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Richard Branson’s Virgin Group invests in Florida Again: Virgin Trains

Chairman and co-founder of Fortress Group, Wes Edens, in November 2018 signed a partnership deal through Brightline with Virgin Group owned by Richard Branson. The co-founder of the company said the agreement involves rebranding of the multi-colored station, website and the higher-speed passenger trains in 2019 to “Virgin Trains USA.” Launched in 2018, this year, Fortress Investment Group, Brightline company is the only privately owned passenger train to operate in the United States. The train is gaining popularity for its colorful state and efficiency during transportation, its customer-friendly workers and amenities are hospitable to clients.

Since May 2018 when Fortress Group launched the train’s services in Florida between Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami, it plans to expand its reach to Tampa and Orlando. New service express is other expansions plans to join Southern California to Las Vegas with constructions commencing in 2019. View the group’s profile on Linkedin.

Other than being a recognizable and respectable brand, Virgin Group is ranked as a top investment company globally. Sir Richard Branson created Virgin Group in 1970; its investments are far reaching especially in the transport industry. From their cruise ship, Virgin Voyages, to start operating in 2020 at Port Miami; to their airlines, Virgin Atlantic, serving since 1986 in the route between Miami and London. The company is undoubtedly no stranger to Florida. Other investments sectors include entertainment and leisure mobile technologies, wellness and health and financial services.

Fortress Investment Group believes their partnership with Virgin group will significantly position them for success through shared culture, innovation, and disruption. Reason being the expertise and experience Virgin Group has to offer with customers, holding professionalism in the travel and hospitality industry with their trusted brand. Though the train’s brand name will change to mirror ‘Virgin’ brand, Fortress Investment Group, and an executive team will still manage and operate the company.

Patrick Goddard, President of Fortress Investment Group, agrees that the partnership with Virgin Group will benefit both companies. Virgin Group will back them financially while offering their expertise, resources, and experience. Fortress Investment Group, on the other hand, will oversee daily operations like business development strategy and engineering skills as a majority shareholder. As Goddard explained, ” In America, we are reinventing train travel … and challenging conventional wisdom.”



Nick Vertucci’s Publication That Is Flying Off the Shelves

As Kevin Harrington, an esteemed actor and producer puts it, a story of rags to riches is mind-blowing but what’s even better is out that is twisted out with the subject going back to rags and rising up over again. He said this during, Nick Vertucci’s book endorsement where he was present.

The book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls to Succeed, is about his life. How he started out with no money and education, his struggles, mistakes and failures and how he was about to approach things from a different angle. He explains his life’s journey to gaining financial freedom and being a successful investor and business owner. This book has been first selling; copies flying off the shelf and the publisher reprinting the book over and over again. It is resourceful in a matter of investment in real estate and this explains why there is high demand for the same. Besides, a personal account of someone’s life gets more attention that would it the book is written by another party.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick is a real estate consultant and investor. He is the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy that teaches people about the industry and how to make a profitable business. He is a better person to do this had failed and made many mistakes until he joined a real estate training and got a mentor who helped him have the ‘turn-key’ as he terms it in investment.

He studied at Canyon High School, but as fate would have it, he did not further much due to the humble background he was from. However, Nick Vertucci was determined to succeed and have financial freedom. In the past, he has worked as the CEO of Coastline Micro INC. before establishing the Nick Vertucci Companies which includes the NVREA.

Robert Ivy’s Thoughts On Professional Organizations And How They Benefit People

For most people, they will earn experience through going to school, work practices and training although often ignored, is that there is always space to learn more beyond the job descriptions. Professional societies have assumed that role. In 2010, there were more than 92000 professional and trade associations attracting both employee and company membership respectively.

These associations offer more than just expanding and building one’s curriculum vitae. Educational programs offered by professional societies stand among one of the many benefits retrieved from these associations. Other benefits highlight on expanding networks beyond the company and office space as well as creating a platform for members to take on additional roles and activities and create a competitive environment.

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Robert Ivy, who is the current sitting executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects necessitates on the importance of professional associations. He goes ahead to quote that these associations are better utilized as a voice for the members from a particular profession. You are more likely to catch the attention of the government as a group rather than as an individual, especially in legislative and policing cases. Also, resources are better pooled together as an association that eventually increases its impact on issues affecting them.

