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Sujit Choudhry essay collection on constitution

“Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” details the politics of the constitution hitting places such as Cyprus, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria by the means of well-researched case studies. As the editors of the collection of essays, Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson go deep into various countries, covering policies that could be set in place to help countries and territories that have definite conclusions and solutions according to the findings. The essays were gathered to bring light to matters that might end up becoming grossly overlooked otherwise.

In addition to what they discovered through their research, Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson collaborated on a policy paper which functions as a companion piece to the essays that offers more insight into the way constitutions operate. Advisors are also advised on what they could do to be more prepared for specific problems that come up related to the constitutions. Scholars can also find strong advice inside the research provided throughout the essays.

Prior to curating this essay collection with George Anderson, Sujit Choudhry made his rounds as a lawyer and scholar known throughout the world. Countries such as Egypt, Ukraine, South Africa, and Yemen have greatly benefited from his constitutional wisdom over the years. He also stands as the creator and head of the Center of Constitutional Transitions. His experience in these various avenues has proved important and has brought significant constitutional knowledge to the essay collection he collaborated on with George Anderson who happens to have some experience himself with the government in Canada.

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Bhanu Choudhrie on the Creation of Opportunity in Economics

Bhanu Choudhrie has known for a very long time that he has the potential to make a difference. When you first discover this within your career path, regardless of how significant that difference may be, it becomes easy to lose yourself in conceit. The power to change things about the state of the world is quite a tempting allure, and it can easily go out of hand if you do not cultivate it properly. Bhanu Choudhrie has personally made witness to this fact when he has noticed that some figures in his field are simply not quite as honest as they try to claim to be.

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He wants the public to be wary of businessmen who simply want to drive a profit from the economy; instead of supporting these men, he believes that you should support the individuals who genuinely want to put their resources back into the economy and make a difference. The difference between a person who has a cause and someone who does not can often be quite overwhelming, especially in the massive field of investment. The greatest figures in the field are occasionally quite loyal, honest, and decent, and Bhanu Choudhrie is a perfect example of that, but he knows that not everyone exercises the same principles as him.

That is part of the deal when you work in business; you have to accept, to some degree, that some people are not going to see things the same as you. At the same time, Bhanu Choudhrie knows that if something is right, it should be a reality, and he certainly does not excuse big businesses for taking advantage of the consumer in hard times. Because of this, he knows what kind of environment he wants to create for his employees, and that would be one that nurture each of their individual gifts. When the employees are satisfied, they are far more willing to do work that matches company values. Because of this, they tend to show more care for their customers and clients, and this is what Bhanu Choudhrie wants to make happen at the end of the day.

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Sudhir Choudhrie: A Moralist Role Model

Sudhir Choudhrie is one of the most prominent businessmen currently based in London. He is known for being extremely well thought-out in his planning, as he believes that in order to make a business thrive, you need to constantly be thinking two steps ahead of everyone else. Such a task can take quite the mental toll, but to someone like Sudhir Choudhrie, this is nothing when compared to the fruitful rewards of business. It is because of these rewards that he has been able to continue working at such a high pace even despite all the challenges that have come his way.

He is the sort of man to continue pursuing what interests him no matter how murky the water gets, and he believes that doing so is part of what makes human beings great. Humanity, to him, faces some serious issues, and it is through his work as a prominent business figure that he hopes to resolve some of these. Of course, while he knows that he cannot fix everything all on his own, he has taken great steps to help the world at large, as this is his primary goal. Sudhir Choudhrie believes that a life is hardly worth living unless it is for the betterment of those around them, whether that be one’s community, one’s family, or even one’s friends. The important thing, in his mind, is to have a purpose, and purpose is best found through the people who surround us.

It is no coincidence that Sudhir Choudhrie chose to pursue the healthcare business specifically. He sees this industry as one that could seriously impact our future, and it is because of this that he wants to make sure that he is at the head of its operations. If he is not in charge of it, or at least making some key decisions in the industry, he fears that the field could easily be corrupted. Much of the passion Sudhir Choudhrie has for business is due to the fact that he wants to counteract the high level of corruption that exists within it; through his life, he hopes to be a model for high moral standard.

