The Who, What, Where, and Why of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) has been in business since 2002. The main goal of EFH is to assist customers in meeting their personal as well as professional financial needs and discovering new ways of financing their existing capital from their publicly traded stock. EFH is a global company, with subsidiaries all over the world, having subsidiaries in nine countries, some of these countries including, but not limited to, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and most recently, Australia. Equities First Holdings first relocated to Australia on November 14, 2016, this new location is in Melbourne, Australia. and is located in the very heart of Melbourne.

Equities First Holdings offers services not only to big business, but also to high net- worth individuals. Equities First Holdings assists their customers who are in need of accessing the “non-purpose capital” available in their stock options. Equities First provides stock loans, these types of loans are unlike any other loan. A stock loan is based on the equity available in the stock, which is then used as collateral in which to approve the loan. For example, if a person owns stock with a certain company, and they believe this stock will appreciate, they may transfer the stock to Equity First in order to be approved loan on their stock. One of the reasons people prefer doing business with Equities First Holdings is with these type of loans, considered to be non-purpose loans, and as long as their is equity available, there are no questions asked as to the purpose the person is taking the loan out.  At the end of the loan term, all proceeds returned to customer as well as any proceeds earned.

Those who are in need of a “fast working capital” would be best to benefit from Equities First Capital. These stock based loans that Equities First Capital offer their investors are just the financial assistance that helps them to get over their financial hardship and at the same time they aren’t losing all their investment because once the loan is paid the customer also earns proceeds on the equity that has been earned during the loan period to learn more: click here.

Life Line Screening is a Lifesaving Service

We live in an age where sophistication and the knowledge of healthcare have reached new heights of efficiency and technology. This is especially in the field of testing and diagnosing possible ailments to the degree that has never been achieved before and more information click here.

Lifeline Screening is an organization that has reached the pinnacle of such efforts as they have been instrumental in this field for a good number of years. With lifeline, patients can receive many life-saving tests and screenings at discounted prices in a very convenient manner.

The manner of tests that people can take part in consists of three major areas. The cost of receiving such tests in hospitals and doctors can be prohibitive from a cost standpoint as well as a convenience problem. Lifeline screening is readily available in public venues and at employer workplaces and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Ultrasound is a way of determining if there are abnormalities with any internal organs by sending sound waves into the parts of the body where the organs are located and Life Line Screening’s lacrosse camp.

Screenings are performed to determine the condition of the abdominal aortic arteries, the carotid arteries of the neck, the ankle-index screening that can detect possible cardiac problems, and possible detection of bone density to determine possible osteoporosis.

Finger-stick blood screenings are used to capture a small drop of blood from the end of one’s finger which can then be used to create a complete lipid blood screening to test for cholesterol levels. It also measures blood sugar levels to test for diabetes, C-reactive protein measurements which can help to detect cardiovascular problems, and liver enzyme levels.

The Limited Electrocardiograph is a measure of a person’s heart rhythm and is an indicator as to whether or not there might be any issues with an individual’s heartbeat.

The results of all of these tests are then forwarded on to the patient’s physician for analysis. All of the testing procedures are conducted by trained medical personnel who are educated and competent in their particular fields.

The Growth of Community Banking in Texas

The field of banking and finance has been growing rapidly in the last few years in the state of Texas, and it is due to the contributions made by the banks in the region. Texas Bankers Association, which is an organization that leads the banking fraternity of the state of Texas, holds an annual conference each year to discuss various issues that the banking industry face and resolves to find its solutions through collective efforts of its members.

The theme of this year’s conference was the reinvention of community banking, its benefits, and the role innovation would play for the banks to lead the growing competition. Many noted dignitaries and prominent members of the banking and financial industry attends the conference each year, and this year’s highlight was the presence of President and CEO of Nexbank, John Holt.

John Holt also spoke on the theme of the event and mentioned how Nexbank is paving the way into making community banking as big as it gets in the state of Texas, as he believes that community banking would empower the communities financially. John Holt said that Nexbank is acquiring College Savings Bank that would help develop the culture of savings in public and is also loaning to low tier financial institutions that are actively financing to the low-income families in the under-developed parts of the state. John Holt said that these efforts would in the long-term reap much larger benefits.

Nexbank is one of the most respected and credible banks in Texas and was established in the year 1934. The bank has grown exponentially in size and volume over time, and currently, has more than $6 Billion in assets. It has three core units through which it functions, namely the commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. Nexbank offers customized financial services to mainly institutional investors, financial institutions, real estate investors, and high net worth individuals.


Talos Energy Joins Global Partnership to Drill in Mexico

It’s never been done before – but now a Houston-based energy company is partnering with two companies in England and Mexico to pursue an oil drilling venture that has not been pursued in 80 years.
In 1938, Mexico nationalized its oil industry – and that means until 2017, no private company or venture had been able to drill in the country. That all is changing with a new partnership among Talos Energy of Houston, Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico and Premiere Oil of London. The three oil companies began drilling in Mexico in late May in the hopes of eventually extracting up to 500 million barrels of crude oil from the Sureste Basin near the Mexican state of Tabasco.
Experts in the industry are estimating that this new well could contain as little as 100 million barrels of crude oil – but are expecting to find five times that. Known as the Zama-1 oil well, it is located in a basin ideal for drilling. Analysts are predicting that the joint venture among Talos, Sierra and Premiere will produce a high amount of oil.

