: Gino Pozzo: The Italian Business Who Has Made Watford FC a Force in the English Premier League

In recent years, Watford Football Club has been so impressive in the Premier League. They are known to give the big teams a run for their money. More often than not, success is attributed to the head coach. Currently, the boss is Javi Garcia. What most people don’t understand is that there is a boss of the boss and in Watford’s case, it is Gino Pozzo. The Italian businessman is currently the co-owner and Managing Director of Watford FC.

The Watford Experience

Based in Watford, England, Gino is involved in the daily operations of the football club. From scouting players to sanctioning transfers, Gino is committed to the dream that his Italian father Giampaolo Pozzo conceived. The name Pozzo came into the scene of the English top-flight in 2012 when Gino and his entrepreneurial dad bought Watford FC from Laurence Bassini.

But before Watford, the Pozzo family first ventured in the football club business in 2009 when they acquired Granada, a Spanish football club. They later sold the club to a Chinese company, Link International, for about €37 Million. In 2012, Gino Pozzo and his father moved to England in search of more football-related business opportunities. Watford Fc seemed like a great idea at the time and they decided to buy it.

It wasn’t a quick acquisition though as the club was going through a tough administrative transition. It took 3 years for the family to legally own the football club. Part of Gino’s strategy was to facilitate player transfers between Watford and Spanish club Granada. They also partnered with Udinese, another football club and their collaboration seemed to work.

Gino Pozzo is a man who believes in working with a massive scouting network. This has seen Watford FC attract some amazing young signings. They have also made some impressive player sales lately and they are looking to do more football business in the upcoming transfer windows. We just have to watch out as Gino and Garcia drive Watford FC to higher heights. Find out more about Gino Pozzo: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/gino-pozzo

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