Todd Lubar: CEO and President of TDL Ventures Real Estate Firm

Todd Lubar is considered as one of the best real estate agents in the United States. When Todd Lubar was in college, he was determined to graduate with the highest honors in Speech Communication to use his gained skills in the business world. This is because he understood that business is achieved through a wide range of communication solutions. When you look at negotiations and contract structuring, all of them are a matter of communication skills put to work in broad daylight. Therefore, no one knows how to achieve better business in solutions that develop fascinating achievements.


When Todd Lubar graduated from the University of Maryland, he landed a job at the Crestar Mortgage Company based in the United States. During that time, Todd had limited opportunities to exercise better business solutions in a wide range of applications. This also meant that he would develop capacitated business to achieve the desired effect in business. Todd Lubar worked with his head and passion to become the only real estate agent who helped Crestar Mortgage Company acquire more than $100 million in profits through his sole deals in business. After discovering that he needed to commence his private practice, Todd Lubar went on his way to advance in business structures. Todd Lubar developed the TDL Ventures Company that strives to become part of the solutions to the business needs of their mortgage clients. For this reason, Todd Lubar has helped the company to achieve better business as its CEO and president.


According to, for several years, Todd Lubar has been ranked as the top business agent in the real estate industry because of his cocktail solutions to every unique business problem facing his clients in the real estate industry. Todd Lubar has also worked in some industries other than the real estate. Todd Lubar’s presence in the entertainment industry denotes the fact that he is [passionate about what he does to earn a living. Therefore, achieving better business is not a paralleled solution from other business capabilities in the mortgage construction industry. Todd Lubar has also leveraged his business on the skills he achieved in college for better business. Follow Todd Lubar on Facebook.

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