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Beneful Dog Food: Why a Big-Name Brand May Be Safer (and Healthier!) for Your Dog

In recent years, dog owners have been clamoring to find healthier food options. In response, new dog food companies seem to have popped out of the woodwork, while established brands sought to adjust their existing offerings. One answer to consumers’ call for change has come in the form of “Beneful,” a new brand established by Purina. Beneful offers wet food, dry food, and treats, aiming to satisfy even the pickiest pooch.

So what makes Beneful different? According to Purina, it’s the ingredients. Beneful comes in over 20 different varieties and includes numerous protein options like beef, chicken, lamb, and even soy. Pet owners will also find grains and veggies in Fido’s bowl of Beneful, including rice, barley, carrots, and greens.

Many pet owners are reluctant to choose food from a “big name” brand like Purina, assuming that smaller companies offer higher quality food options. As it turns out, though, being a bigger company may actually be an asset. For example, bigger companies like Beneful have more financial resources to invest in the quality of their pet food.

According to Purina, Beneful has 33 people on its quality assurance staff. That’s not the only way to ensure that your pup is eating the very best, though: Beneful is also able to do more homework than many smaller competitors. Beneful’s “big name” allows the company to closely monitor the quality of its ingredients, and to hold sources accountable for sub par ingredients.

It can be difficult as a consumer to sort through the many pet food options available, and the stakes can feel high: we all want our pups to live long and healthy lives. Owners should feel reassured, however, that the tides are shifting, and companies are hearing the call for healthier options. All that’s left is for your best friend to reap the benefits.