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Clement Perrette Becomes European Authority On STRIPS Trading

Clement Perrette is a money manager at the Swiss investment firm RAM Active Investments. He co-manages its RAM Global Bond Total Return. This leaves him with time for his charitable work, which is focused on saving the world’s oceans. He executive produced a movie about the ocean, “Ocean Souls,” and co-produced a book about it, “Call of the Blue.” He is a graduate of ENSIMAG where he earned a master of engineering degree. He earned a master of a finance degree at HEC Paris.

Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities (STRIPS) is one of his professional fortes. Clement Perrette Barclays says what investors like about these is that they are very reliable. An investor knows exactly how much they will get in return for buying one of these and on what date that will happen.

He has managed STRIPS investing at multiple firms in Europe. He first worked at SociétéGénérale Paris where he implemented their FRF STRIPS trading desk, traded these financial products, and otherwise made the program successful. In 1995, Clement Perrette joined Paribas SVT where he had similar responsibilities handling their EUR STRIPS program.

The next stop in his career was at Deutsche Bank Paris. Working here from June of 2000 to June of 2002, Clement Perrette led their EUR STRIPS program. It was at Deutsche Bank that he started to trade government bonds, including European linkers and long-end ones. He then moved to London, England, and joined Barclays Capital. He was the head of their EUR long end rates trading program. He set up and managed trading desks and worked with trading teams to improve their performance. He worked there until he joined RAM Active Investments in 2016.

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Maarten De Jeu the Guide for International Business

Opening the eyes and providing useful guidance to business proprietors is extremely important. Maarten De Jeu a well-known business advisor offers a diverse array of knowledge, vast international expertise, and technical talents in the business industry. De Jeu has developed a thriving profession in worldwide business, commercial real estate investment, and financial assistance. The world-renowned businessman has an extensive comprehension of global institutional and cultural environments with an international business network in North America, Europe, and Asia. Individuals recognize De Jeu for efficiently managing projects through adequate decision-making and formulating productive, diverse teams.

Maintaining a busy life can be overwhelming, but De Jeu has done a phenomenal job keeping his business and life aligned. He is well rounded and can guide other industry buffs to their most aligned self. De Jeu’s extensive expertise in procedure, investment, business development, and entrepreneurship grants clients a competitive advantage in a complicated foreign marketplace. His previous interactions with this allowed him to administer his expertise as the international strategy director at TVDK Management Consultants. This provided him with the opportunity to share with guests such as Heinz, Sara Lee, ING, and ABN AMRO.

Individuals rely on De Jeu’s great expertise. Numerous times in the industry, clients may immerse themselves in unexplored territory. To aid individuals through unfamiliar business, De Jeu offers wise counsel to solidify the client’s decision making. Maarten De Jeu generated a list that he recommends to industry heads. One of the very first aspects he recommends is cultural differences. By understanding what the culture requires, it can determine success or failure in that region. De Jeu does stress that it does take ample amounts of invested time and energy, so storing that in mind is essential. Learn more:

Business reputations can excel or fall short with the quality of your product. De Jeu implores individuals to focus on standardized merchandise and to be consistent when making high-quality products for overseas purposes. He further explains taking the time to learn the language of that overseas opportunity makes a significant difference. Respecting and embracing cultural differences is pleasing to many individuals and can help produce better relationships. De Jeu does stress this tactic is not to appeal to the residents of a particular area, but to better understand them. The idioms that we have in America doesn’t always translate over into other countries. By having this understanding, you will be better equipped when interacting in foreign business. Maarten De Jeu has taken the necessary precautions to have an advantage in experience, and history enabling him to guide other clients. The goal is to help generate the proper guidelines to elevate each project in the business industry. De Jeu guides individuals, so they achieve that goal.

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Smita Shah Believes That Woman Should Focus On Short Term Goals

Smita Shah is supportive of female empowerment and she wants to help other women find success in the same way that she has found it. She is a Professional Engineer, and she is licensed to work as an engineer in multiple states. This woman received her education through three different schools, including Oxford University. This woman has been recognized for the work that she has done to strengthen the economy.

