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Help Those Adorable Kittens Find a Home

A local man by the name of Jon Urbana has recently been channeling his abilities and passion to winning efforts on saving and protecting pets through fundraisers. Though he is mostly known for his participation in sports, he has been able to tap into this niche and leading millions in making things better for pets. This is why he has introduced a new platform called “Crowdrise” with an aim of registering as many people as possible and educating them on how to protect and keep their pets safe.

Jon Urbana is a former lacrosse player for the Wildcats and being a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database, he has been able to bring the required team effort on campaigns such as Crowdrise and Earth Force on GoFundMe. This platform allows people to bring together their resources in a bid to change circumstances for helpless animals. To make a donation on this noble course, go to his Crowdrise Fundraiser account and help him champion Denver’s flora and fauna that is worth saving.

As part of his campaign towards this course, Jon Urbana has produced a personal video (also posted to his jonurbana1 Twitter handle) that shows his heart-felt desire for this drive. As such, he has given examples of promoting kindness to animals through likeminded platforms like Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, Slideshare, Medium, and others.

His focus is on cats and that is why he has driven all profits from his Crowdrise account towards this harmless creatures. In addition, Urbana also uses Crunchbase to promote the Ellipse USA team, educating people who come to his lacrosse camp on the importance of giving back especially to pets. In a website post, Urbana went to greater lengths in discussing his motives.

It is notable that people have been able to realize their dreams thanks to the help from others, and that is why he is more concerned with showing those who sitting on sofa to find a way to help others get to their destiny.

The Crowdrise Fundraiser also sponsors Medical bills, weddings, birthdays, volunteer, student needs, and travel adventures requests. This is because he argues that there is no reason to struggle alone when you can find help. It is no doubt millions want to partake of this reasonable campaign. As such, the Crowdrise list is growing each day considering the platform allows the supporter to choose the different available levels to donate with the lowest being $50.

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