ClassDojo Helping Parents and Teachers Connect

An article recently published on the website states that there is a clear favorite when it comes to teaching apps. ClassDojo is an app that allows parents to talk to parents during class about their student’s behavior. The app is all about empowering the parents and allowing them to make a connection with the teacher.

It is helpful because when you ask your child what they did in class, they aren’t always forthcoming with the information. This way parents can use the communication platform to gain knowledge about what’s happening throughout their child’s day without disrupting the teacher’s lesson plans.

The ClassDojo allows teachers to provide a way to practice classroom management with parents and address the situation right when it happens. It is a way to create a change from the ground-up and transform the parent-teacher conference in a positive way. Instead of reading impersonal notes in a child’s agenda or receiving a note pinned to their shirt, they can get personalized messages and pictures about their child sent to them whenever they want.

Not only can teachers use ClassDojo to share the behavior of their students, they can also post homework assignments and share pictures of what the kids are doing throughout the day.

ClassDojo is a versatile product that translates into thirty five languages and allows lines of communication to be open between parents and teachers in a secure way. The app even allows students to pick out their own avatar and gain or lose points based on their classroom behavior. Students are eager to share their points with their family and it helps teachers create a much more positive culture in the classroom.

Another positive of being connected to the classroom is the ability to immediately get information if there’s an emergency situation. Knowing your child is okay if there’s a fire or another incident is priceless. It’s easy to see why ClassDojo is a darling among teachers and parents alike.

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