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Using Securus Technologies to Keep Our City Streets Safe

My job as a police officer is keeping the streets of our city safe for all residents and visitors. When there are people doing things that put others at risk, me and my fellow officers have to locate them and get them off the streets as quickly as possible. We have a very bad gang problem in the area, and this really compromises our efforts because each of those members have little regard for an officer, let along an innocent citizen.


Although we try to stay one step ahead of the crime, the challenge we face is gang members at high levels in jail are still handing down orders to the low-level soldiers on the street. For every gang member we arrest, three more join the gang that week. We can not rely on informants in this situation because gang members would never talk about their brothers and residents are terrified to be exposed as rats for fear of retaliation by the gangs.


When Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system in our jail, the game was about to change for the better. In the past we have been able to monitor the communications of inmates to the outside, but they change their language so often we usually are left with little in the way of solid evidence. When I was trained on the LBS software, suddenly things began to change for me and my team. We were hearing chatter from high-level gang members in a new light.


On a number of these calls, we picked up on gang leaders putting the word out for gang members to make hits, bring weapons to the jail, and to even take down and abuse law enforcement. The new technology has helped us clean up the streets of our city for everyone.


Securus Technologies Is Committed To Making A Difference In Correctional System

Securus Technologies provides 5 different areas of services to its clients. The first area is monitoring solutions. This area provides court appointed community reporting and electronic/GPS monitoring solutions. The second area is corrections solutions. This area provides ancillary, inmate self-service, information management and inmate communication solutions in both prisons and jails. The third area is investigative solutions. This area provides biometric analysis, location based services and data analytics solutions. The fourth area is public safety solutions. This are provides public information, incident management and emergency response solutions. And finally the fifth area is solutions for family and friends. This area provides services that allow and inmate’s loved ones to communicate with them, by video, email and inmate phone calls. 

Securus has such a strong ties to the communities that it serves that it started a Correctional Officer Memorial Fund. The fund was for the families of non-administrative correctional officers who had lost their life while serving at a facility that Securus is involved in. The family receives one year of salary for the individual lost as a token of gratitude for their sacrifice. This fund is wholly funded by Securus. 

The devices and solutions that Securus provides to its clients were discussed in a recent article by PR Newswire. The article talked about how thousands of devices that Securus had recently developed and sent out to inmate facilities would be used for everything from providing better access to law libraries and more efficiently filing grievance reports to allowing commissary ordering and providing inmates to job search tools as their release from prison nears. The article quoted the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith. Smith said that their goal in these new devices was to make prison more rehabilitative so that prisoners would be less likely to return. 

Rick Smith also explained a little bit about the new devices that they had sent out to their facilities. He referred to all of the devices as intelligent communications devices. This includes some sophisticated tablets for inmate use and video visitation kiosks where inmates can video chat with their loved ones. Download the Google app here for your Android devices. Contact customer service reps at Securus if you have issues connecting the service to the technology.

All of the devices have very high security levels to make it impossible for the device to be used for any purpose other that what it was specifically designed for. With 84 thousand devices sent out, Securus is expecting very exciting results ahead.