Smita Shah believes that it is important for a woman to know that she is strong and has great potential. She believes it is important for a woman to think highly of herself and her capabilities. She believes that people should give their own self the same kind of credit that they would give to others. This woman feels that a person should know what they are capable of and always celebrate their accomplishments.

The way that a person dresses and carries their self may influence the way that others both see them and treat them. Smita Shah believes that those who want respect from others should dress as a professional and act confident. She feels that a person should be proud of the success that they find and not let anyone else try to take the credit for the things that they have accomplished.

Worries about the future can stop a person from doing the things that they need to do in the moment. Smita Shah feels that women should focus on the short term and goals that they have that they need to work on right away rather than look too far into the future. This woman feels that women should break free of the stereotypes that others try to use to hold them back. She also feels that women should make others respect them for the place they are at and all that they have done to get to that place. She feels that hierarchy is important and it is something that businesswomen should use to their advantage. Learn more:

Managing one’s time in a careful way is something that Smita Shah feels is important. She feels that women who are hoping to make a name for themselves should be careful in the way that they use their time. This woman also feels that women should be able to keep their private life separate from their public life.

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Felipe Montoro Jens, reports infrastructure investments

R $ 44 billion in stimulus is expected to be infused into the Brazilian market in 2018. Felipe Montoro Jens, reported the plans by the federal government of Brazil to deploy the Program of Partnerships and Investments, begin implementing a huge investment to fuel the economic climate of Brazil. Brazil, the 7th largest economy in the world, and the largest in Latin America is set to begin the facilitation of an infrastructure investment, airport management overhaul, and the privatizing of numerous government ran businesses. This R $ 44 billion is set to include over 50 projects, and covering 22 sectors, ensuring the investment makes a positive impact on many local business throughout the economy. Visit his website to learn more.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Specialist shared the federal government’s plans to repave over 800 kilometers of roads. Felipe Montoro Jens, announced the Ministry of Transportation revealed the BR-153 and BR-364 will be part of the infrastructure enhancements. BR-153 is the major highway connecting Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO). The almost 800 kilometer stretch between Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO) is also listed to get its roads overhauled.

Felipe Montoro Jens, also listed some of the federally ran enterprise set to be auctioned to the private sector. The companies listed are the Mint, who is responsible for the construction of federally regulated documents, like passport and currency, Ceasaminas, Casemg, and Docks of Espirito. Felipe Montoro Jens noted, Moreira Franco, the Minister of the Secretary General of the Presidency explained the Mint is only be sold due to the technological advancement.

Infraero, the federally owned airport management enterprise is preparing to sale off portions of the airports they currently own, according to Felipe Montoro Jens. Infrearo, according to Felipe Montoro Jens, will sale Brasilia, Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro) and a few others. Felipe Montoro Jens, also noted more than half of these bids won’t take place until the end of 2018,


Global Business Wisdom Shared by Maarten De Jeu

Maarten De Jeu is an experienced international strategy adviser and corporate development specialist. His knowledge of business has been highly recognized and globally praised. His experience and expertise working with international businesses, commercial real estate and financial services, has made him the man to see when you want to expand your business across the globe. Maarten De Jeu combines his multilingual skills(English, Dutch, German, and French) with an exceptional knowledge of business and the financial industry has helped him achieve success. 

Maarten De Jeu is all in favor of someone furthering their education. He received his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Leiden University and then, down the line, he obtained his MBA in the field of finance from Oxford University and graduated at the top of his class. Maarten De Jeu’s hard work and dedication to obtaining the tools he needed through education, had helped prepare him for his success as an entrepreneur. Learn more:

TVDK Management Consultants is where Maarten De Jeu had begun as an analyst and worked his way up to senior associate. He also helped companies like Aviva grow globally. Now, Maarten De Jeu is the founder of SVM Business Advisory. It is a small firm that is doing big things for Fortune 100 companies, huge net worth individuals, and technology startup businesses. Running a successful business in the United States may encourage an owner to expand to global heights. Maarten De Jeu offers them advice that can help with their decision on whether or not to take that route. With expertise in the international marketplace, Maarten de Jeu holds a highly respected position in advising business owners about their decisions in pursuing global expansion.

