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The president of OSI, David McDonald

Mr. David McDonald also referred as Dave is the chief operating officer and president of OSI group. Previously he served as the project manager in Osi group. Also, David McDonald is the chairman of American Meat Institute. Since 2008, he was an independent director at MarFrig global foods. He serves as a member of OSI Board of Directors. Dave is the director Osi international limited. He undertook a bachelor’s in Animal Science from Lowa State University.

McDonald asserts that Osi group is committed to conducting business in a sustainable manner. The progress in sustainability comes from Osi concern for Animal safety standards, environmental welfare, and social responsibility. Some key traits include quality in the delivery of the meat products. One feature that stood out in Dave leadership is Osi’s timeless dedication in meeting the consumer service.

Each customer request is tailored in meeting their unique needs and desires. The delivery of customer request is efficient. David Mcdonals OSI Group into receiving the McDonald’s fast foods supplier of the year award. The growth in consumer needs made Osi repackage their various products. For example, the customer demands for flavored beef burgers call for a review of the production process.

Upon Acquisition of Baho foods, Dave said that it gives Osi a greater presence in Europe. The various products and brands offered by the brand give the company the opportunity to meet the diversified customer needs. Osi group’s strengths and capabilities make it stand out among its competitors. The Acquisition of Baho brings out a strong team that shall see the service delivery increase the business stakes. The growing needs for Osi services in different parts of the world called for an increase in operational services. The Baho Company complements Osi in meeting the large client’s group in many areas of Europe.

James Dondero Showcases Innovation Behind Investment Portfolio

James Dondero is the man with a mission behind the hard working team at Highland Capital Management. Dondero established his prized company back in 1993 and since then he has constantly been focusing on innovating and bringing new insights into his business practices. Dondero’s heavy hitting work in the field of finance management may seem to be at odds with Dondero the person. A quiet and introverted individual, Dondero has managed to succeed in an industry that seeks to be as cutthroat as possible. Let’s take a look at the incredible career growth of Mr. Dondero and that of his company, Highland Capital Management.


If you aren’t familiar with the financial investment field then looking through Mr. Dondero’s portfolio can be somewhat confusing. Belying Dondero’s calm demeanor is a portfolio that swings and sways due to the innovative nature of the selected investments. Highland Capital Management isn’t only a neat way for investors to put their money into the right places, but it is an interesting look at how a company can rise to the top multiple times in a shortened period. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into what Highland is doing.


Highland gives mutual fund investors the chance to invest in a series of ideas that James Dondero personally picks. The Highland Global Allocation, worth $894 million, is the fuel with which Dondero helps these investors. Over the past year we have seen Highland Global Allocation spike to 29.6% in growth. What makes Highland Global even more interesting is how they operate. A traditional allocation fund will have you investing in almost 400 different securities. Highland Global only has 200 securities and they tend to keep nearly 40% of all investments into just a couple of the themes within the portfolio.


Due to the nature of Dondero’s innovative portfolio you will often see performance swings from year to year. In 2014 James Dondero’s Highland Global Allocation ranked at the top of its field. However in 2015 the team moved to the energy sector, dropping its numbers as a result. In 2016, last year, HGA was back at the top. For those willing to ride the wave, James Dondero can be a very beneficial person to work with.


Using Securus Technologies to Keep Our City Streets Safe

My job as a police officer is keeping the streets of our city safe for all residents and visitors. When there are people doing things that put others at risk, me and my fellow officers have to locate them and get them off the streets as quickly as possible. We have a very bad gang problem in the area, and this really compromises our efforts because each of those members have little regard for an officer, let along an innocent citizen.


Although we try to stay one step ahead of the crime, the challenge we face is gang members at high levels in jail are still handing down orders to the low-level soldiers on the street. For every gang member we arrest, three more join the gang that week. We can not rely on informants in this situation because gang members would never talk about their brothers and residents are terrified to be exposed as rats for fear of retaliation by the gangs.


When Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system in our jail, the game was about to change for the better. In the past we have been able to monitor the communications of inmates to the outside, but they change their language so often we usually are left with little in the way of solid evidence. When I was trained on the LBS software, suddenly things began to change for me and my team. We were hearing chatter from high-level gang members in a new light.


On a number of these calls, we picked up on gang leaders putting the word out for gang members to make hits, bring weapons to the jail, and to even take down and abuse law enforcement. The new technology has helped us clean up the streets of our city for everyone.


