Makari; A Leader In The Skin Lightening Industry

Makari is a beauty company that was established to help both men and women of color. They have filled a gap that was left open by the different beauty companies that had ignored the needs of people of color.

All of their different products have been made of natural ingredients to help the women and men with their beauty needs. With different ingredients like Argan oil, caviar, carrot oil, etc., the products have been designed to reduce the visibility of the dark spots, acne and stretch marks. They also help to even the skin tone.

The natural ingredients help in reducing the dark spots which in turn fights the signs of aging. All the products have been clinically proven to enhance toning and promote skin lightening.

The products

Their different products are categorized under different groups including; skin, hair, cosmetics and also fragrance. The different products include;

« Whitening exfoliation soap which has been designed to brighten, cleanse and even the skin tone

« The Makari 24k gold lightening soap, milk, and serum

« Skin toning milk and combo

« Body beautifying milk

« Skin repairing serum

« Toning milk and soap just to mention a few

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