Robert Ivy further added that being a part of a reputable professional association improves the credibility of the individual. Take an example such as AIA lead by Robert Ivy; one must be licensed and follow a code of ethics filtering its members to a pool with the best architects. That reason gives clients and managers the confidence to place you ahead of other candidates during a job offer or contract.

The words mentioned above from Robert Ivy are undeniably a living testimony having held the position of CEO of the American Institute of Architects since 2011 where he has also been practicing architecture for decades. Robert has received numerous awards for his notable works as an author, architecture, and editor. Moreover, Robert Ivy has managed to voice the plans and programs of professionals in the building and construction industry with the aim of improving their quality of lives both professionally and socially.

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Memories … Do Not Open by The Chainsmokers Enjoying the Third Longest Streak on Top of Billboard Charts

They may have turned to new projects, but The Chainsmokers debut album is performing tremendously well at the top of the Billboard Charts/ Electric Dance category that measures the top records in the electric dance scene.

Memories… Do Not Open, which was released last year is now at per with the popular album Demon Days by the Gorillaz. Demon Days was released virtually 14 years ago and still ranks among the top albums, having clung to the top spot in the charts for 13 weeks, the third most ever to be achieved in the chart’s history. Albeit both albums managed to achieve 34 turns, Memories… Do Not Open will soon be singularly at No.3 because Demon Days will hardly have many spins in the future.

April 2017 was a great year for the duo, because Memories… Do Not Open took the No. 1 position not only in the Top-rated Dance and Electric Music hits but also in the collective Billboard Top 200. At that time, The Chainsmokers were releasing a string of electric smashes, one after the other. The title of the album didn’t stay too long in the Billboards 200 top 10 but has surely never missed a spot among the top 5 in the Top Dance & Electric album since then.

A few years ago, The Chainsmokers have been on and off the spotlight and have often been sidelined to pave way for new records hitting the airwaves for the first time. They include William Control, Kygo, Above and Beyond, Funk Wave Bounces by Calvin Harris.

In August 2018, The Chainsmokers became the 2nd highest paid DJs on the planet, earning a total of $45.5 million. The duo, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, are winding stages of a bountiful 3-year deal with the famous Wynn Nightlife. During their partnership, the DJ and producers collected over 100 checks scoring virtually mid-six figures. Memories… Do Not Open hit platinum in 2018, dominating the Dance and Electric showbiz scene since then. According to Alex Pall, the future seems bright and he has a sense of curiosity to see what ensues.

How Oren Frank is Changing Therapy

If you’ve heard about Talkspace, then you’ve heard about one of the most innovative apps of our time. This app is designed for therapy. That’s right! This one-of-a-kind app is not at all what psychiatrists and psychologists were thinking of when they were discussing how to make therapy more approachable. As an online and mobile company, Talkspace was started by Frank Oren with the purpose of giving users access to licensed therapists both online and via mobile phone. Started in New York City, this app became a country wide sensation very quickly.

Recently, Talkspace hired their very own Chief Medical Officer. The new CMO comes from United Health. The long-term goal was to not only enhance the user experience, but to truly give users the best experience possible. Now with the CMO in place, therapists will be able to prescribe medications to users. The company is already well on their way to building wealth, generating tens of thousands since its inception. The CEO of Talkspace, Frank Oren, has stated that the app currently has 1 million active users. What’s next for the CEO?

Frank Oren was not shy about announcing plans to promote Talkspace to employers for the benefit of their employees. The video chat app is making waves, helping people in need get therapy without the waiting. The company is currently working on an IPO, meaning that exponential growth is coming, and it’s coming quickly. The way the company earns their revenue is simple. Talkspace currently charges a $79 weekly fee to give users the ability to talk to therapists online. There is also a $49 service that gives users the ability to message their mental health professional. The company hit 1 million users only having been in business for 5 years and counting. Now that the new Chief Medical Officer Neil Leibowitz is on board, a whole new chapter has begun with the ability to prescribe medications to users.

Cleansing Conditioners vs. Shampooing

It’s safe to assume that 99.999% of readers are familiar with the concept of shampooing one’s hair. Not as many people have likely heard of cleansing conditioners. Those that have heard about the concept in passing might want to read on to learn more about its benefits.


