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From Math Textbooks to Teach to One

This program focuses on each and every individual student’s learning needs and abilities through the use of modern technology in the classroom and a collaborative safe space for students, teachers and parents to get involved in a variety of ways.

As Teach to One concentrates on the learning process of each student, it has become a positive environment that has shifted the mindset of students who were once struggling with math concepts and are now acknowledging their skills as they regain the motivational boost into a mindset of growth and confidence.

This program creates a foundation starting from each student’s level of progress while also adjusting lessons and assessments to fit their individual needs.

Centered around different teaching sessions, Teach to One offers students the experience to work in a variety of ways and settings from teaching alongside instructors to collaborating with peers during small group interactions. These teaching strategies open the doors to a thinking classroom environment where ideas are shared and valued and students are learning math concepts in a more in depth style from dedicated teachers, reports by

Teach to One is proven to be beneficial to a student’s academic success in the sense that it prepares students for the professional world. Students are given the opportunity to work with a team of individuals as well as engage in independent work to gain experience in adapting to diverse environments. It also encourages a healthy balance between face-to-face learning and incorporating technology into the curriculum to further a students academic journey with advanced digital resources rather than a textbook. This balance of technology and human connection can enable students to strengthen their critical thinking skills and areas in social-emotional development.

Teach to One is an effective program that doesn’t focus on a specific grade level, age or one style of learning. It eliminates the added weight of math textbooks and promotes an open classroom community for a lighter and more fulfilling learning experience.

Current Events With Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS and Its Impression on Brazil

Grupo RBS, a Brazilian multimedia company, has long been a part of print, television and radio communications within the country. Started in 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, the company has grown significantly to not only own 12 television stations and 24 radio stations, but it also has many subsidiaries under its belt. Some of these businesses include the following brand names:

  • RBS Publicações
  • Orbeat Music
  • Mídia Gráfica
  • Vialog
  • Kzuka
  • HSM

Besides, the company provides online news portals and employs over 6,000 journalists throughout its many organizations. e.Bricks Digital is a newer company that has invested in bringing many companies to e-commerce through its private equity funding and segment-specific marketing efforts. The company’s primary geographical service areas are the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, although these areas appear to be constants, the business has adjusted geographical locations throughout the years to meet their needs. To know more about RBS visit

Staying In-Tune With Its Ethical and Social Responsibilities

Grupo RBS has led many campaigns throughout the years to help Brazil, the country that it’s proud to represent and serve. Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho is a social trust that funds many of these projects including two of their most notable campaigns known as: ‘Education Needs Answers’ and ‘Love is the Best Inheritance-Take Care of the Kids.’ Issues that have been touched upon with these campaigns include mindful fatherhood, education and the workplace and art and citizenship. The company also expresses a vision that guides how Grupo RBS approaches ethics and the community in general. These six principles include the following items, as translated:

  • To do what is right
  • Our heart pounds
  • Connecting with people
  • Together towards clients
  • To ensure sustained growth
  • Collective development

The Future With Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS offers a great amount of detail regarding its services, public relations, current campaigns and press releases available to the public. The company is also active on social media and has a YouTube channel available with informative videos. For more information on current news and events, check the Grupo RBS website at and select the sitemap to navigate to your area of interest.,297812.jhtml

Luke Lazarus: Why Did He Changed His Career?

Luke Lazarus is an Australian businessman who is known for his consultancy services. He used to be a serial entrepreneur, but he started to shift his interest because he is no longer driven by earning a lot of money.

Luke Lazarus grew up in Australia, and as a child, he already showcased an interest in becoming a businessman.

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He is also good at sports and academics, and by the time he was entering college, educational institutions around the world sent him an invitation to apply at their university. However, he turned down these offers and he decided to attend a local university in Melbourne.

After he graduated from college, he immediately took the path to become a serial entrepreneur. He launched four different businesses and did his best to manage them and see it grew.

