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Reducing Carbon Emissions By Using JD’S Photovoltaic Power System

Carbon emission has been a significant challenge for all countries world-wide with companies looking for eco- friendly sources of energy. JD has come up with a project of generating energy through an eco-friendly photovoltaic power generation system.

According to the company, the system will produce more than 160 million kWh of electricity per hour, thus eliminating carbon emission produced from the burning of coal. Refer to This Article for additional information.

According to figures given out by the Global Footprint Network, humanity has continued to make the world inhabitable by consuming the earth’s resources at a rate that the earth itself cannot regenerate. The United Nations Environmental Programme has already warned that the increasing human population continues to deplete its natural resource assets.

The unsustainable trend forced to develop the Green Stream Initiative, a green campaign launched in 2017 to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and maintain the world’s natural resources. The initiative saw the launching of the Photovoltaic power production system in 2018. The prototype was developed in Shanghai Asia Logistic Park. came up with a power system that has 8,600 solar panels made from Monocrystalline silicon, which are capable of producing 2.3 million kWh annually. The clean power produced from the system is used in powering 100,000 square meters of warehouse facilities. The energy produced is more than enough for lightings, charging vehicles, and powering picking, sorting, and packaging machines.

JD Logistics has also launched the “Dark Warehouses”, a highly automated facility capable of saving more than 1,572,480 kWh of electricity. The company has recommended the use of automated algorithms in packaging, which is cost-effective and efficient. The traditional human packaging is prone to multiple human errors, which eventually leads to unwanted wastages.

JD Logistics remains focused and committed to the maintenance of a balanced eco-system. The company has adopted a global campaign movement that encourages corporations to be cautious on climate change.

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