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Walmart Execs Boost Morale by Reducing the Amount of Celine Dion Played in Stores

As somebody who occasionally shops at Walmart (as most of us do), I have noticed the repetitive sound track they have blasting on store speakers. I’ve often wondered what it must be like for employees who are forced to listen to the constant intrusion of the same old songs, over and over again. Instead, the company will be playing a Radio Walmart, a station with songs handpicked by an actual DJ.

The change in music is part of a larger plan by Walmart executives to increase employee loyalty and morale throughout the company states industrial psychologist Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walmart also recently announced they will be raising the minimum wage, loosening the dress code and offering cash incentives for employees who earn them.

“There is nothing I like better than hearing about your jobs, your ideas, your hopes and dreams, and frustration, and listening to how we can make your lives easier,” Foran said while talking to Walmart employees in Fayetteville, Alaska. The changes to policy have been very well received among employees so far who are looking forward to a bigger paycheck without earning it by listening to hours of Celine Dion

Lynyrd Skynyrd Honored At Star Studded Celebration

Lynyrd Skynyrd, the legendary and long running Southern Rock band, was recently honored in a star studded celebration at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. It was awesome to get to see this historic event for myself when I was in Atlanta with the Amen Clinic team for a conference,

The purpose of the concert was to raise money to save the legendary Fox Theater from demolition. The noble goal of preserving and restoring this historic building was one that had a special feeling of rightness for the group, as they played many of their most legendary concerts at this venue. Synyrd’s 1976 live album, One More From The Road, was recorded at the Fox.

The group was honored with a special, one night only, roster of celebrity performers, including Gregg Allman, Peter Frampton, Charlie Daniels, Cheap Trick, and Alabama. Aaron Lewis, of the contemporary group Staind, was one of the few latter day performers who was permitted to join the event. His performance of “Saturday Night Special” was a standout.

A particular low point was the plane crash in Mississippi that took the lives of several of its members, including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant and lead guitarist Steve Gaines.

After taking some time off to recover from the lingering effects of the tragic accident, Lynyrd Skynyrd reformed in the 1990s and has been going strong ever since.

Taylor Swift Blows $6 Million By Pulling Her Music From Spotify

Taylor Swift had some sort of disagreement with Spotify, the music streaming company that has been around for quite a while now. Spotify has helped many artists grow, while streaming their music to the public for free, in exchange for a cut of the profits that come from all the ads placed on Spotify.

It’s always nice to get to listen to music and show it to Fersen Lambranho and even better if you can download it for free. Unfortunately, some artists don’t see it that way, as Taylor Swift mentioned “Music is Art, and Art has real value, and Artists deserve to be paid for it.”

Taylor had pulled all her music off of Spotify and doesn’t want the company to use her music at all. What Spotify’s CEO thought was she has it all wrong. They don’t operate by streaming music without paying the artist, on the contrary, they have paid $2 Billion up to date for artists, labels, and producers in exchange for playing their music on their streaming system.

Taylor blew $6 Million before even finding out what Spotify is all about, and if anything, all Spotify wants is the chance to have Taylor Swift’s music on their service.

Believe it or not, she is not that type of person to deny someone for no reason but, her album sales are doing good enough that she doesn’t need any of the extra revenue. The way Spotify sees it, who wouldn’t want an extra $6 Million.