As a serial entrepreneur, his main goal is to make a business grow exponentially and then selling it later on to people who are interested in it. As the years go by, his businesses started to thrive.

He decided to sell his first four businesses to interested individuals, and he earned millions of dollars in the process. At a young age of 35 years old, Luke Lazarus proudly stated that he became financially independent.

Luke Lazarus admitted that being a serial entrepreneur is not easy. In the world of business, most startups are bound to fail. The latest statistics suggest that nine out of ten startups would eventually fail after three to five years. However, the remaining ten percent of these startups would manage to get through all of the obstacles and end up becoming successful.

Luke Lazarus belongs to the category of super entrepreneurs who can make their business succeed despite the problems and challenges that they face along the way.

While he earns millions of dollars every time he sells his companies, Luke Lazarus did not feel any contentment. He was looking for something else, and he had to go on a soul searching trip to find out what is missing from his life. He later realized that he is no longer driven by earning more money – instead, he wanted to help others to become successful.

This is where he started to leave his career as a serial entrepreneur and chose to become a consultant instead. Luke Lazarus decided to establish a consultancy firm, inviting business owners to visit him and discuss what he can do to make their businesses perform well.

When he was still a serial entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus would use different strategies that will enable him to sell his businesses. He also shared it with his clients who are visiting his firm for the first time. He said that the clients would most likely buy a company that gains their attention at first glance.

Because of this, Luke Lazarus wanted to tell people who wanted to become a successful serial entrepreneur to make attractive presentations. This would enable them to catch the attention of an investor, and with a proper explanation of what the business is all about, a deal can be agreed on between the two parties.

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Luke Lazarus: Luke Lazarus | Everybody Wiki

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

A Flight School in the Philippines Could Solve The Pilot Shortage in Asia

Bhanu Choudhrie, the starter of Alpha Aviation Group, a trainer of pilots in the Philippines, believes that the percentage of females that are training at his organization is than the percentage of pilotsin the world.

Bhan Choudhrie’s group goes to recruit pilots and brings female pilots with him so they can give career talks to the students. This should encourage females to apply. His aim to dispel the idea that only men can go to flight in the Philippines. Get the latest updates on his twitter for more information.

By 2038 Boieng thinks that Asia will need about 270,000 pilots as airplane travel becomes quicker from other regions. Due to a current shortage of pilots, regional airlines have been forced to cancel flights. Some regional carriers are forming their own flight schools so they can train more pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie thinks that it is an advantage that English is widely spoken in the Philippines as the language of international air travel is English. It also allows the Philippines to be able to cater to discount carriers as regulators require pilots to speak English. His flight school already has regional airlines like AirAsia India and VietJet.

These new discount airliners has caused rise in short-haul flights within Asia. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, this should make it a perfect career for women as they don’t want to be away from home for a long time.

Bhanu Choudhrie thinks that there is such a big demand that men can’t fill the gap. Women will be the ones who will fill this pilot gap.

Bhanu Choudrie’s flight school is considered to be the largest flight school in the Philippine. If any flight school could help with the shortage of pilots in Asia, it would be this flight school.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the leader of C & C Alpha Group, a United Kingdom equity company, as well as Alpha Aviation, He is expected to invest as much $12 million per year for the next three years to increase the size of his flight school in the Philippines. The school hopes to double the number of people that they train over the next three years. This flight school has opened two more branches in the Philippino provinces of Zambales and La Union.

Alpha Aviation hopes to expand internationally to two other Asian countries. Learn More:

Literally Jet Smarter with Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter App, the Uber of Private Flights


Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of the JetSmarter app. This nifty platform is like the Uber for private jets. They have more than eight thousand paid members that fork out an annual fee of $14,000 to avail of unlimited chartered flights. There is something extra special about the exclusivity of chartered flights that scream all out luxury. But JetSmarter, with its vast routes that offer different kinds of tailor-fit services to suit their clients’ needs, is actually quite affordable in the long run.

