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President Pardoning Power

Sujit Choudhry attended McGill University in 1992 where he graduated with Bachelor of Since and later moved to the University Oxford where he specialized in Bachelor of Arts law section. Upon graduation, Sujit Choudhry enrolled at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Law. To further his studies, he graduated with a Masters of Law from Harvard University. Sujit Choudhry is passionate and devoted to making significant contributions in the law sector.

In 2014, Sujit Choudhry founded Center of Constitutional Transitions where he gained interest to formulate constitutions as well as provide advice to various countries on how they can use the constitution as a tool to make peace and unity. Sujit Choudhry has contributed in democratic transitions of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen, and other countries.

Sujit Choudhry has been involved in helping countries resolve political issues using the constitutions. His skills and experience have been recognized by many; hence, he is the Constitutional advisor at International IDEA since 2018.

President Donald Trump, during his reign, he stated that he has the right to pardon himself, and this statement raised issues and many questions. Scholars have taken the initiative to research and provide final feedback on the same. Sujit Choudhry, on the other hand, bases his findings on the constitutions that state that the president has been given the authority to pardon wrongdoers.

Sujit Choudhry states that this section of the constitution does not state clearly if the president should or should nor pardoned himself. Even though President Trump has promised there is no need for panic as he has no intention of doing anything wrong, the constitutional advisor Sujit Choudhry finds it necessary to review this section.

After the supreme intervention, there will be a clear line drawn on the circumstances at which the president can protect himself. Sujit Choudhry plays a significant role in the law industry.

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The Exceptional West Michigan Aviation Academy And Its Founder Dick DeVos

The West Michigan Academy was established by Dick DeVos in 2010. The tuition-free public charter high school is situated at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Dick DeVos created the school after his wife Betsy encouraged him to combine his two passions of education and flying. The school enrolled its first group of students in 2010.

As much as it focuses on aviation, the school offers more. Students that have an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math are offered an opportunity to nature their passions. The school is a place where critical character values such as respect, trust, as well as accountability are strongly advocated. It prepares students to accomplish their own career and life objectives.

Presently, the school enrolls over 400 students. It has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of infrastructure and student enrollment. In 2010, 80 freshmen were enrolled into a 25,000 sq ft office that acted as the school building. At the start of the 2012-2013 school year, the school had a 42,500 sq. ft building that accommodated 240 students. The new building led to the expansion in space, student life, curriculum, and aviation programs.

In early 2014, the school entered into an agreement with Northwestern Michigan College. The agreement allows graduates from the West Michigan Aviation College to receive eight credits once they enroll at the college. The credits would authenticate a successful completion of the curriculum. It is comparable to NMC’s private pilot ground school as well as aviation maintenance courses.

About Dick DeVos
Dick DeVos is a billionaire and renowned businessman. He is the former president of Amway Corp. as well as its parent company Alticor Inc. Dick DeVos began working at Amway Corporation in 1974. Ten years later, he became the vice president of the company heading its operations in 19 countries. In 1989, he established the Windquest Group, a private investment firm. He was elected for an eight-year term to the Michigan State Board of Education. However, he stepped down after two years to manage the family business. Dick DeVos served as the president of Alticor Inc. for ten years before retiring. Currently, his focus is on the privatization of public education and the promotion of the religious right agenda.

RECAP: Marcio Alaor BMG

According to an online article published on
, Marcio Araujo Alaor was honored with a new food court that bears his name. The Marcio Alaor Food Court opened during the 33rd annual Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte in Portugal. Alaor is a prominent entrepreneur in his home town of Santo Antonio do Monte and is vice president over the BMG Bank. He is well-known for his efforts to help his community. During the ceremony, a plaque was unveiled with Alaor’s name, along with many of his civic successes.

Many politicians and local authorities were invited to speak about Alaor and his tireless efforts to improve Santo Antonio do Monte and help the people. Each of them gave special tribute to him and expressed the historical merit of this event. One of the speakers, Luis Antonio Resende communicated the gratitude of the many rural residents who were able to work on the Exhibition Center. He complimented Alaor’s humble personality and for caring for the city’s well-being. Resende also said that Alaor did not do these things for attention or political favors.