So shampoo is a type of soap that is lathered onto the hair and scalp and then rinsed off. We’ve all known this since toddlerhood likely. Here‘s something new, however, various things can affect a head of hair’s natural oil content making it much lower than is typical. People in this position will oftentimes find that shampooing depletes what little natural oils they had in the first place. The result is hair that is dry, frizzy and sometimes even broken.


A cleansing conditioner is simply what the name would imply. It is a type of conditioner put onto the scalp and hair prior to showering. It is rinsed off during the finality of the shower, typically revitalizing the oil content of one’s hair. It’s no secret that using properly formulated post-wash conditioners can revitalize and rejuvenate dry hair strands. Cleansing conditioners like WEN simply offer a strategy for those that suffer from the dry hair on an all too regular basis. An alternative to clean one’s hair without having to wash it is the real concept here.


A good cleansing conditioner will go a step further, however. Products such as Wen by Chaz (visit will not only rejuvenate the oil content of one’s hair but also inject the head of hair with peptides (and other macromolecules) that the hair needs to stay attractive and strong. Think of the process as the hair literally being conditioned into the optimal possible state.


According to hair care expert Chaz Dean, some people, even those that don’t suffer from dry hair, prefer the end results achieved using a cleansing conditioner instead of a shampoo. It is those suffering from dry hair issues that will benefit the most. Some of these people might have a nutritional imbalance, genetic disorder or other issue affecting the quality of their hair follicles. These people should probably consider turning to cleanse conditioners entirely and only washing with shampoo on rarer occasions where it seems absolutely required. Occasions where one’s hair has become inadvertently soiled heavily and must be cleansed deep.


Please consider that the previously discussed situation is just one possible scenario. A good portion of people sport hair somewhere in the middle of the dry spectrum. These people care about fizziness so they use WEN cleansing conditioners on a regular basis and maybe wash with shampoo once a week or so. Talk to a hair care professional if you are questioning your own hair care needs. For more info, visit the website.


On the Go with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is an American talk show host and radio personality. He has been involved in numerous successful television shows for almost two decades. These shows include American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. When he isn’t appearing on television, Seacrest is hosting his radio show, On Air With Ryan. The show includes interviews with pop culture icons such as Cardi B and Arianna Grande. He is also well known as a philanthropist. Seacrest is the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to raise money for the youth through activities that center around education and entertainment.

For a man like Ryan Seacrest, navigating through all of these activities can be overwhelming at times. He has done many things behind closed doors to ensure that he keeps himself well-balanced as he works with all of his different commitments. The TV personality has mentioned that he is always up as early as six in the morning to go through his routine that involves two drinks. One is a cup of the coffee, the next one being a cup of matcha green tea. He feels as though the matcha brings the best out of his body and contributes to his focus.

In order to keep himself in shape, both mentally and physically, Seacrest regularly works out with personal trainers to ensure that his body and mind are perfectly in-sync while he delegates his time to all of his entertainment-related ventures. He mentions that even when he was in the Bahamas for a filming session with co-host, Kelly Ripa, he brought personal trainers with him order to avoid escaping his workout routine.

There are many limits that are set within Ryan Seacrest’s life. The host mentioned that he does deal with ADD, which leaves him easily distracted. To counter this, he places his phone in other areas other than parts of his clothing, such as a safe. This keeps him from constantly looking at it and being able to either enjoy a vacation or focus on his projects.

To this day, the talk show personality continues to maximize these habits in his routine to ensure the focus on his projects and his clothing line (Ryan Seacrest Distinction) never diminishes. Get in touch with Seacrest on Instagram.

Steve Ritchie at Papa John’s Pizza Company

Steve Ritchie is currently the CEO of Papa John’s International Pizza company. He began working with this company thirty-three years ago. He first set foot as an employee of the company in 1996 where he was earning his salary on an hourly basis. His first pay was $6 per hour. Steve started working at Papa John’s company as a customer service representative at Papa John’s store in St. Mathews. He has since moved through the ladder in the same company up to what he is today. Steve was promoted in 2006 as the franchise owner and operator, and from that time he has been progressing in his journey to the top leadership of the company.