The JetSmarter subscribers can literally jet smarter by using the app that provides them with various options. Members can choose to create their own shared charter flights with the people they like, they can opt to travel on a private jet shuttle on a scheduled flight, or they can actually rent an entire private jet for their own personal use if they don’t feel like riding with anyone at all.

The nice thing about being aligned with an app like this, if you choose to share a chartered plane with others, you don’t get to rub elbows with the typical masses. Instead, you are surrounded by like-minded people that also ascribe to high standards. Sergey Petrossov noted that traveling his JetSmarter brand through their many scheduled and on-demand flights is actually a great way to network.

JetSmarter is a very clever app that is able to leverage on technology to make massive profits by tapping into a niche market that longs for this brand of service at a more affordable price tag. One of their smart strategies is that they do not maintain their own private jet, which is expensive and tedious to do. Instead, theirs is a collaboration with a huge network of chartered flight companies. Sergey Petrossov said they act as a middleman who does the seamless scheduling for their esteemed clients with highly discriminating tastes.


Sergey Petrossov noted that their set up started with simple operations in a small office with a few key staff members that had to multitask the various workloads. Now, he proudly announces that they have grown to more than 260 employees in various locations around the globe.

Known For Providing High-Quality Advice To The Global Business Community, Maarten De Jeu Recently Shared Some More Valuable Insights:

Maarten de Jeu is one of those individuals who has built a reputation for high-level excellence within his field. The field in question here is that of strategic business advisement and it is a field that Maarten is a preeminent individual in. As a part of his role as an advisory, Maarten de Jeu routinely provides advice to some of the world’s leading companies. He has particular expertise in providing advisory services to the world of tech startups and also serves clients of high net worths. 

One of the most notable accomplishments in the career of Maarten de Jeu is the 2012 creation of the company that he calls SVM Business Advisory. He created the firm after building up a strong resume with several distinguished companies including Aviva, and TVDK Management Consultants. His time with these companies saw Maarten involved in working recognizable global brands such as Sara Lee and Heinz. Maarten de Jeu also has a highly successful tech startup to his credit in the firm known as SpeakUp. This company has rapidly grown since Maarten co-founded it. Today, SpeakUp is one of the top firms in the European market within the realm of compliance solutions. To put it simply Maarten de Jeu is an individual who has an extensive knowledge base and a great deal of experience in the realm of international business. With this in mind, he recently opened up about his suggestions for those looking to invest in the commercial real estate market. Concerning fields such as this, the opinions that Maarten provides are well worth paying close attention to.

To start things off, Maarten de Jeu has a great explanation of why the commercial real estate sector is a great one to invest in. Within the scope of this vibrant field, money can be accumulated in a couple of ways. These ways include making money as the property’s value increases and making money off of the income that is brought in from rental fees for the property. Maarten also points out that further development and improvement of a property can serve as a great way to boost the incomes that it generates. This is a two-fold reason. When one endeavors to make property improvements, they can add overall value and also up the rate of monthly rent since the standard of the facility has been brought up to a higher level than it was previously. Learn more:

When an entrepreneur is looking at getting into the investment game with commercial real estate, Maarten de Jeu has several key tips that he suggests individuals should follow. Building strong relationships is one of these suggestions because funding is a critical part of success in the field of commercial real estate investment and strong relationships can help to make this a reality. Maarten also points out how important it is for an investor to perform their due diligence in terms of research into the commercial real estate field. These tips and several others were provided recently by Maarten de Jeu to those who are looking to try their hand in this exciting and profitable field of investment.

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Matthew Fleeger Is Propelling Gulf Coast Western To The Front Of The Oil And Gas Market

One of the leading oil and gas companies in the country is Gulf Coast Western LLC. They are a subsidiary of Joint Ventures, which companies several leading industry professionals to further development and acquisitions of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico area. Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western and he serves in an active capacity to help guide the company towards success with transparency being his objective. Currently, his company is rapidly growing and attracting new business partners and investors because of their solid reputation and integrity. 

