Jason Colodne Exudes Rare Qualities that Sparked his Rise to the Top

Few, if any, industries are more competitive than investment finance. The entertainment industry is known to be cutthroat. Now, imagine finding success at both. What types of skills, talents, and character would a person need? One might even have difficulty assessing such attributes in an individual who has reached the top of both industries.

Jason Colodne is such an individual. As an investment finance professional, he managed some of the top firms’ most valuable assets. He would then go on to co-found his own company, Colbeck Capital Management, in 2009. Mr. Colodne’s success does not end there. In recent years, he helped bring top blockbuster films to the silver screen.

Investment Banking Success

Jason Colodne achieved a great deal of success in the finance industry very early in life. Here is a list of the companies that employed him:

  • Bear Stearns
  • UBS
  • Patriarch Partners
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley

From 2004 to 2007 Colodne was the Managing Director for Morgan Stanley’s Strategic Finance. From 1998 to 2004, he was Head of Distressed Research, Investment, and Hybrid Lending for Goldman Sachs. These successes led to Mr. Colodne’s pivotal role as the President of the $6 billion private equity firm Patriarch Partners. His background also includes credit investing, proprietary distressed securities investing, and restructuring committees. Jason Coloden has held several board seats for various portfolio companies.

With such great success working for others, Jason Colodne’s personal venture to co-found his own company was destined to thrive. As the Managing Partner of the newly formed Colbeck Capital Management, Colodne brought a wealth of experience and proven principles for success. He ensured Colbeck’s prosperity by overseeing all aspects of investment that pertained to execution, diligence, documentation, and portfolio management. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platform.

Ventures in the Entertainment Industry

Knowing where to look for opportunities, having the right tools, and a commitment to excellence are not all that make up Jason Colodne. He has a quality that is rare among dedicated professionals. Mr. Colodne has a profound knack to adapt to any situation. Below is a list of films were he performed the role of executive producer:

  • Beyond the Lights (2014)
  • Earth to Echo (2014)
  • Brick Mansions (2014) (co-executive producer)
  • Paranoia (2013)
  • Act of Valor (2012)

Consider how each one is different from the other. In terms of genre, there is pure action, a romantic drama, a musical, crime, adventure, family, and even science fiction. Also note that these films were released over the course of a couple of years. Each one of them was widely accepted.


There is no doubt that Jason Colodne knows how to succeed. In fact, it is astounding how well he does so in whatever environment he operates. Colodne almost seems to have no failures. While unreasonable to assume, it is reasonable to conclude that Colodne thrives amidst adversity.

Learn More: http://colbeck.com/cgi-bin/team/Jason_Colodne.pl

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