Rick Smith Facilitates Securus Technologies’ Acquisition Of JPay

Recently, Securus Technologies revealed that they had signed a definitive stock purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay is credited for introducing electronic payments, email, and many other entertainment and education apps to the corrections industry. The market-leading technology firm has active operations in over 33 state prison systems.

According to Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, the deal propels Securus Technologies into the fastest growing sections of the corrections industry. These segments include payments, emails, and inmate tablets. He noted that they can provide virtually anything that is software based, especially to the correction agencies that require running a modern prison. Rick added that they have admired JPay as a creative force in their industry for many years. They have also been watching their progressive success. According to Smith, the time was ripe for them to combine their teams and products. Rick posited that the acquisition would enable Securus Technologies to offer quality products at a remarkable price, thus reducing recidivism and read full article.

JPay’s CEO Ryan Shapiro said that they are always eager to grow their footprint. Their products deliver incredible value to the prison staff, their families, friends, and inmates. Their focus is to create unmatched products on a large scale. Following the successful acquisition, JPay will be able to realize its objectives and movie produced by Rick Smith.

Shapiro noted that he credits the company’s team for their persistent pursuit of the firm’s vision, which is to create products that make correctional facilities more efficient and safer. In addition, the company seeks to develop products that enable inmates to transition into law-abiding citizens when they are released. Shapiro said that Securus Technologies values their management approach and company culture. This way, it would be easy for them to develop innovative products that will satisfy the utility of their clients. Rick Smith will continue to manage JPay as an entirely owned subsidiary of Securus Technologies, thus enabling JPay to continue operating as a going concern. JPay stands to benefit from Securus’ vast resources and extensive relationships.

Securus Technologies is a premier provider of technologies that are used to enhance the operations of correctional facilities using safer systems. In addition, the firm’s services are highly sought after by public safety organizations. Presently, Securus Technologies specializes in civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Over the years, the company has invested its time and resources in solving and preventing crime and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

Rick Smith is also the chairman Securus Technologies. He posits that Securus Technologies has been receiving numerous emails and letters from their clients. These customers highlight their appreciation of the products and services offered by the company. The company’s services have helped in keeping societies, inmates and their families safe. Additionally, Rick says that incorporation of safety into the firm’s DNA is a part of Securus’ honor for being socially responsible and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-smith-12.

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