just a couple years ago that Mampilly admits even he missed out on, but with its price having gone to extraordinary levels due to becoming extremely popular, Mampilly says it could crash soon. Mampilly said what’s happened is because it’s too popular, people are paying too much for Bitcoin which means as sharply as its value accelerated, it’s going to go pretty steadily in the opposite direction now. He mentioned how the same thing happened in the dot-com bubble of 1999 and the housing bubble in 2008. But he did say there is another digital currency that might be worth investing in that he shares in his subscription newsletter.

Paul Mampilly began writing newsletters because after years of giving advice to only accredited and institutional investors on Wall Street, he believed everyone in the 99% category needed to have the information he possessed. He joined a team of authors at Banyan Hill Publishing and began sharing his insights in “Profits Unlimited” and “Extreme Fortunes,” though he is now sending out another newsletter known as “Extreme Fortunes.” Mampilly shares his personal portfolio with his newsletter subscribers and shows them how they can enter the stock market without needing the middleman brokers.

Prior to writing newsletters, Mampilly was a big bank research assistant and later a hedge fund portfolio manager. His career began at Deutsche Bank after graduating from Montclair State University and included positions at ING, Sears, Banker’s Trust and Royal Bank of Scotland. His hedge fund career started in 2006 when he joined the hottest new firm on Wall Street known as Kinetics International which was touted by Barron’s magazine for being able to get clients returns as high as 43%. Mampilly also took part in the investment competition of 2008 and 2009 hosted by the Templeton Foundation during which he took $50 million and got an 88% gain even during the worst of the financial crisis.

Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History and Mampilly’s “#1 Stock for 2018”

When Creating an Education Product, Ask Teachers What They Need

Are you thinking about creating a product for teachers and educators? Then you need to know a thing or two about how to create a product that teachers actually like. Here are some tips for targeting teachers when creating a product.

First of all, and this is the most important thing, the app or product needs to help teachers and students get something done. It needs to do something. A product that is nice and fancy and has lots of bells and whistles, but which does not really fill something that is lacking when it comes to advancing the students’ education, will not succeed. You can be sure that there are plenty of education products out there, and teachers will use the ones that actually help them the most in a practical way. They are not looking for aesthetics. You have to realize that as an entrepreneur, you may not know what teachers want! If you have no teaching experience and you were never in the field of education, you may end up making a product that does not really help teachers. Think about all the apps that let kids play math games. Teachers do not need that! They can already think of many ways to make math more interesting. You have to focus on practical applications.

When creating a product, make sure you either have teachers on your team or that you actually go out there and listen to what teachers from various schools have to say. That is the secret behind products like ClassDojo, a highly popular education product. They actually made a point of going out there and listening to teachers, as well as to students and their parents. If you are an entrepreneur, you may think of creating an app with math games. However, if you are a teacher, you will think of the things that you actually need, like communicating with parents on a regular basis and updating them about the progress of their students! That is exactly what ClassDojo does. ClassDojo empowers teachers by letting them communicate easily with parents.

Jim Larkin conducts strikes to overcome infringement of workers’ rights

For many decades Jim Larkin Served as an activist and labor organizer that formed the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

James was born in Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876, and then found the love of his life, Elizabeth Brown whom they were married in 1903 and had four sons together. The General Worker’s Union founded by Larkin developed to the largest union within the region.

When growing up while living in the Slums of Liverpool, it was a challenge for Jim to study and as a result, he obtained very little formal education. It was challenging for his family to meet the essential needs due to low-income source and he had to venture into Job opportunities from different sources to supplement the families income. Fortunately for him, he was absorbed in the Liverpool docks as foreman.

Time and again, Jim felt the pain of workers rights infringement as they were not being treated fairly. As a result, he made a life decision to Join the National Union for Dock Labourers (NUDL). A few years later he would become a full-time union organizer member at NUDL.

Jim Larkin had to be transferred to Dublin due to his aggressive strike methods that alarmed the NUDL at around 1907. It was not until he had settled in Dublin that founded the General Workers Union as well as the Irish Transport.

Unity was needed, and they had to undertake a series of steps to see its realization. They would combine all the Irish industry workers, both those that were skilled and unskilled to form a unitary organization that was big.

Jim Larkin later formed the Labor Party that was responsible for a series of strikes. There very many strikes but there was one that stood out of them all, it was the Dublin Lockout carried out in 1913.

It comprised of over 100,0000 workers who downed their tools for eight consecutive months. It was a successful strike since the workers were able to enjoy their right to fair treatment.

The World War I motivated Jim to conduct a massive anti-war demonstration round Dublin. Thanks to his aggressiveness.

Lover of All the World’s Music