After successfully handling the telephones, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was promoted to a manager in the same company. He later rose to the position of multi-unit supervisor before becoming the director of the global operations. After working in that capacity for some time he was again promoted to be the president and the chief operating officer in the year 2014, a position he passionately embraced. In 2015 he was named the president of the company. After a total dedication to the work and making sure the company spreads to various parts of the globe, he was rewarded for his tireless effort in making Papa John’s company what it is today. In January 1st, 1918, Steve Richie became the CEO of the third largest pizza company in the world, Papa John’s Pizza company.

Steve Richie was quoted by Andrew Wolfsan of the Louisville Courier-Journal on August 11, 2018, as saying that Pizza is his life that is why he managed to work tirelessly to put the Pizza company on the world map. Steve is a native of Louisville born February 13. 1950. He went to Seneca High School where he graduated as a high school student. Steve decided to join Papa John’s Company immediately after high school. He rose through the ladder and at the age of 38, he was in charge of 4200 Papa John’s Pizza companies spread in 35 countries. Steve has risen from a team member to franchise all the way to being the CEO in only 21 years.

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Hussain Sajwain Designed DAMAC Properties to be Successful

Hussain Sajwani is the leading figure of DAMAC Properties. This is his public real estate firm that he founded in 2002. Since the inception DAMAC, Sajwani has amassed a billion-dollar empire. He is considered the 4th richest man in the Arabic world. Sajwani’s great business success and financial power is the result of many years of hard work, education and a good work ethic. He also employs certain processes and procedures to help him to be a top-rated business personality. Keep reading to discover how Hussain Sajwani has become a highly rated business man.

The DAMAC owner developed a strong business foundation early on in life. When Sajwani was a child he would assist his father in the family’s business. This would help him to develop a basic understanding about general business principles. This type of training is invaluable because Sajwani developed a natural sense of business from these early years.

As Sajwani grew older his love for business never ceased. He eventually went to college and earned a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He received his education from the University of Washington within the United States. While Sajwani was away at college he sold properties to make money. So, the DAMAC owner was already dabbling in the sale of property long before he set up his own business.

Eventually, Hussain Sajwani went on to work for other organizations. He was grateful for this experience because it helped him to learn how to treat his employees and how to make his company work. Sajwani developed various processes from his time working for other organizations. These processes helped him to create a productive company atmosphere that is efficient, productive and results orientated.

Hussain Sajwani knows the real estate industry inside out. His commitment to this field has helped his company to excel. The DAMAC owner deep understanding of markets and what clients want help him to reach his goals. His commitment to developing his employees is also paramount to his overall success. In short, DAMAC is a leading company because it was designed by Sajwani to be that way from the start.

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I’ll Aid Whoever and Whatever Startup That Supports Biotechnology in Fighting Age-Related Problems, Says Jason Hope

Jason Hope has made it clear that he is willing to spare part of his money to support individuals and startups that use their resources in fighting age-related diseases. Perhaps, his notable contribution is that of 2010. During this year, Jason Hope gave SENS Foundation $500,000. The money that Jason gave was meant to fund research programs and the launch of products that help combat age-related diseases.

Jason Hope, the former W.P. Carey School of Business in Arizona, where he graduated with an MBA says that before he gives his donation, he must first authenticate the mission of the individual or startup. It is for this reason that before Jason gave SENS Foundation his $500,000 donation, he read through the foundation’s mission statement. In part, the mission statement reads, “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease.”

SENS Foundation has shown its commitment to dealing with age-related diseases by involving itself in veracious researches. When the foundation does not have a program, it supports other institutions that run a program that deals with how to combat age-related issues. Some of the selective funding SENS has done include those that have gone to the University of Arizona, Cambridge, Yale, and Harvard.

Apart from dealing with age-related diseases, SENS Foundation also centers its activities on donors, influencers, politicians, as well as volunteers. The foundation uses conferences and active events to pass its message and create awareness about how important these parties are to the community. Because of his passion for the use of modern devices to connect to each other and human beings, Jason Hope has created many friends. One of these friends is Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer at SENS Foundation.

The futurist Jason hold that in 2018 and beyond, the ability of various devices connecting to reach other and passing vital information to human beings is superb in ensuring that life is made simpler and longer. Mr. Hope is an advocate of the Internet of Things (IoT). Recently, Jason Hope launched his latest e-book. In this book that is available in Amazon, Jason shares tips on how individuals and startups can use the interconnection of devices to better the lives of fellow human beings.