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When Creating an Education Product, Ask Teachers What They Need

Are you thinking about creating a product for teachers and educators? Then you need to know a thing or two about how to create a product that teachers actually like. Here are some tips for targeting teachers when creating a product.

First of all, and this is the most important thing, the app or product needs to help teachers and students get something done. It needs to do something. A product that is nice and fancy and has lots of bells and whistles, but which does not really fill something that is lacking when it comes to advancing the students’ education, will not succeed. You can be sure that there are plenty of education products out there, and teachers will use the ones that actually help them the most in a practical way. They are not looking for aesthetics. You have to realize that as an entrepreneur, you may not know what teachers want! If you have no teaching experience and you were never in the field of education, you may end up making a product that does not really help teachers. Think about all the apps that let kids play math games. Teachers do not need that! They can already think of many ways to make math more interesting. You have to focus on practical applications.

When creating a product, make sure you either have teachers on your team or that you actually go out there and listen to what teachers from various schools have to say. That is the secret behind products like ClassDojo, a highly popular education product. They actually made a point of going out there and listening to teachers, as well as to students and their parents. If you are an entrepreneur, you may think of creating an app with math games. However, if you are a teacher, you will think of the things that you actually need, like communicating with parents on a regular basis and updating them about the progress of their students! That is exactly what ClassDojo does. ClassDojo empowers teachers by letting them communicate easily with parents.