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Colbeck Capital Management Has The Benefit Of A Leadership Team Composed Of Industry Experts:

Investment management firm Colbeck Capital Management has built a strong reputation since its 2009 founding. The firm is headquartered in the New York region and works in the areas of strategic lending and the distressed debts sector. Clients have come to rely on the team at Colbeck Capital Management for its expertise in the areas of professional consultation, management of portfolios and financial planning services. The leadership team at Colbeck is headed up by Managing Partners Jason Pierce Colodne and Jason Beckman as well as Thomas Wilhelm, the firm’s Managing Director and the Head of Business Development. It should also be noted that Jason Beckman and Jason Pierce Colodne are the co-founders of Colbeck Capital Management.

The Colbeck Capital Management team prides itself on being able to deliver solutions to the corporate world regarding their financing needs. This is accomplished through corporate loans that are strategic in nature. The Colbeck team also works to deliver its clients investment opportunities where the risk and reward factors are in line with one another. There are many areas where the Colbeck Capital Management team can provide strategic capital to corporate clients that are looking to fulfill their company objectives. These methods include senior secured loans, flexible covenants, maturities of both short and long date maturity and equity financing of the structured and mezzanine type. Colbeck Capital Management has also provided valuable financial services to clients that have finance situations of a difficult nature. These solutions include situations such as multi-constituent restructuring, PIK, and cash interest and non-traditional assets, among other situations.

The distinguished co-founders at Colbeck Capital Management are assisted by an outstanding team of professionals that includes Managing Directors Tony Hokayem, Thomas Wilhelm, Peter Ma, and Robert Gallivan. They also have the benefit of outstanding executives such as Chief Technology Officer Darren Augi, Chief Operating Officer Morris Beyda and Chief Financial Officer Baabur Khondker. Keith Johnson, Luke Vande Guchte and Christopher Brown each serve in Vice Presidential roles with Colbeck Capital Management.

Jason Colodne is one of the co-founders at Colbeck Capital Management. After being involved with the firm’s founding in 2009, he has continued to be deeply involved with every aspect of the firm’s operations. This includes the execution of investment strategy and management of the firm’s robust portfolio. Before founding Colbeck, Jason Colodne served as the President at the private equity firm Patriarch Partners. He also previously worked at Morgan Stanley where he held the position of Managing Director. During his time at Morgan Stanley, Jason Colodne also headed up the firm’s Strategic Finance Division where he worked to improve the lending side of the business.

The other co-founder at Colbeck Capital Management is Jason Beckman. His current role has him deeply involved in areas such as investment origination and the sourcing of loans. Jason Beckman also works diligently to cultivate strong relationships between the firm’s co-investors. Before his work with Colbeck, Jason Beckman served as a Senior VP at the legendary Deutsche Bank’s Distressed Debt Group. The experience he developed during this time period was critical in assisting him with the 2009 founding of Colbeck Capital Management.