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Harry Styles Calls Out A School Friend For Stealing His Girlfriend

Harry Styles used to date Taylor Swift, but then again, who hasn’t? No, Taylor Swift is not some loose girl who runs around with any man she wants, she is a very respectable woman, and she just happens to date a lot of guys. Guy Steals Harry Style’s Girlfriend. The only reason why Taylor Swift dates a lot is because every guy has broken her heart. You would think that she would give up on love, but instead she continues to make great music based on her broken heart. Harry Styles is a part of the group One Direction, and when he was 14 years old, he had a girlfriend.

Now that Harry Styles is a heartbreaker, he can look back and laugh about the incident, but at 14 years old, no doubt he was upset about losing his girlfriend to another guy. Harry decided to share the story while on stage, and he let everyone know that he lost a girlfriend at such a young age says Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn.  The funny part about the entire thing is that the same guy who stole his girlfriend, he was in the audience.

Jack Robinson stole Harry Style’s girlfriend at the age of 14, and Harry made sure to let the entire stadium know about it.