Lori Senecal’s Business Expertise Is Impressive

In 2015, Lori Senecal became the CEO of CP+B. Since then, she has had a direct hand in increasing the revenue of the company by 21% by taking calculated risks. Senecal says that creativity is a behavior and not just a skill or talent. She has participated in several marketing campaigns that have helped the company move forward.

One of the campaigns that Lori has been involved in was Kraft Mac & Cheese. 2015 was the year that Kraft took all the artificial ingredients from its macaroni and cheese products, and CP+B didn’t want to advertise this change, fearing that parents of picky eaters would no longer buy the product. However, 50 million boxes were sold after Kraft announced that their macaroni and cheese was free of artificial ingredients, and the news generated over 1 billion free media impressions.


Lori Senecal was also in a leadership position in CP+B during the Letgo campaign. Let is a classified ad app, and CP+B created that Commercializer, which is a tool that lets users of the app make TV-inspire spots for selling used items. Recently, the app got 45 million downloads.


2K released NBA 2K in the fall of 2016, and Senecal has been involved in the collaboration with the game and Fitbit. The partnership allows video game players to sync the game with their Fitbit, so they can improve their health by taking real steps while improving the skills of their virtual players. Check out cpbgroup to see more.



According to Fast Company, the success that Senecal has achieved starts with incorporating healthy habits into her day that prepare her for greatness. Lori Senecal shares that her typical day starts with a workout so that she can get her blood flowing and prepare her mind to come up with great ideas. She asserts that no two days are alike, but most of the time she has to attend internal meetings with her teams to talk about progress on marketing initiatives for the company’s 10 offices. Check out inspirery to see more.



Senecal also shares that she brings ideas to life through collaborating with other creative and professional organizations. At CP+B, she and her team operate under the belief that The Best Idea Is Boss, and the team is not focused on the best idea coming from the person with the biggest title. This helps the company to move forward with new and fresh ideas that makes CP+B an industry leader.






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