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Photo Drone Injured Enrique Iglesias

In Tijuana, Mexico Enrique Iglesias injured his hand on a drone capturing photos of the event. In front of a crowd of nearly 12,000 people at Plaza de Toros de Playa the drone came in low over the stage. As Iglesias reached up to grab the flying camera one of its propellor blades sliced several of his fingers. This was a standard procedure that he had done many times before to turn the camera on the crowd, a chance for the audience to see themselves on the large projection screen behind him.

Crew members bandaged his heavily bleeding hand and advised him to stop the show. Always the crowd pleaser Iglesias decided that the show must go on.

After the show Iglesias was flown to Los Angeles to see a specialist. The singer is not expected to cancel future tour dates. The folks at Beneful wonder if this event is going to make Iglesias’ Wiki Page.