OneLogin Highlights for 2017

Identity and Access Management Provider, OneLogin, looked back on the 2017 year with a sense of pride. A number of awards, recognition, hiring and changes occurred within the company’s internals that year. Some of those are:

Customers Praised the Business

2017 was a year for praise, and this company received plenty of it. At least 14 of their happiest customers left glowing stories about their interactions with them, and they said that they would repeat their business.

Employees Were Happy

Along with customer praise, OneLogin seems to have gotten employee praise. Employees ranked this business as one of the top 10 places to work in the entire San Francisco Bay area. Fortune Magazine recognized this as well as San Francisco Business Times and Glassdoor.

The Company Added More Features

2017 was a year that added more features to the mix. The company created additional opportunities for growth and for its clients by adding Adaptive Authentication and making the user access experience easier.Customers who want to find apps can easily search for them using the new and improved search system.

New CEO Onboards

One of the biggest events of the year was the onboarding of new CEO, Brad Brooks. Brooks brought several decades of industry knowledge and wisdom to the table, and the company is delighted to have him.

The company also introduced Airbus to its many services. Airbus is a leading space manufacturer, and it chose Airbus to provide with authentication for its personnel. The company also did a lot of work to its onsite system to make access easier for its clients. They took the legacy system and made it more secure while at the same time, providing their clients with some cloud-based services to keep up with the times. OneLogin is a company that provides identity and access management to companies that need it. OneLogin is based in San Franciso, California, and it has been open since 2009. A few of the products that the company offers to businesses include products like Mobile Identity Management, Cloud Directory and Single Sign-On.

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