Why You Should Sell With The Traveling Vineyard

Do you wanna sell wine with the Traveling Vineyard but you don’t know if it’ll be worth the investment? There are so many people who feel the same exact way in the world of sales because this company is just one of many. However, it’s important that you find out why you should join this brand and start selling their wine.

First of all, they have good tasting wine. You don’t ever have to worry about selling wine that people won’t enjoy tasting. This is a great company that knows how to provide you with everything that you need. When it comes down to selling and promoting, they will help you with all the tools, bottles, wine events, and everything you have planned to get your products seen by the public. Having a wine tasting event is scary, but they help prepare you so you know what you are doing. They teach you the ways to advertise even online and throughout your parties with friends ad family.

The Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the best in the business for numerous reasons, but they are a reliable brand for sure. When you sign up with them, they will give you a great person in your specific region to help provide you with what you need so you can get on the right track and succeed. It’s not going to be an overnight process, but they will guide you and help prepare you so you can make sales and make good money selling.

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Jose Borghi Talks about his Career, Sports and Personal Life

Jose Henrique Borghi came into the limelight while he got into the media industry in 1989, working with Standard Ogilvy. Years later, he got his name among the key figures in the Brazilian advertising industry after establishing Mullen Lowe Brazil. The ad agency broke into the industry after a series of mind-blowing adverts, such as Sazon, Fiat, and Parmalat. Jose Borghi, who now serves as the president of Mullen Lowe, was recently featured in an interview where he shared his story on both career and personal life. The interview took place along athletic tracks at the Esporte Clube Pinheiros during his usual morning jogging sessions.

Borghi’s Simplicity

From the interview, it was clear that Jose Henrique Borghi is a man of simplicity. He prefers to wear simple jeans pants, a shirt or a t-shirt, and sneakers. According to him, this dressing code was born out of his hate of being forced to wear official clothes during his days as a banker. Borghi resides in Sao Paulo close to his workplace and the EsporteClubePinheiros, which allows him to jog home when he feels like.

His Sports’ Life

Borghi’s performance at work is dependent on his involvement in sports. According to him, sports give him the energy to handle the demanding presidency role at Mullen Lowe. He further said that by waking up as early as 4.30 am to train, he could manage his time properly. Borghi participates in triathlons and read full article.

About His Role at Mullen Lowe

Jose Borghi took pride in the success achieved by Mullen Lowe under his leadership. From having a workforce of more than 300 people, to winning many accounts over the last three years, Jose felt that the company was headed in the right direction. His biggest pride, however, is being the mastermind behind Sazon, Fiat, and Parmalat ads. He argued that the three ads did not just propel him to great heights, but they also made a great impact on the client companies and What Borghi knows.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Talks About HuffPost Articles He Wrote

Bob Reina is an innovator and author and he’s written columns for the HuffPost, formerly known as the Huffington Post over the years. Reina’s specialty is video marketing and he has had software developed through his company Talk Fusion, and the two articles he’s written are titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” Reina also explained that he chose the HuffPost because their mission has been to stand up for the little guy and those who haven’t had important stories told. Reina has stated that his company Talk Fusion is all about helping both business and non-profit groups succeed no matter their size or status.


Bob Reina began Talk Fusion back in 2007 three years after he had conceived the idea while on vacation. He had thought of a way to send videos through emails that could be sent to any email address and could be a tool to market and send important messages to customers. Soon he and his technical team had a suite of products designed for mass video marketing that included video email software, newsletters, group meeting software, one-on-one video chat and contact signup forms. Customers can also now try all of these products for free if they signup for a 30-day free trial.


There are also business opportunities for independent contractors through the Talk Fusion associates program. Associates can sell Talk Fusion products to their own customers and they also earn bonus points for referring others to the associates program and can make extra commission for every sale a referral makes. Associates who surpass a certain volume of sales, referrals and free trial signups in a given period can also be eligible for rewards such as exquisite jewelry, vacations and sports cars.


Talk Fusion is also a place where philanthropy abounds through the new giving program. Associates can choose to give a Talk Fusion premium monthly account away to a non-profit of their choice as part of an incentives program. Reina has even used his own compensation to support philanthropies including the Tampa Humane Society and adoption agencies.


Wessex Institute a Great Place for Grad Studies

Wessex Institute of Technology has one of the best programs in the world for postdoctoral studies. They bring together the best in every field from all over the world. They coordinate huge conferences, with attendees who are the top in every advanced form of research. With this at your access, how can you not find a way to success at WIT. From networking and building opportunities, to finding funding for your own research, you cannot go wrong with the many career opportunities at Wessex Institute of Technology.

