Luke Lazarus: Why Did He Changed His Career?

Luke Lazarus is an Australian businessman who is known for his consultancy services. He used to be a serial entrepreneur, but he started to shift his interest because he is no longer driven by earning a lot of money.

Luke Lazarus grew up in Australia, and as a child, he already showcased an interest in becoming a businessman.

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He is also good at sports and academics, and by the time he was entering college, educational institutions around the world sent him an invitation to apply at their university. However, he turned down these offers and he decided to attend a local university in Melbourne.

After he graduated from college, he immediately took the path to become a serial entrepreneur. He launched four different businesses and did his best to manage them and see it grew.

As a serial entrepreneur, his main goal is to make a business grow exponentially and then selling it later on to people who are interested in it. As the years go by, his businesses started to thrive.

He decided to sell his first four businesses to interested individuals, and he earned millions of dollars in the process. At a young age of 35 years old, Luke Lazarus proudly stated that he became financially independent.

Luke Lazarus admitted that being a serial entrepreneur is not easy. In the world of business, most startups are bound to fail. The latest statistics suggest that nine out of ten startups would eventually fail after three to five years. However, the remaining ten percent of these startups would manage to get through all of the obstacles and end up becoming successful.

Luke Lazarus belongs to the category of super entrepreneurs who can make their business succeed despite the problems and challenges that they face along the way.

While he earns millions of dollars every time he sells his companies, Luke Lazarus did not feel any contentment. He was looking for something else, and he had to go on a soul searching trip to find out what is missing from his life. He later realized that he is no longer driven by earning more money – instead, he wanted to help others to become successful.

This is where he started to leave his career as a serial entrepreneur and chose to become a consultant instead. Luke Lazarus decided to establish a consultancy firm, inviting business owners to visit him and discuss what he can do to make their businesses perform well.

When he was still a serial entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus would use different strategies that will enable him to sell his businesses. He also shared it with his clients who are visiting his firm for the first time. He said that the clients would most likely buy a company that gains their attention at first glance.

Because of this, Luke Lazarus wanted to tell people who wanted to become a successful serial entrepreneur to make attractive presentations. This would enable them to catch the attention of an investor, and with a proper explanation of what the business is all about, a deal can be agreed on between the two parties.

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