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Glenn Schlossberg, the Fashion Guru

Glenn Schlossberg was born in Middle Eastern American 54 years ago. He is a striking figure in the fashion industry. Surprisingly, no one thought that he would ever lead the fashion industry. He is the principal and the founder of Jump Design Group which has been in existence for 29 years now. Glenn has revolutionized the fashion industry. He began his career from cutting fabric and then made his way up to the industry. Since then, he has been a hands-on person. This aspect has incredibly contributed to his success in group operations. Jump Design Group specializes in retail gowns and garments.

Glenn Schlossberg runs his company under the concept that each role in an organization is of great importance. He makes sure that his team is unique when it comes to design, production, and sales. He also ensures that they are ever on-trend and updated with fashion. Glenn has experienced increased sales as customers get maximum satisfaction leading to repeat client. He loves that his team is united and works together in production, designing, and giving high-quality clothing to its clients.

Glenn Schlossberg joined the fashion industry due to passion and that it was a family affair. He used to work with his father, who used to be a tailor. Having been to a fashion institute in New York, he decided to establish the Jump Design Group. His ultimate objective was to produce the best and most affordable garments in the market.

Jump Design Group has significantly grown under the leadership and management of Glenn Schlossberg. The growth of the company is dynamic ranging from logistics, design, and manufacturing potential in New York and beyond. Jump apparel has gained international recognition in some of the largest global retail companies such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Zappos, Taylor, and Lord. Glenn has outstanding entrepreneurial skills that continually influence the fashion industry and other related industries. For more info about Schlossberg you can visit his twitter page.

Glenn Firmly believes in helping youth acquire their full entrepreneur potential. He devotes his free time in sharing his experience with the young generation in the fashion industry with organizations such as Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Jump currently sells 5.5 million garments annually, and more than 100 million products have been delivered since the start of the company. On top of this, Glenn has emerged as the winner of The Special New Yorker Award.  To know more about Glenn you can visit

Ashley Lightspeed: Acting with Impact in Mind

Ashley Lightspeed has been known for years for being not only one of the most influential businesspeople in America but also one of the most generous. She has centered her style of investment on focusing on businesses that are out to make a difference in the world, and it is this attitude towards investment that has brought her so much appeal in the modern-day era of marketing. In today’s world, people are able to uphold leaders with great values, and in her case, this is exactly what they have done. Because of this, she is very proud to be in the position she holds, and she does not for a second take it for granted. She believes that she has been greatly blessed in her life, and she is eternally thankful that she is in a position where she can impact the future of investment on a global level. Learn about Ashley Lightspeed at

Her start, however, was not always this impactful. She began her career, as anyone does, being largely unknown, and for many years, she was not sure exactly what she wanted to do with her life. At first, she believed she would go into architecture, but soon enough, it became apparent to her that her true passion would instead lie in assisting with the creation and development of businesses around the globe. It was this realization that has moved Ashley Lightspeed to become so invested in her field of work, and to this day, she often stands out among her crowds as being extremely passionate and thoroughly caring for the outcome of businesses she involves herself with.

It is the emotional connection she shares with these businesses that sets her apart from other investors around the world. She believes that it is essential for any proper businessperson who wishes to take the foray into investment to thoroughly care about making a change not only in the businesses they involve themselves with but in the world at large. In her eyes, without this care, you will ultimately have no drive to keep you going past the obvious. She believes that it is not enough to simply want to make a profit when you are involving yourself in the modern-day world of business. It is simply far too competitive to be accommodating to such a hollow desire, and this, in her opinion, is for the good of the entire industry. Ashley Lightspeed has consistently prioritized ideals in the work she does throughout the world, and this is what has made her stand out as a personal favorite of the public. When someone is acting in the interests of the majority, they recognize and appreciate it, and she is living proof of this fact. Besides her ethics, however, she possesses the unyielding drive to grow and expand, and this has led to development in every single field she has involved herself with through her entire career. When she sits in the drawing board with her team of professional colleagues, they are acting with impact in mind. Read:

A Quick Introduction to MAGFAST Chargers

In the last two decades, technology has completely and totally changed just about every facet of living. Information travels more quickly than ever before, communicating with others—whether they’re a city away or a continent away—takes seconds, and a seemingly endless collection of entertainment can be enjoyed with the press of a button or a touchscreen.