Expansion Eyed For Bruce Levenson’s “Do Good Institute”

The “Do Good Institute” has become a major success for the University of Maryland and the man who has done more than most to put the school of the map, Bruce Levenson. A major name in philanthropic circles, Bruce Levenson believes the “Do Good Institute” is showing just how involved students and members of the campus community wish to be in philanthropic efforts and hopes to take the model for the institute to other college campuses in a bid to develop the next generation of members of the not for profit community.

Bruce Levenson is not only looking to take the model for learning about philanthropy and not for profit leadership across the U.S., but he hopes to make sure on campus learning once again aids the development of a successful community at the University of Maryland. Levenson is a well-known technology developer and feels the growth of Online learning has proven a success yet feels the leadership required to become an important member of the not for profit community must be experienced on campus for the greatest level of impact for the future.

Business leadership should play an important part in the education and career of any individual looking to make a difference in the not for profit community, which is an aspect of the life of Bruce Levenson that has marked him out as a success. As the leader of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment consortium Bruce Levenson led the NBA franchise from the bottom of the standings to the number one seed over the course of his decade in charge. Success has also been found in his career as the founder of UCG alongside business partner Ed Peskowitz that has seen the real time industrial information provider develop from a single newsletter for the oil industry in 1977 into a global communications leader in the 21st century.


Troy McQuagge is the Leading CEOs in the World

Troy McQuagge, chief executive officer at US HEALTH Group, was recently awarded the prestigious One Planet Award. Troy was named the Gold Winner of the coveted Global Premier awards program. The One Planet Award is an incentive towards appreciating the business and professional ingenuity in all industries across the globe. All organizations including public, new startups, nonprofit and even for-profit organizations are eligible to hand in their nominations and read full article.

The role that saw him scoop the award is his exceptional leadership since he joined the health insurance company in 2010. His first accomplishment at US HEALTH Group was retooling the US HEALTH Advisors; US HEALTH Group’s captive distribution agency. After his remarkable success in the role, Troy was then elected as the president and the chief executive officer of US HEALTH Group in 2014.

In his tenure, Troy has provided unprecedented leadership which has helped the company make record sales and profits. High competition characterizes the health covers sector; however, Troy has helped the company rise above its competition through innovativeness and a keen vision in business and Troy on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge is a man whose reputation speaks for himself. He brags of a remarkable wealth of experience in his career. His initial foray into the health covers sector was his service to the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He later moved on to (UICI) United Insurance Companies Inc. and served in the Student Insurance Division in 1995. When he was named the president of UICI’s Insurance Agency UGA in 1997, Troy helped the company set several single-year records in sales.

Having spent so much time in the health insurance industry and especially in leadership roles, Troy McQuagge has refined his skills quite remarkably. Troy attained his professional qualifications from the University of Central Florida, Graduating with a BA in 1983. If anyone deserved the One Planet Award, it was none other than Troy McQuagge.

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JeanMarie Guenot, Leading Pharmaceutical Companies To A Brighter Future

JeanMarie Guenot is a businesswoman who has a tremendous amount of experience in the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She has worked with numerous companies all through the years and has been instrumental in the development of these institutions. Combining her knowledge of pharmaceuticals and her skill and experience with dealing with companies and their employees, she has made quite a name for herself. She is known as one of the most influential people in the pharmaceutical world on, owing to the immense amount of experience she has in this line of work.

Working in this field for over twenty years, JeanMarie Guenot has learned a few things along the way which have all contributed to the career that she has built up for herself today. She has been the pioneer of numerous projects which she has developed. Currently, Jeanmarie works as the President and CEO Amphivena Therapeutics. She has taken Amphivena and turned it into something worth talking about. Under her leadership, the company has grown tremendously to become the giant it is today. Since one of Jean’s strong points is the fact that she can take a company and transform it into something that is extremely successful in the sector, and that is exactly what she did with Amphivena.

One of the companies that JeanMarie Guenot worked with before she started working at Amphivena is SKS Ocular. At the company, she worked alongside the top level executives of the company where she helped them expand their operations and grow significantly in the sector noted on The company was one which invested into developing drugs for the development of treatments for glaucoma and macular degeneration. Prior to this, she was also worked as an advisor to Hoffmann-La Roche. At the company, she worked with offices in various different countries in the world. This helped her develop his own international business sense which is something that has helped her in her career.

Jean has an extremely strong educational background, whereby she attained a Ph.D from the University of California. She also attained an MBA from The Wharton School to further cement her knowledge about the field of business and management.