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Meet the Inventors , Jojo Hedya and Josh Rosenwald, of

Jojo Hedaya is the executive COO and co-founder of Unroll me, an email service for people who want to free themselves from computer junk mail. Hedya attended a Jewish high school. Hedya,29, has a some classes from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Hedya majored in Philosophy and Business but didn’t graduate. Hedya spent some time at Boston College as student body Vice President.

Jojo Hedya met his business partner, Josh Rosenwald, when Hedya was on a trip to Israel abroad in college. Their rabbi pointed out they were the only two people who had an international BlackBerry cell phone and thought the two should be friends. Hedya and Rosenwald had many things in common. Both men were born on December 30, 1989 in New York. They were both educated in Jewish schools. Josh attended two colleges before dropping out. When Hedya learned his business partner wasn’t answering Hedya’s emails, it was discovered that Rosenwald had lots of junk mail he had to sift through. The duo decided to start a company called to eliminate unwanted junk mail.

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Junk mail piles up fast, and before you know it there are over 100 emails to look at. Rosenwald and Hedya realized 80 percent of their email consisted of newsletters, advertisements, subscriptions, and updates that cannot be dealt with during business hours. The solution is called is a scanning device for email. It scans the email for junk mail and compartmentalizes all subscriptions into one email to be looked over later. People can keep the subscriptions they want and cancel the subscriptions they don’t. People have the freedom to decide when they want the rollup to arrive in their inbox, seeing all junk mail at once.

Jojo Hedya and Josh Rosenwald never finished college and believe the life experience of their own company is better than having a college degree. Skills are really the only thing that matters in the job market. Hedya wouldn’t necessarily talk someone out of getting a college degree to run a startup business. Startup businesses aren’t for everyone. Hedya might get his degree someday.

Jason Hope Uses IoT to Market New Opportunities

Even though Jason Hope didn’t invent the IoT, he has done a lot of work to promote it. As a technology entrepreneur, he knows where the money is at in tech, and he knows where he can make the most amount of money at. Because of this, many people have followed him and have become familiar with the things that he does on a regular basis with technology. He tries his best to show people what he is doing and what he is capable of in different areas of the industry. It helps him to become more successful on his own and with other people so they can experience all of the different things he has to offer them. There have been many different chances that he has shown people different things. This all gives him an idea of what he can do to make the world of entrepreneurship even better.

Despite the fact that Jason Hope has done a lot of different things in his career, he continues to help people out with the issues they have for their own technology. He not only knows the right way to try things but he also knows he can do more to help people out with all of the experiences they have. It is what has given Jason Hope the chance to try different things and to offer new options for the people who are in the same situations that he would typically be in on his own.

For Jason Hope to do all of this, he had to be sure that things would continue to improve for himself. It was a great way for Jason Hope to do more on his own and for him to experience the most positive help possible. He has tried his best to make things easier on his own and to make things better for the people who use IoT items. This is what has helped him to be one of the best entrepreneurs in technology industry so he can help other people out with the issues they would typically be experiencing out of the options they have.

Since the IoT industry is one that is so involved in the day-to-day life of its clients, it is something that people will be able to use in different situations. For Jason Hope to try these things, he had to be sure the industry was different and that it was something people could benefit from. Jason Hope knew what he would be able to do in different situations and also knew the right way to do it. For Jason Hope to make the IoT industry better than what it was, he had to work hard to show people what he was capable of doing.

Jason Hope Info:

Jason Hope: An Entrepreneur Who is Changing the World Through Technology


Jason hope is a highly respected and successful entrepreneur who lives in Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also earned a MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. He earned success primarily in tech industry.


Jason Hope has created numerous successful businesses. His greatest success has come in the mobile technology arena. Although it seems like mobile technology approaching its peak, he feels that the sky is the limit. What makes him special is that he is a visionary and always has his eye on the future. He created a highly successful mobile communications company called JAWA. The company created innovative ways for people to communicate. Unlike the majority of entrepreneurs, he was able to have success out the gate. He feels that the key to success is to focus on one project at a time. He also thinks that many entrepreneurs fail because they abandon their primary source of income too quick.