With all that said, and with all that tech has done, recent innovations are still new enough that their “kinks”—drawbacks relating mostly to convenience and accessibility—are currently being worked out. For smartphones and other wireless devices, charging is a prime example—and perhaps the most frustrating example—of one of these drawbacks.

Proprietary charging attachments mean that certain devices can only be charged with custom-made cords; finding the proper attachment when it’s needed can often prove challenging. Moreover, charging cords aren’t difficult to break and can easily be misplaced.

In short, the time has come for a major improvement to tech’s chargers. MAGFAST is that improvement, and to the benefit of billions of individuals, in all corners of the globe, the unit is available to preorder right now.

What are MAGFAST Chargers?

MAGFAST chargers are innovative and highly reliable cord-based and wireless chargers that take the stress and hassle out of the charging process. All USB charging styles and wireless charging (if one’s phone supports it) are provided by the collection. This means that regardless of the device, charging is as easy as utilizing a MAGFAST device; there’s no need to fumble for cords or worry about having the proper charger.

Who Founded MAGFAST?

MAGFAST was founded by Seymour Segnit, who also serves as CEO. The Oxford University graduate has enjoyed a long and lucrative career in marketing and business. After spending several years working for a USB-charging company, Segnit knew that he needed to take the charger industry to the next level; while cell phones, tablets, and laptops were modernizing, users were charging the devices in the same (frustrating) way they had for well over a decade.

And so MAGFAST came to be.

What Makes MAGFAST Units Special?

Each MAGFAST unit serves a very specific—and very significant—purpose, and together, the products provide powerful, instant charging for each and every device made today. MAGFAST chargers are magnetic (as their name suggests), and they offer comprehensive charging solutions in the car, at home, on the go, and everywhere in between.

The bottom line is that MAGFAST chargers make it easier and simpler to charge devices. There’re no loose cords or unforeseen difficulties to speak of, and with this in mind, it isn’t hard to see why so very many tech lovers are riveted by MAGFAST.

What Is Going on At DE Shaw?

For those who do not know, DE Shaw is a well-respected financial firm that exists within Wall Street today. The founder of the firm is known as David Elliot Shaw, and he is one figure within the industry that takes on activities that relate to investing, to computer science programs and to managing funds in the manner of hedging to preserve and perpetuate financial assets. It is not easy to be a financier like David Elliot Shaw but he’s been able to start his company and keep his company growing and getting it to a stage that is surely legitimate.

Further, one should know that that is specific firm is one that is quite likely one of the most compelling firms within the financial industry today because of its many different practices and its exciting and unusual company culture.

Wall Streeters themselves may not know that much about this firm either. It is that type of firm. A firm that doesn’t share too much information and keeps to itself. This is true for all of the people that work there and for the founders and management of the firm too. The firm prides itself on its secrecy, and this is seen in its latest non-compete agreements.

In a rather fascinating tale, we can see that the company, De Shaw has amped up its efforts to retain talent and make sure that current talent doesn’t defect and use current knowledge to benefit another firm.

Specially to prevent prior employees from possibly getting current employees to defect and join their new firm for more compensation or other potential benefits that might entice current DE Shaw employees to run over to a potential competitor swiftly.

The firm prepared for this potential outcome and sought to minimize it with the power of legalese. These non-compete agreements should increase and empower the firm to retain the current base of talent that helps DE Shaw to run and stay as relevant and robust as it is today. DE Shaw is surely using similar industry tactics to keep a tight lid on their current pool of surprising and wonderfully bright minded people.

Smita Shah Believes That Woman Should Focus On Short Term Goals

Smita Shah is supportive of female empowerment and she wants to help other women find success in the same way that she has found it. She is a Professional Engineer, and she is licensed to work as an engineer in multiple states. This woman received her education through three different schools, including Oxford University. This woman has been recognized for the work that she has done to strengthen the economy.