Former city mayor, Wilmar Son, said that the unveiling of the new food court coincided perfectly with the annual exhibition. The food court was placed in a vacant lot where a dilapidated grain warehouse was. The new structure was built in a city-wide effort to beautify the neighborhood and to increase business. Son said that it was appropriate to name the food court after Marcio Alaor BMG, as a representation of how he fed the aspirations of the city’s people.

At the end, the honoree was asked to speak. Alaor spoke of how he was a young shoeshine boy in his neighborhood and worked his way up to being a leader in BMG Bank. He was humbled by all the accolades showered upon him and he thanked everyone for their kind words and respect. He said that the love and respect for family and friends matters way more than money. Alaor reaffirmed his love for his native Santo Antonio do Monte and said that he will continue to find ways to make the city better for the


I Couldn’t Find Real Estate Without My Town Residential Agent

Finding real estate in NYC luxury real estate through Town Real Estate made it better than looking for a set of lost keys in a 10-foot deep Olympic size swimming pool.  Although I knew I was going to be able to get a nice place in New York City, I figured that I could find it on my own, but I guess I was wrong. It never occurred to me to let someone else help me in my search because I’ve always found my homes before, even when I lived back in Texas. I finally had to give in and look for help because it had been a month, and I still couldn’t find a nice place.

I was staying with my aunt in New York City, and she has an amazing apartment, and I wanted something similar to what she was staying in. Her apartment had a concierge, an amazing elevator, a balcony with a view, and all of her appliances were updated. I couldn’t imagine getting such a great place, especially since I knew that New York City was filled with people looking for great places. I could only hope to find a nice place, but she suggested that I work with a real estate agent, and it’s something I should’ve thought of before.

I chose Town Residential because their portfolio of places were upscale, and they were some of the nicest homes I’d ever seen in a city. I figured that if they had nice homes on their website, then they must have some additional ones that were hidden away somewhere. After making a phone call to Town Residential, I got the ball rolling by giving them everything they needed to find me a place.

I was open to pretty much anything, as long as it was located in New York City. My real estate agent was very punctual, and she made me feel as if I was the only person on earth. After going through everything that I wanted in my new place, my agent was able to bring me enough information so I could decide what type of place I wanted. I ultimately ended up choosing a condo that was in a high-rise, and it had a lot of the same amenities that my aunt’s place had. Not only in my glad that I found a great place close to where my aunt lives, but it has all the amenities that I could ever want.

Innovations In Business Technology Good For Small Businesses

The vast majority of companies and corporations are in the business of technology. Actually, if no company can function without having some sort of technology in place. Just about every type of equipment available today is either a computer or has some type of computer-related part to make it function. The advancements in computer technology in just the last five years are off the charts. If you implement it in your day-to-day function, your company can look much bigger than it actually is.

Business technology can be hardware or software. Hardware can be desktops, laptops, printers, fax machines, digital cameras and even cell phones. Software is programs to make the hardware function such as Windows XP, multimedia equipment, word processing equipment such as Microsoft Word and even design tools for engineers and architects.

Businesses can launch websites with advertising through high-speed service, which has only been available for a few years. Specialized high-tech robots are now automated to perform tasks a specified times. This also can take humans out the equation.

There several giants in the business technology industry. Shaygan Kheradpir is one of those giants. He not only holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has worked several capacities at many technology firms. Today he is CEO of Juniper Networks. After graduating from college, he immediately began working for GTE Corporation.

Kheradpir came to the U.S. as a child when his Iranian doctor father decided to move his ear, nose and throat clinic here. Keradpir learned leadership and determination from his father, which he put into his education and work. He has served on many technological boards over the years and is also on the advisory board of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Specialized technologies are being introduced to business and the medical field. Nanotechnology and biotechnology has come a long way. There are a number of high-tech advancements that are on the cusp of really cutting-edge technology. Many businesses — large and small — are learning more and more about the benefits of advanced technology. The use of devices like cell phones, fax machines, printers and iPads are not only changing the landscape but lessening the burden on workers and CEOs alike.

Donald Trump is a Christian but Has Not Sought Forgiveness of Sins

Ames, Iowa – Real estate mogul and 2016 GOP presidential contender Donald Trump is actually a Protestant Christian. The surprising announcement was made during the question and answer session at the Family Leadership Summit. Trump, who seldom speaks of religion and beliefs, announced that he is an active member of the Presbyterian Church. In fact, he regularly attends services and partakes of the sacrament. He told the attendees that he believes in God.