The venture is expected to last about three months, with an estimated end date in August. Primarly funded by Premiere Oil, which will pay an estimated $16 million for the project, the project is owned jointly by the three companies at various degrees. For example, Premiere has a 25 percent stake, Talos has a 35 percent stake and predictably, Mexican-owned Sierra has a 40 percent stake.

If you haven’t heard of Talos Energy recently, you are about to here more in the news with this historic, global partnership. Over the year, Talos Energy has been rising in the ranks of oil companies, selling two successful companies that drilled in the Gulf of Mexico before founding the Houston-based company. The global outfit, with more than 200 employees in headquarters and in the operations field, is on a trajectory to show its contributions to the oil industry. The joint venture with Sierra and Premiere will continue to be a proving ground for the company.

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Innovative Testing at Life Line Screening Saves Lives

Based in Austin, Texas, Life Line Screening sponsors community-based clinics throughout the United States. Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully created the company in 1993. By 1998 the company expanded to include coverage throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Operating as a community-based clinic, gives citizens the ability to manage their health care. Over the last several years Life Line Screening processed over 8 million diagnostic tests. Medical experts claim over 64,000 lives were saved because of the diagnostic screening tests. Life Line Screening conducts over 17,000 community clinics each year.

Life Line Screening provides a variety of medical procedures designed to diagnose serious medical conditions. Often, the screening test can diagnose a serious medical condition before the patient has any symptoms. The tests screen for many serious medical conditions such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and heart disease.

There are three basic types of health screening tests provided by Life Line Screening. The ultrasound test uses sound waves to produce visual images of the body. Ultrasound allows medical professionals to view internal parts of the body not visible to the naked eye. The ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to diagnose medical conditions. The projected sound waves bounce off the part of the body being imaged; the returning echo creates the visual image. This painless procedure is used to diagnose serious medical conditions such as aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, and peripheral artery disease to learn more: click here.

Life Line Screening offers blood tests as part of their diagnostic testing. All that is required is a few drops of blood to diagnose liver disease, heart disease, and diabetes. The blood tests provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes. The community clinics use the same high quality diagnostic equipment used by major hospitals.

Life Line Screening utilizes electrocardiograph testing in their community-based clinics. The test provides information on serious medical conditions affecting the heart. The electrocardiograph is used to detect atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a serious medical diagnosis that may lead to other life-threatening medical conditions such as a stroke.

Cancer Treatment Center of America Implements New Clinical Pathways Platform

Early in 2016, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America began working on a plan with Allscripts and Nanthealth which would help the patient and their physician benefit from the use of clinical therapies. Through careful analysis, a solution which enhances and improves chemotherapy treatment selection and ordering this project will significantly improve the care that cancer patients receive from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

This project called Clinical Pathways allows eviti access to all the clinical workflows contained in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records. With this support in clinical decisions, Clinical Pathways does not interrupt a physician’s workflow while contributing to informing him or her of the cancer treatment process. With the use of eviti, physicians have access to valuable input from hundreds of oncologist throughout the nation and an abundance of evolving cancer care information.

A network of five hospitals across the country makes up the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Although headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida these five hospitals are located in Atlanta, Phoenix, Tulsa, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Cancer Treatment Centers of America brings together a whole array of comprehensive therapies for their patients.

With continual advancements in cancer treatments that have been proven effective through studies and the informed reporting of such therapies that help their patients deal with the emotional and physical effects of their treatments, physicians are successfully getting their cancer patients to become active making decisions about their plan of care.

With the use of eviti to bring together the Clinical Pathways platform, physicians will be able to access a wealth of real-time and evidence-based information about treatments for all types of cancers. This technology is allowing communication to take place more efficiently during prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment for everyone. Physicians are being able to provide their patients with the best possible care tailored to their individual needs.

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Helping to Keep Inmates Successful After Entering Back into Society with Securus Technologies

When a loved one is sentenced for a period of time to a county jail or state prison, the time spent away from family and friends can put the inmate in a serious frame of mind that often will leave them acting out within the jail system. When it comes to helping inmates survive the sentence they are handed, allowing for visitors and family to be able to interact with the inmate more openly and freely, is what is going to help the inmate handle their sentence better.


When family and friends are able to interact more with an inmate, the person serving time is more apt to remain out of trouble when they are released from the jail. By keeping involvement with friends and family, the inmate has a higher success rate than those who were not given access to their friends or family.


