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Ways That Entrepreneurs Can Keep Clean

The business world can be really wild and cutthroat. The internet can be even worse. It is easy for business owners and anyone with an online presence to get dragged into the mud. Unfortunately, if one is to get dragged into drama, that could only work against this person. It is very rare for a business to thrive on negativity. Therefore, it is important for people to be careful on social media. It is also important to have a Reputation Defender reviews service to take care of your online image. The following is advice on what one could do to keep from getting dragged through the mud.

Don’t Get Dragged Into Social Media Wars

It is common to go on social media and see someone involved in a heated dispute. Social media is actually the worst in this respect. For one thing, a disagreement can quickly degenerate into heated disputes that involve vulgar language and personal attacks. There are even threats thrown at each other. There are even cases when social media wars have carried over to the outside world. Fortunately, for users, most social media platforms have a blocking feature. It is better for the person who wants to maintain a positive image on social media to do everything he can to avoid a social media war, even if it means blocking that person.

Keep Everything Positive

Another thing one can do is to make sure that the majority of interactions are positive. Of course not every interaction online is going to be positive. However, one must be willing to be positive when interacting with anyone. At the same time, one must also have a stance. If the user is always changing his opinions to match that of who he is interacting with, then he is going to wind up with a less than adequate online reputation. Therefore, it is important to have a backbone on the internet.


OSI and Their Global Influence

OSI is a food processing company that has made a major name for itself. It is a company that produces produces and sells various meets, protein items and other products to a large number of foodservice and retail brands. OSI offers almost any food imaginable including items for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI has grown to be a world wide brand.

Otto and Sons is the original name for OSI Group food processing company. Back then this was a simple family meat market. Today OSI Group provides food for people world wide. Just in the United States alone you can find their facilities everywhere from Iowa to California. More than 65 facilities help to produce products like bacons, breakfast sausages, hot dogs and specialty sausages. OSI Group has even expanded to other continents like Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

If you eat food you most likely have taken in an OSI product. Beside the above mentioned foods, OSI is responsible for hot dogs, pork products,pizza and dough based products, along with fresh, frozen, and cooked beef patties. Today OSI Group provides services for major companies including ones like Subway and Papa John’s. The company even helped global power McDonalds during the 1970’s. Forbes estimated that as of 2016 they had taken in an amazing six billion dollars.

OSI’s success is largely based on their core value system. According to their website, OSI’s core values include seeking partnering relationships, striving to continuously improve, acting with integrity and doing what is best for the group. It is values like this that have allowed OSI Group to become one of the largest private companies in the world based on revenues. With their influence on so many products it is hard to see OSI losing it’s global influence anytime soon. They should continue to have a major influence on food processing for years to come.

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New Hampshire Insurance Charged with Breach of Contract in Hawk’s Deal

Back in 2015, the Atlanta Hawks was sold by Bruce Levenson and some of his associates to Tony Ressler who now owns the team. It was a large financial deal totaling $730 million according to Forbes. Yet it was far short of the $1 billion Levenson and friends expected to make in the auction of the team. The figure of $1 billion comes from market intelligence and financial advice from Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports. As part of the deal rights to use the Philips Arena were also included. To make matters worse for Bruce the insurance company that he had worked with to insure his team and all of the Atlanta Hawk’s staff has refused to make payments in regards to an employment dispute.

New Hampshire Insurance Company was the official insurance provider to the Atlanta Hawks during the time the team was sold. As part of the deal for the sale, the team’s current coach Danny Ferry had to be let go and he was given a compensation package for early termination. The insurance policy that covered Danny Ferry had clauses that were supposed to be triggered in the event of employee termination and as a result the company was supposed to pay part of Danny ferry’s package. However, they failed to do so.

Bruce Levenson has taken the insurance company to court to collect the money he is owed. His lawyers filed against them in Fulton County’s Superior Court stipulating that the insurance policy covered “wrongful termination” of an employee and thus they are obligated to pay damages when an employee is let go. The insurance company was negligent in its duty. When Levenson notified them of their obligation they ignored the matter and that is why sadly this issue has to be resolved in court. The judge in the case is also being asked to award extra damages for the negligence.