Fun Festival that Creates Autism Awareness

Over time, many people have not known the cause autism. In fact, a majority lack information about the condition. The lack of sufficient knowledge has led to the suffering of those with the condition. It is because people do not know how to take care of them. However, organizations and individuals have come to their rescue by improving awareness and creating relief.

Autism is a condition that makes people unable to communicate properly. In fact, the ability to understand each other is hindered and creates frustration that should be well-managed. Autism Rocks is a fun-filled event created by billionaire Sanjay Shah Denmark and wife, Usha. After getting a son that suffers from this condition, they understood the suffering that people with the condition go through. Therefore, they came up with an event where people have fun and appreciate those with the condition. The charges for the event will go to helping research on autism, so that more about the condition can be understood. To date, the situation has no known cure.

In Dubai, the Autism Awareness Month is April. On the second day of April, Autism Rocks held an event that attracted many families that came to have fun and create awareness on the condition. The people that came had a lot of fun as the event was graced by celebrity rappers; Tyga and Flo Rida. It was an indication that the event was widely accepted and was on for the right reasons. In London, more stars including Drake graced the event. People had fun and for the first time, they got something positive to associate with the condition. People are now changing their attitude towards those with the condition.

Shah is an investor that has founded Solo capital. Solo capital markets is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. However, Shah moved to Dubai after falling in love with the country. The move has not affected the way he runs his business. It has given him good time to concentrate on Autism Rocks. The effort that he has injected into making a successful campaign has received support. More organizations are joining his campaign and are determined to see people get to know more about the condition. In a statement, Shah says that understanding the challenges that his son faced was a defining moment. It is the driving force for the unending calls for awareness of the condition. So far, the efforts his family has put have been successful.


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