Matt Fleeger

A Family Tradition

Matthew Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University and focused on the areas of finance and marketing. He pursued a career in the oil and gas field, just like his father, who was himself, an oil and gas company owner. Over the course of many years, Matt Fleeger served in many different executive roles within the industry in the hopes of gaining a vast inside knowledge of how a successful petroleum company operates. His work centered around the Texas area before he decided to work with Gulf Coast Western LLC.

A Healthy Balance

Not only is Matthew Fleeger one of the most prolific people in the oil and gas industry, he is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He created his own medical waste company called MedSolutions, in which he serves as also serves as the CEO and President for the last 13 years, since he founded the company. He is also a donor to the Sadie Keller Foundations, which raises money to help fight childhood cancer. Recently, he was able to raise and donate $14,000 to assist with their efforts. 

Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is an industry giant who has found not only a successful approach to operating within the industry but has also managed to successfully integrate himself into other industries, while maintaining a sense of community responsibility.

Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health Continue to Provide Valued Services


Having access to quality and affordable healthcare should be a basic human right. As the world is becoming more advanced and efficient, it would seem that this would be something that should be easily achieved. However, it continues to be proven that the modern healthcare system is not always able to properly utilize the technology advances that it has available to give convenient and quality healthcare services to customers.


While the healthcare industry is still catching up to what is available in the marketplace, there are still many innovative companies and professionals that are continuing to change the industry for the better. One company that is continuing to revolutionize the healthcare industry is Virtual Health, which today is led by the Chief Technology Officer Jack Plotkin.

Virtual Health today is a leader in the tele health industry. While this industry has been around for a long time, it is continuing to improve due to a variety of technology advancements introduced by Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health. While customers used to be frustrated by long waits on the phone and challenging forms to fill out, everything today is far more streamlined and efficient.

Today, someone can use the Virtual Health services to receive a full examination and 360-degree view of their health. A physician or other healthcare provider that can then provide recommendations for additional care then analyzes the diagnostic data. This can include referrals for specialists or even prescriptions.

While Jack Plotkin continues to develop the Virtual Health company today, he has a long track record and experiences that have helped him to be successful in this role. For the past 20 years, he has acted as either a senior manager or consultant for a wide variety of companies in both the technology, healthcare, and finance industries. This comes after he completed his very impressive educational background that included getting two different degrees in computer science and economics from Harvard.  

Why Equities First Holdings UK Made The Loan Process Easier

Securities-based lending is a business model for a company who is able to celebrate more than 15 years of being in business. The equity loan will continue to be a primary revenue generator for Equities First Holdings because of the demand created by several businesses in the United Kingdom. Throughout Europe, Equities First Holdings plans to deliver more than $100 million to businesses as suggested by the company’s CEO Al Christy, Jr. Under Christie’s Jr.’s leadership there been several hundred transactions completed that involved lending.

ClassDojo: Rethinking The Classroom Connections

Parents send their children off to school each day with the expectation that those children will receive a quality education from the teachers at their school. This is often the case, and teachers are frequently unsung heroes in our society. However, communication between parents, students, and teachers can sometimes be lacking, and this can cause issues.

ClassDojo is an app that tries to eliminate some of the issues that come up as a result of a lack of communication between the three parties. What it does it make it easier for teachers to send and receives notes, comments, and information from both students and parents. Parents will gain a greater level of access and understanding of what it is exactly what their children are doing while in school.

They will be able to see more of that information, and they can even see pictures of the projects that are ongoing in the classroom. Lifting the veil a little on what is happening in those classrooms can be a great comfort to parents and can help everyone provide better for the student. The ClassDojo app is undoubtedly changing the way that everyone thinks about education, and that is likely to have a major impact on education in general moving forward.