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What Is The Message Behind The New Chainsmokers Single?

Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart formed The Chainsmokers, which is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) duo. EDM is a style of music associated with dance beats that are created by DJ/production. It mixes an assortment of songs with similar rhythm patterns.

The DJ has to create a precise flow and perform the music in a live concert or music festival.

Alex grew up in New York City in a family of art dealers. His upbringing and passion for music drove him to become a disc jockey. Andrew was born and raised in Freeport.

While on a visit in Argentina, Andrew gained an interest in the music of prolific EDM DJ’s such as David Guetta and Daft Punk. He started his career as an EDM deejay at a tender age of 15.

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Syracuse. He had to attend an internship at Interscope to fulfill the requirements for his degree.

While here, he built on his passion for music, and he even produced songs, which he uploaded on the SoundCloud Website. Alex worked at an art gallery in New York after completing his studies on history and music from the University of New York.

In 2012, the duo partnered to form what is today known as The Chainsmokers. Their first hits were in collaboration with an Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, which they produced in 2013.

This year saw the duo get on stage for their first live performance. As with all new entries in the music scene, they had to perform as an opening act for major artists. They performed an opening act for Timeless.

The Chainsmokers released their first single titled Selfie for free in 2013. The song became popular, and in 2014, it caught the attention of Dim Mak Records, who released the song through Republic Records, an online streaming channel.

Desiree Perez And Her Management Of Tidal

Tidal is an answer to Apple Music that wishes to help customers save money while receiving the same music they would with Apple. This article explains how Desiree has made Tidal into a proper competitor for Apple, and it shares how she has used her leadership skills to make the company better overall. They are saving money for their customers, and they are giving their customers a method of listening to music that exceed expectations.

#1: How Does Tidal Sell Music?

Tidal sells music to customers in a number of different ways, and they are ensuring every customer who wishes to find unique music will see something special in Tidal. The Tidal name stands for a cheaper product that reaches a younger audience, and anyone who is familiar with Tidal has seen its marketing target a younger audience.

#2: The Audience Wants Different Music

Tidal often does not have the exact music that Apple has because they have made choices that include targeting younger people. Those who come to Tidal looking for something different are often excited because they see artists they have been missing out on in the past.  Click

#3: The Company Keeps Prices Low

Tidal has made a commitment to keeping prices low, and they are passing on all savings to their customers where possible. They wish to help their customers save money, and they are willing to drop prices as often as possible to support their young audience. Younger listeners have less money to spend, and they have discovered there is a way to afford all the music they need.

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Everyone who wishes to have a better music experience must ensure they are listening with Tidal. Desiree Perez has done a lovely job ensuring their music is unique, and she is leading a company that offers savings to all customers.  Learn more about Dez, visit Dez’s