A few things he advises business owners to do is to invest a good amount of time and energy to get to know the market they’re interested in overseas along with the culture. That means, the language, the marketing conditions which is, knowing what is profitable and supplying them with quality. Maarten de Jeu also advises creating a plan that works with clarity so it can work not just in the United States but globally as well. Learn their rules and regulations and make sure you know where to find funding for your expansion so that everything can start off without financial glitches. The last thing Maarten de Jeu mentions is to be flexible. In business, whether in the United States or around the globe, changes in businesses may occur and circumstances may call for compromises. Being flexible and able to adapt to changes can help the company grow.

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Betterworks – PR Newswire Recap


Betterworks was founded in 2013 in Silicon Valley with the purpose of giving businesses the possibility of harnessing workforce data through advanced technology in order to help them be more efficient and therefore more profitable. In July of 2019, Betterworks released their research that showed how many people managers in companies feel that talent is not being well managed in most every area, and as a result, businesses are less profitable than they might be.

Betterworks comments that how employees are managed will set the course for success in organizations. Managers need to feel that talent management supports the development of the workforce team and also supports the managers themselves. In order for this to be the case, HR needs to give managers training and tools so they can be effective by setting up avenues of feedback and helping in the development of team members so that individual and team goals are clear. Research shows that coaching for management is sorely lacking in most companies. Many managers feel that their performance processes are outdated and less of a help than a hindrance.


Betterworks provides the tools needed for organizations to develop the workforce on a path to business growth. Software solutions that are easy to use help organizations replace the now outdated yearly review procedure through Betterworks Continuous Performance Management that shows managers how to communicate in positive ways with employees, to motivate and inspire them so that everyone is on the same path and prepared to work towards company goals.

Maarten De Jeu’s Tips In Making A Successful Multinational Business Venture

Expanding business operations in a new country is one of the things that every businessman is aiming to do. However, going global is not as simple as reusing the formula that made your business successful locally. Expanding into a new market is as hard as making new business. Fortunately, there are international business experts like Maarten De Jeu who offer guidance for businesses who plan to expand their business in a new location.

Maarten De Jeu is an international business expert known for being the founder of SVM Business Advisory. The SVM Business Advisory offers advisory services for companies using De Jeu’s technical skills. international experience, and industry knowledge. De Jeu already coached a lot of executives, including those from the Fortune 100 companies and technology startups. He also has knowledge of institutional and cultural settings in a lot of countries.

According to Maarten De Jeu, a business should first test the feasibility of its products before launching it to other locations. It is recommended to check the market demand of an area to a certain project. You can do this by checking if your product has an existing market in the area. Another thing to consider is the existing competition that can challenge your entry to your selected country. After that, focus on creating a strategy that can make locals consider to try your products.

Another important factor is understanding and learning the culture and language of the area. The reason for this is a misused word can negatively affect your marketing campaign. De Jeu recommends hiring a company representative that can help you understand the country’s culture and language. With this, your business can avoid making moves that can offend your potential customers. Another benefit of hiring a company representative is to supervise the translation of instructions printed on the packaging. Learn more:

In addition to market analysis and learning both culture and language. Maarten De Jeu also recommends hiring a business professional for handling laws and regulations. This aspect of the business will affect a lot of things, such as the location of the facility, business partnerships, hiring employees, and sourcing out materials. One big mistake might mean a violation of the law. This does not only damage your reputation and finances, but it can also be a reason for your business bankruptcy.

Last but not least is to create a solid and sound strategy and structure for your new international branch. Look for the available materials that can be sourced out locally in order to cut the cost of producing your products. Establish good partnerships with suppliers and distributors. Make a system where you can produce your products with the same quality as that from your local business. Make a standard of product quality to help your members maintain quality.

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Smita Shah – Recap of recording

In a male-dominated field, it is not only refreshing to see a woman in charge, but it also gives hope to all the young girls out there who are dreaming of becoming something which is beyond the societal expectations. Smita Shah, president, and CEO of SPAAN Tech Inc. is one of those women whom young girls can look upon as a role model. 

After graduating in extensive engineering and business education from Northwestern University, MIT and Oxford University, Ms. Shah founded SPAAN Tech Inc. in 1998. SPAAN Tech Inc. is an engineering company that solves engineering riddles- meaning it provides different solutions to technical projects that seem challenging. She visited the Steve Cochran Show where she discussed multiple things. 

Ms. Shah discussed in the show how she was always interested in math and science- right from her childhood. Now, this is something which would make her different from the rest of the students, but she was already used to being the different one considering she was a person of color. Ms. Shah also discussed in the show how before starting the company, she didn’t have a major goal. All she wanted was an organization where brilliant and talented people could come together and work on great projects. And that she wanted to build communities and make a difference with the help of those people. Learn more: http://

Ms. Shah recalled her early days when whenever she used to walk in a room, people would think that she’s an employee or someone from the marketing department. She disclosed that it still happens to this day. During the show, Ms. Shah also praised the STEM program and the fact that America needs more people, especially minorities in the field of math and science. She also talked about how Indian people have started to break out of the stereotype that Indian people are either doctors or engineers by working in public service and legal works.

Upon asking whether she was afraid of her company failing before she was starting it, Ms. Shah said that she always had a positive approach. She always thought that the worst thing that could happen is that she would have to work for someone else. Ms. Shah said that young girls who are good at math and science shouldn’t find it funny or awkward that they’re good at it. It is a great profession where one can succeed and move forward but it is also a great profession for handling life. 

Ms. Shah, while managing her company, got married and now has two children- a girl and a boy. She says that personal life and work-life can be easily managed in this profession. Ms. Shah ended the show by saying that women need to support other women. Her company has 50% of women of minority and they are all truly incredible people. She says that the fact women are harder on women is something she doesn’t witness in her company. The only way for women to move forward is by being advocates of other women. 

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ClassDojo Offers Mindfulness Training for the 2019 – 2020 School Year

ClassDojo is the nation’s premiere education app. It has been around since 2011 and is now commonly used in classrooms across the nation. One of the reasons why so many teachers like ClassDojo is because it provides them with practical methods for helping students to do well in class. The app’s mindfulness training program is a feature that also gives this benefit. 

Mindfulness training is a technique that gives students to control their mind, thoughts, energy and feelings. When a student is hyped up and headed in the wrong direction – their student can use the mindfulness training to get them on the right path. Classrooms that get out of hand can be calmed down through mindfulness training. Students who are having a hard time focusing and staying involved could get some of their pep back by using this mental health tool

A few teachers started to use this technique back in May of 2019. Mindfulness training was introduced very late in the school year, so many teachers did not know about. However, it is expected to become more integrated into schools during the 2019 – 2020 school year. Teachers that get a head start with this technique should be able to start off their school year on a positive note. ClassDojo introduction of mindfulness training provides teachers and students with more resources for having a great day in class. 

Jeunesse Global Announces Revolutionary NEXT EXPO

Jeunesse, a revolutionary health and beauty company, is hosting EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour. The tour will host four-day expo events in Orlando, Singapore, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro. These events will all be held from September to November of 2019. The goal of the event is to help Jeunesse sales consultants to learn everything they need to take their success to the next level. 

The expo events will include the following:

• Company founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, will discuss the Jeunesse story and how they have grown into a global company from a small idea they had a decade ago.

• Jeunesse’s Chief Visionary Officer, Scott Lewis, will discuss all of the ways that the company is taking things to the next level as 2020 approaches. 

• Top Jeunesse field leaders will discuss the key to their strategies.

• A Master Class will be held where sales representatives will be able to take a deep dive into their favorite products and marketing strategies to achieve success on an exceptional level

• Professional networking will help people make industry connections that will last a lifetime and ensure success.

The expo will also celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary. The event is designed to honor the growth and achievements of the entire family of Jeunesse team members. Each four-day event will include a deep look into everything that’s new with Jeunesse. 

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a global health and beauty company that was founded 10 years ago. The company’s founders felt that there was a lack of a holistic approach to both health and beauty. They found that people had dozens of products, many of which they weren’t using. They wanted to found a company that would revolutionize the industry. 

Jeunesse is famous for its Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). The 9-step system includes everything from skincare products to supplements for health. It also includes things like healthy energy drinks. The system was carefully put together in order to make a skincare and health system that was truly synergistic in its approach.