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The success of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks, the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital is an American businessman, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur who is very ambitious and always believe that every business can be successful. Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist, author and transforms new ideas into business.

Marc Sparks is determined in assisting the young entrepreneurs by guiding them on how to carry on business so as to make profits. Marc Sparks lives in Dallas, Texas and nowadays manages many portfolio companies in the world.

He also serves other entrepreneurs in the development of new businesses into revenue generating companies. He has also contributed significantly to the growth of American economy and also focuses on improving other people living standards.

Marc Sparks as an entrepreneur owns several businesses; he operates a telecommunication industry, Blue Jay Wireless, splash media, and Cardinal Telecom. He has also worked in a real estate sector, venture investing and also business solutions. His involvement in several business industries has made him knowledgeable about business and how to succeed in a competitive environment.

The knowledge he got from his experiences geared him in the startup of Timber Creek capital which he is still the head. Timber Creek Capital is a private firm that specializes in transforming ideas of passionate entrepreneurs into businesses and provides the required capital, equipment, accounting marketing, merchant banking and also office space.

Mark Sparks Who has also runs a couple of restaurants and an auto insurance company. He knows a lot about the importance of quality customer, and believes that the customer is always right. He makes sure that he treats the customers well and that he delivers what they want to make them satisfied.

The client’s satisfaction and loyalty make him successful in all business he undertakes. He also believes that the main feature behind every success is confidence and encourages the young entrepreneurs to have confidence in everything they do as it will empower you to be anything that you dream off in life. Also, he also believes in writing down a plan to ensure that he does the planned every single week.

Marc Sparks has also been helping the needy and is involved with the Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter, and he finds it rewarding to give back to his society.

He also supports the American Can Academy, a high school magnet program and has also built residential homes with the Habitat for Humanity in Dallas.