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ClassDojo Creates a Whole New Platform for Communication

ClassDojo definitely has become a much better way to connect with a group of parents as a whole. Students can respond to messages that they are sent by the teacher. It is definitely a much more convenient way than what people would have used for connecting with teachers in the past. Every parent is not going to have the ability or the desire to actually go to a school.

Many people have discovered that it is a good idea to connect with teachers throughout the course of the year because this is the best way to keep up with a child’s progress. It is true that parents can wait on progress reports, but it makes a lot more sense to stay actively involved in what children are doing from one moment to the next. It just makes more sense for parents to stay engaged with the teachers because they can find out about things that can help their children if they struggle with certain subjects. Teachers have a wealth of knowledge, and they always have access to supplemental material. This means that a parent that knows their child is struggling with the subject can reach out to a parent through ClassDojo. From this point they can get access to material that maybe online that can help their children with certain things that they may be trying to improve in.

ClassDojo has become quite a successful app because of this. Parents are using it on a regular basis, and America is not the only place that is benefiting from ClassDojo. Even though it was created in the United States in the confines of Silicon Valley, the ClassDojo app has become a sensation around the world. People are discovering that this app is being used in 180 countries. It really enhances communication.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Talks About HuffPost Articles He Wrote

Bob Reina is an innovator and author and he’s written columns for the HuffPost, formerly known as the Huffington Post over the years. Reina’s specialty is video marketing and he has had software developed through his company Talk Fusion, and the two articles he’s written are titled “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” and “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” Reina also explained that he chose the HuffPost because their mission has been to stand up for the little guy and those who haven’t had important stories told. Reina has stated that his company Talk Fusion is all about helping both business and non-profit groups succeed no matter their size or status.


Bob Reina began Talk Fusion back in 2007 three years after he had conceived the idea while on vacation. He had thought of a way to send videos through emails that could be sent to any email address and could be a tool to market and send important messages to customers. Soon he and his technical team had a suite of products designed for mass video marketing that included video email software, newsletters, group meeting software, one-on-one video chat and contact signup forms. Customers can also now try all of these products for free if they signup for a 30-day free trial.


There are also business opportunities for independent contractors through the Talk Fusion associates program. Associates can sell Talk Fusion products to their own customers and they also earn bonus points for referring others to the associates program and can make extra commission for every sale a referral makes. Associates who surpass a certain volume of sales, referrals and free trial signups in a given period can also be eligible for rewards such as exquisite jewelry, vacations and sports cars.


Talk Fusion is also a place where philanthropy abounds through the new giving program. Associates can choose to give a Talk Fusion premium monthly account away to a non-profit of their choice as part of an incentives program. Reina has even used his own compensation to support philanthropies including the Tampa Humane Society and adoption agencies.