Jason Hope is passionate about helping others and improving his community. He is very interested in anti aging research. He feels that this could eventually lead to cures for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. He donates large amounts of money to this cause. He feels that survival in the future will depend on disease prevention and advances in technology for disease detection. He is also an ardent supporter of the SENS Research Foundation. The organization uses technology to slow down or reverse aging. They are working on reversing heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory problems. They feel that the key to fighting disease is prevention. Jason Hope is very excited about this technology and feels that it is groundbreaking. His grant program has helped many students help pay for their education. He also takes in ideas on his website in hopes of discovering new talent. He is truly a man dedicated to making our world a better place.

About Jason Hope:

Eric Pulier: Impacting the World Positively  

Eric Pulier has a passion for giving back to the community, this can be noted from the podcast that he made a contribution in. during the podcast, he spoke about the importance of giving back to the community. He also highlighted the importance of positively impacting those around you.

Society has a higher expectation from the Harvard University alumnus. This is because they are in high demand due to their high credentials and thus people demand that they have to achieve a lot in their lives. They looked upon to transform the society and culture to a new level of accomplishment and success. They are seen as the future leaders. This is the same expectation that the world has on Eric Pulier, and he has delivered. As entrepreneur, innovator and a leader, he has exceeded all the expectation put upon him as a graduate of the Harvard University.

Often the children who have been diagnosed with chronic illness feel lonely. No one really comprehends the kind of the struggle that they face each day or even what they are going through. While some people may try to comfort these children they may not understand the intentions of a normal person. This may lead to the feeling of isolation. If a normal person had to face such situation he/she would probably adapt to the loneliness and despair. With great concern of the emotional struggle that the chronically ill children face, Pulier started Straight World. This organization connects children who are chronically ill with one another. For their first time in their lives, they can make friends who understand them.

Pulier is an entrepreneur of the modern world who has a lot of the resource at his disposal. There is a lot of opportunities in the field of the technology through innovation and making things happen since the technology is flourishing. The market always embraces new ideas that improve the quality of human lie or contributing to something new in a certain field. Pulier founded a company known as People Doing things. Through technology, the company main purpose is to improve the healthcare and the education. He has also founded a company called Digital Evolution. In addition, he is also a donor the not for profit organizations.


Why Maintaining Your Online Reputation is Essential

Before virtually any customer decides on whether to purchase a product, they look up the reputation of the company online. A simple search for that company and the reviews of their products will generally be done and negative feedback on the brand will often lead potential customers to flock to a competitor instead. There are often so many sellers than any black mark on a company, whether it be through Yelp, Amazon, or any other review site online can spell doom for a company’s business processes.

Reputations aren’t just limited to a company looking to get your business. Individuals are also judged on their online presence by those who are seeking to hire you or interact with your company. The prevalence of social media simply makes looking up a person as easy as can be.

To combat this many people and businesses are turning to online reputation management companies, also known as ORM to help to improve your online reputation and clear the web of your negative reviews and other black markets. That way when a person looks you up online you are viewed in a more positive light and you may earn that business or job that you have been after. There are numerous ways that they do this by suppressing bad reviews, highlighting and promoting positive stories, and making sure that the first results on search engines like google are positive in nature and don’t hold back your business.

One firm that offers these services is known as Better Reputation. The professionals behind Better Reputation believe in the powerful impact that your online reputation can have on your business and that a negative reputation can be fostered based on just one negative review which may not be the reality of your offerings. They work with companies and individuals who are trying to perform damage control of their brand or name as they understand the importance of them. Managing your online reputation is an ongoing process and working with a high quality ORM like Better Reputation can greatly improve your business prospects in ways that you can only imagine.

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