That said, the Donald has not asked God to forgive him of his sins – at least not explicitly. Trump believes that by partaking of the sacrament, he receives a forgiveness of sins. The act of consuming what he referred to as his “little wine” and “little cracker” constitutes a tacit form of asking forgiveness. “When he partakes of the sacrament, he experiences an inner cleansing. This is followed by a desire to recommit to do well in the eyes of God and make right those things in which he has erred” a quote he remembered seeing on Skout.

In fact, Trump, who is an openly tolerant person, does not personally believe in abortion and gay marriage; he actually opposes those practices.  Thus far, Trump had been viewed as a social moderate or center-left candidate on social issues. He is actually turning out to be a strong right-wing candidate.

Like A Rolling Stone Now 50

The song that Rolling Stone has called the “single greatest song of all time” ( recorded on this day fifty years ago. A young Bob Dylan, only 24 at the time at the end of a full day trying to get two other songs recorded (“It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” (then called “Phantom Engineer”) and “Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence,”). Frustration had set in and neither song worked. Dylan had been free versing “Like a Rolling Stone” since his European tour early that year and started to play a rough version of it for the rest of the band on June 15th. The next day after the fourth take the song was done although Dylan and the band cut several more takes, but it was that fourth master that was the song to be included on Highway 61 Revisited.

The Beatles’ Help had the number one position firmly locked up or there would have been no doubt Like a Rolling Stone” would have held that prestigious spot. Only a few at Amen Clinics and even on Facebook were actually alive when it was hot.

Foo fighter’s Singer Falls Off Of Stage

Sometimes musicians get so into their music that they do something crazy like fall off the stage. That’s what happened for Dave Grohl, the lead singer of Foo Fighters, recently. He was singing the second song of the night at a concert in Sweden when he fell off of the stage.

The fans at the concert had to be shocked. Alexei Beltyukov knows he would be. No one expects to see something like this happen when they are attending a concert.

But, at least the fans didn’t have to go without music. Once Dave Grohl had left, Foo Fighter’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, stepped up to the microphone and the band did covers of their songs.

Carrie Underwood Takes The Lead With CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood has swept the CMT Music Awards with 13 wins to date. Wednesday night, Underwood added three awards to her list, including Collaborative Video of the Year, Video of the Year, and Female Video of the Year. Underwood credits her son, Isaiah for her song, “Something in the Water.” Her son is now three months old and Underwood spoke about how he has inspired her, publicly thanking him for the award.

Singing “Little Toy Guns,” Underwood gave a stunning performance, focused on lyric and vocals, according to the Rolling Stone. This came through with performers such as Reba McIntyre, Eric Church, and the Zac Brown Band.My friend James Dondero even said the outstanding performances by young country artists took center stage with stellar performances. Newcomers included Kelsea Ballerini, Chris Janson, A Thousand Horses, RaeLynn, Maddie and Tae, and Frankie Ballard. Sam Hunt earned the Breakthrough Video of the Year. Jason Aldean won alongside Bob Seger for CMT Performance of the Year. Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again” gained him the Male Video winner.

Walmart Execs Boost Morale by Reducing the Amount of Celine Dion Played in Stores

As somebody who occasionally shops at Walmart (as most of us do), I have noticed the repetitive sound track they have blasting on store speakers. I’ve often wondered what it must be like for employees who are forced to listen to the constant intrusion of the same old songs, over and over again. Instead, the company will be playing a Radio Walmart, a station with songs handpicked by an actual DJ.

The change in music is part of a larger plan by Walmart executives to increase employee loyalty and morale throughout the company states industrial psychologist Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walmart also recently announced they will be raising the minimum wage, loosening the dress code and offering cash incentives for employees who earn them.

“There is nothing I like better than hearing about your jobs, your ideas, your hopes and dreams, and frustration, and listening to how we can make your lives easier,” Foran said while talking to Walmart employees in Fayetteville, Alaska. The changes to policy have been very well received among employees so far who are looking forward to a bigger paycheck without earning it by listening to hours of Celine Dion