Smita Shah believes that it is important for a woman to know that she is strong and has great potential. She believes it is important for a woman to think highly of herself and her capabilities. She believes that people should give their own self the same kind of credit that they would give to others. This woman feels that a person should know what they are capable of and always celebrate their accomplishments.

The way that a person dresses and carries their self may influence the way that others both see them and treat them. Smita Shah believes that those who want respect from others should dress as a professional and act confident. She feels that a person should be proud of the success that they find and not let anyone else try to take the credit for the things that they have accomplished.

Worries about the future can stop a person from doing the things that they need to do in the moment. Smita Shah feels that women should focus on the short term and goals that they have that they need to work on right away rather than look too far into the future. This woman feels that women should break free of the stereotypes that others try to use to hold them back. She also feels that women should make others respect them for the place they are at and all that they have done to get to that place. She feels that hierarchy is important and it is something that businesswomen should use to their advantage. Learn more:

Managing one’s time in a careful way is something that Smita Shah feels is important. She feels that women who are hoping to make a name for themselves should be careful in the way that they use their time. This woman also feels that women should be able to keep their private life separate from their public life.

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Grace Farms Foundation’s Sharon Prince Assembles Working Group To Combat Modern-Day Slavery

To earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Tulsa, Sharon Prince worked in a sports bar as a waitress. With her MBA in hand, she moved to New York City and began a career in finance. She ended up being a leader at multiple companies, including 66°North as its US president. She is now the founder and president of a nonprofit, the Grace Farms Foundation.

Her organization is based in Connecticut. She recently announced a new initiative to make more people aware that forced labor is being used to create building products. Sharon Prince Grace Farms assembled a group of architects, designers, and related positions to create the Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group. The goal of this group is to reduce modern-day slavery around the world. It will analyze global supply chains used in the construction industry.

The group will create a list of projects that don’t use slaves. It will develop a checklist of what constitutes responsible sourcing. This information will be provided to professionals in the construction, architectural, and design industries so that they can avoid building materials produced by slaves.

Sharon Prince says that companies use forced labor because it increases their profits. She aims to create a paradigm shift in which buildings are made using ethically sourced materials. This will be similar to how the industry now takes into account the environment when building. She wants companies to create new policies and standards that eliminate slavery from their supply chains.

Retired U.S. Ambassador Luis deBaca is a senior justice advisor for Grace Farms. He battled against forced labor while serving in the Obama Administration. He said that men, women, and children are being forced to produce materials like glass and fiber. 50 other professionals are also part of this group.

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: Gino Pozzo: The Italian Business Who Has Made Watford FC a Force in the English Premier League

In recent years, Watford Football Club has been so impressive in the Premier League. They are known to give the big teams a run for their money. More often than not, success is attributed to the head coach. Currently, the boss is Javi Garcia. What most people don’t understand is that there is a boss of the boss and in Watford’s case, it is Gino Pozzo. The Italian businessman is currently the co-owner and Managing Director of Watford FC.

The Watford Experience

Based in Watford, England, Gino is involved in the daily operations of the football club. From scouting players to sanctioning transfers, Gino is committed to the dream that his Italian father Giampaolo Pozzo conceived. The name Pozzo came into the scene of the English top-flight in 2012 when Gino and his entrepreneurial dad bought Watford FC from Laurence Bassini.

But before Watford, the Pozzo family first ventured in the football club business in 2009 when they acquired Granada, a Spanish football club. They later sold the club to a Chinese company, Link International, for about €37 Million. In 2012, Gino Pozzo and his father moved to England in search of more football-related business opportunities. Watford Fc seemed like a great idea at the time and they decided to buy it.

It wasn’t a quick acquisition though as the club was going through a tough administrative transition. It took 3 years for the family to legally own the football club. Part of Gino’s strategy was to facilitate player transfers between Watford and Spanish club Granada. They also partnered with Udinese, another football club and their collaboration seemed to work.

Gino Pozzo is a man who believes in working with a massive scouting network. This has seen Watford FC attract some amazing young signings. They have also made some impressive player sales lately and they are looking to do more football business in the upcoming transfer windows. We just have to watch out as Gino and Garcia drive Watford FC to higher heights. Find out more about Gino Pozzo: