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Ashley Lightspeed: Acting with Impact in Mind

Ashley Lightspeed has been known for years for being not only one of the most influential businesspeople in America but also one of the most generous. She has centered her style of investment on focusing on businesses that are out to make a difference in the world, and it is this attitude towards investment that has brought her so much appeal in the modern-day era of marketing. In today’s world, people are able to uphold leaders with great values, and in her case, this is exactly what they have done. Because of this, she is very proud to be in the position she holds, and she does not for a second take it for granted. She believes that she has been greatly blessed in her life, and she is eternally thankful that she is in a position where she can impact the future of investment on a global level. Learn about Ashley Lightspeed at

Her start, however, was not always this impactful. She began her career, as anyone does, being largely unknown, and for many years, she was not sure exactly what she wanted to do with her life. At first, she believed she would go into architecture, but soon enough, it became apparent to her that her true passion would instead lie in assisting with the creation and development of businesses around the globe. It was this realization that has moved Ashley Lightspeed to become so invested in her field of work, and to this day, she often stands out among her crowds as being extremely passionate and thoroughly caring for the outcome of businesses she involves herself with.

It is the emotional connection she shares with these businesses that sets her apart from other investors around the world. She believes that it is essential for any proper businessperson who wishes to take the foray into investment to thoroughly care about making a change not only in the businesses they involve themselves with but in the world at large. In her eyes, without this care, you will ultimately have no drive to keep you going past the obvious. She believes that it is not enough to simply want to make a profit when you are involving yourself in the modern-day world of business. It is simply far too competitive to be accommodating to such a hollow desire, and this, in her opinion, is for the good of the entire industry. Ashley Lightspeed has consistently prioritized ideals in the work she does throughout the world, and this is what has made her stand out as a personal favorite of the public. When someone is acting in the interests of the majority, they recognize and appreciate it, and she is living proof of this fact. Besides her ethics, however, she possesses the unyielding drive to grow and expand, and this has led to development in every single field she has involved herself with through her entire career. When she sits in the drawing board with her team of professional colleagues, they are acting with impact in mind. Read:

Whitney Wolfe Created a Space for Women to Feel Comfortable

In the dating world, it’s really hard for women to feel like they have a space and they’re comfortable. Whitney Wolfe knew this when she started branching out into the dating world. She also knew things were difficult for women like her who were strong and knew what they wanted from all the dates they went on. She had a lot of experience helping people see what they could get from different situations and she knew it was something she could feel good about if she started helping other women in the dating world. Whitney Wolfe had a lot of dedication to the industry and everything going on in the industry. She wanted to see major changes to it and wanted to make sure she was one of the people behind the changes. She saw the opportunity to make change as something she could benefit no matter what she had to do. Find out more on her articles at Forbes

While Whitney Wolfe continued helping people understand the dating world, she felt good about what she did and how she was helping people. Whitney also knew she had a chance to give others a positive experience. When she created Bumble, it was with the intention that she would give other women opportunities she never had. Without those opportunities, people couldn’t get the positive experiences they could from being in a space where they were comfortable. Until Whitney started Bumble, women didn’t really stand a chance in the dating world.

Bumble works by giving women all the power they want for the industry and for the options in the industry. Bumble is for people who want to get away from the regular dating world attitudes and that’s something Whitney Wolfe felt good about. She allows women to focus on who they want to date instead of having to dodge advances from strangers that make them feel uncomfortable. Whitney knows what it takes to make these opportunities better and give other people the experiences they need while dating. There are no other app dating sites like Bumble that give women all the chances they need to make sure they’re successful.

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