Can’t Fall Asleep? Check Out Wengie’s Awesome Sleep Hacks!


A lot of people have problems going to sleep nowadays. Even YouTube star Wengie admits that racing thoughts often keep her from enjoying a full night’s sleep. Thankfully, she’s discovered a few tips over the years to help her fall into dreamland with ease. In one of Wengie’s latest videos, she shares some of her most effective “sleep hacks.”


Wengie’s first tip is to put on some headphones and listen to a white noise track. White noise has been proven to both put the brain into a state of deep relaxation and block out distracting outside noises. If white noise doesn’t work for you, you could also try out binaural beats, raindrop sounds, ambient sounds, brown noise, and even pink noise.


If you’re into spiritual matters, you’ve probably heard about the “third eye.” Our “third eye” is located in the center of our forehead just above our two normal eyes. Wengie suggests applying gentle pressure to this point to induce a state of deep relaxation. She also says you could put a bit of jasmine oil onto this spot to relax even deeper.


Wengie’s next tip is to blink rapidly for at least one minute. Since you’re tiring out your eyelids, they will naturally want to stay closed once you’re done with this mini-eye exercise.


Another great tip Wengie shares in this video is to set your thermostat to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists have proven that this is the ideal temperature for the human body to fall asleep in.


For those out there who like meditation, Wengie’s next life hack will be right up your alley. She suggests lying down and doing a “full body sweep” mediation. This basically means focusing on the tips of your toes and slowly working your way up to the crown of your head. You can tense and release each muscle as you pass by if you’re having trouble releasing any bodily tension.


Lastly, people who like warm drinks before bedtime should definitely consider drinking a cup of warm soy milk with a spoonful of honey. Wengie says this combination is ideal for inducing a naturally calm state of mind.

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