In order to keep the cost of visits down for jails and inmates, the idea behind remote visits is one that keeps involvement up and crime down within jails. For someone who is visited weekly by family, the time they are allotted with each other is very limited. With remote visits, the inmate is given longer periods of time to visit with each other. The other factor to consider is the amount of time that is spent driving to and from the jails. In some cases, the person traveling is not aware that there is something keeping them from visiting with the inmate until they arrive at the jail. If there is a lockdown at the jail or prison, the person visiting is wasting time on travel.


Securus Technologies opens lines of communication between inmates and family in a number of ways. Whether it is by local visits, remote visits or even calls made home, the idea behind helping inmates serve successful prison terms is what helps to keep crime rates down once inmates are released back into society.



Brian Torchin Helps To Link Healthcare Professionals with the Right Job Openings through HRC

Brian Torchin is a famous person in the healthcare industry. Mr. Torchin is the president and the founder of Healthcare Recruitment Consultancy (HRC).

His firm helps individuals in the healthcare sector, especially the medical professionals to find meaningful employment in the industry. Brian is responsible for matching the right talent with the right job opening in the medical industry.

Before launching HRC, Brian worked in the medical field and had a clear understanding of the dynamics of the industry. He realized that it was challenging to find suitable employment in the healthcare sector. It was one of the reasons that motivated Brian to establish HRC.

Since he founded his company, Mr. Torchin has helped a lot of people and institutions in the healthcare industry. Brian utilizes his knowledge, expertise, and experience in the industry to make the world a better place for everyone.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is hardworking and committed to his cause, so his success doesn’t come as a surprise especially to those who know him closely. He has helped spread positivity in the companies that he has worked for and has been an inspiration to a lot of people in the medical field.

Brian Torchin’s business model has played a significant role in his success. When Brian was starting his career, he worked in the chiropractic field. His exposure in this sector has helped him amass a lot of expertise and also help a lot of people in his career.

Those who have had the opportunity to work with Torchin, they describe him as a humble person, hardworking and one of the most reliable resource persons in the provision of comprehensive solutions.

He is known for sourcing for most qualified candidates to institutions requiring his services. He has built a steady mantra of good relations with people that he gets into contact with throughout.

Mr. Torchin has a clientele base of more than 200 in United States, Canada, Asia and Australia. Brian Torchin is active in various social media platforms where he engages his audience in Twitter, Google + and also on Facebook.

He has thrived in the recruitment industry by actively engaging different groups, enterprises, and organizations in the healthcare industry.

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The U.S. Money Reserve Provides Safe Options

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve talked about the way that things are going to change in the market. There could be major problems with trade lines and other things that could happen to the money that people have. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

It is something that can be risky and the U.S. Money Reserve wants people to know that changes could have really negative effects on those who have spent their money on other things that they are hoping to make a return on.

Since the U.S. Money Reserve is experienced with money and gold, they know a lot about the market and the way that a financial war could have really negative consequences.

The book that they published suggests that gold is one of the best things that people can buy to help protect themselves in the event of a financial collapse. It is something that can protect people and can help them to have the best experience possible.

Since gold is a safe option for everyone, it is one of the most popular things that people purchase when they work with the U.S. Money Reserve company. They sell a lot of gold to help people out and to ensure that they will be protected.

As a company, the U.S. Money Reserve does a lot of business. They sell a lot of precious metals and are actually one of the country’s biggest distributors for different things that are going on. It is something that has set them apart and something that has made them better than some of the other companies that are working in the same market.

For the U.S. Money Reserve, making sure that they have everything that they need to help their customers out is just a part of the business and something that they will continue to do in the future.

With everything that is going on in the world and with finances, it may be a good idea to buy gold from the U.S. Money Reserve. The company plans on distributing much more than normal and knows that they are prepared for it.

They want to help people with the options that they have and make things easier for them to get all of the gold or other precious metals that they need. Anyone who is looking forward to staying protected in the future will be able to enjoy everything that the U.S. Money Reserve has to offer them.

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Jason Hope Uses Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has been helping people for a few years. With all of the new technology and connectivity options that are now available, it is going to help even more people with the convenience, security and safety that they need to make their lives better. Since the Internet of Things has been helping people with their lives with technology combined, those who use it are able to get much more out of the options that they have. This is something that has given most people the chance to try new things and do other things that actually matter in their lives. The Internet of Things makes everything so much easier and gives people the chance to make their lives even better. It is something that Jason Hope knows a lot about and something that has given him a chance to make things better for all of the people who he works with.

Jason Hope wrote about where he stands on the Internet of Things. He believes that it is something that will work if it is done right and that it will be better for people who want to get more out of their lives. Thanks to the Internet of Things, people can be more secure and there will be far less waste than what there was in the past. Jason Hope is supportive of the Internet of Things and will continue to invest in tech things that will make the most amount of sense for people to be able to enjoy.

Starting out, Jason Hope did not know how well he was going to be able to do with the mission that he had as a technology entrepreneur. He is now doing well. He is doing so well, in fact, that he was able to donate half of a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. This is a foundation that he believes in as someone who supports technology and biological advancements. Jason Hope wants to show people that there is more to life than simple biological treatments and wants to begin investing in biotech opportunities for everyone, including those who are aging. Read more.

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