JeanMarie Guenot, Leading Pharmaceutical Companies To A Brighter Future

JeanMarie Guenot is a businesswoman who has a tremendous amount of experience in the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She has worked with numerous companies all through the years and has been instrumental in the development of these institutions. Combining her knowledge of pharmaceuticals and her skill and experience with dealing with companies and their employees, she has made quite a name for herself. She is known as one of the most influential people in the pharmaceutical world on, owing to the immense amount of experience she has in this line of work.

Working in this field for over twenty years, JeanMarie Guenot has learned a few things along the way which have all contributed to the career that she has built up for herself today. She has been the pioneer of numerous projects which she has developed. Currently, Jeanmarie works as the President and CEO Amphivena Therapeutics. She has taken Amphivena and turned it into something worth talking about. Under her leadership, the company has grown tremendously to become the giant it is today. Since one of Jean’s strong points is the fact that she can take a company and transform it into something that is extremely successful in the sector, and that is exactly what she did with Amphivena.

One of the companies that JeanMarie Guenot worked with before she started working at Amphivena is SKS Ocular. At the company, she worked alongside the top level executives of the company where she helped them expand their operations and grow significantly in the sector noted on The company was one which invested into developing drugs for the development of treatments for glaucoma and macular degeneration. Prior to this, she was also worked as an advisor to Hoffmann-La Roche. At the company, she worked with offices in various different countries in the world. This helped her develop his own international business sense which is something that has helped her in her career.

Jean has an extremely strong educational background, whereby she attained a Ph.D from the University of California. She also attained an MBA from The Wharton School to further cement her knowledge about the field of business and management.


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