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Sergey Petrossov Takes the Archaic and Makes it Digital

Sergey Petrossov sees opportunities and acts on them. One opportunity he saw after a few attempts of change and startups on his own was that of a large flaw or anomaly in the private flight industry. He was able to meet someone who gave him a ride on their private plane and he realized that there were some flagrant issues, he was so taken aback by these flagrant issues that he decided to do something about it.

He created a startup called JetSmarter.

The Opportunity

Sergey Petrossov didn’t just see the opportunity when he went on the private flight in 2009, he started to act upon it. Over the course of the next few years, he did his research and started do bits of work within the industry. As he says “he kept private aviation close to his chest”. He did as some diving into the industry as possible. First he started by going to private flight trade shows and then he started to step in and provide advice, wisdom and knowledge to a few people within the sector. This was only the first step and he would continue to do more over the next few years.

He saw how the industry worked and stayed in for a while, he then realized he could add value to the sector by injecting a simple digital tool to make accessibility and booking much easier. But while he was laying down the foundations for solutions, he stumbled onto an even bigger and more lucrative aspect of the industry. Well, he stumbled upon a startling fact, the fact was that the industry didn’t have as much as use as it could have, and this is what made him into the individual that he is today.

Napa Valley and other Wine Destinations that Travelling Vineyards’ Wine Guides Learn About

A mention of the words “Napa Valley” immediately elicits gratifying emotions in the minds of wine lovers. Napa Valley is, without doubt, one of the premier wine regions of the globe. The region’s wine production history dates back to two centuries ago; experience matters in wine production.

Napa Valley is popular with wine marketing companies such as Traveling Vineyard. In fact, the company’s Wine Guides have explored the region so much that they have identified some amazing destinations unknown to casual tourists and newcomers. The Guides are pleased to announce that Napa Valley is a full-fledged tourist destination that harbors more than just grapes, wine, wineries, and an amazing landscape.

Napa Valley is home to Silverado Cooking School. Wine lovers love good food, and the cooking school provides just that: fantastic food. Tourists whose culinary skills are below par have a chance to be trained by the renowned Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. The chef is knowledgeable in basic preparation methods and advanced techniques. What’s more, guests get to enjoy the meal they helped prepare.

Travelling Vineyard notes that while tourists enjoy wine in Napa Valley, they can visit the Napa Art Walk. The center is famous for 3-D art. The center’s art pieces are masterpieces of the world respected artists. Tourists are free to purchase whatever piece of art excites them, and a portion of their cash is directed towards funding future shows.

Napa Valley’s landscape is breathtaking. Some tourists often wonder how the region looked like several years in the past. Tourists who know nothing about the Napa Valley Historical Society never get their questions answered. However, the adventurous ones like the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides understand about the society which oozes knowledge regarding Napa Valley’s past. Also, the organization facilitates lectures and tours manned by local historians. Visitors who visit the Napa Valley Historical Society leave the area with their curiosity quenched.

Travelling Vineyard’s Wine Guides understanding of Napa Valley and other global wine destinations attracts envy and admiration in equal measure. However, every wine lover has a chance to become a Travelling Vineyard’s Wine Guide. Starting out is simple as aspiring Guides need to purchase the company’s Success Kit which retails for $189. The Kit has everything pertaining to becoming one of the company’s Wine Guides. One interesting thing about the company is that Wine Guides get to earn and learn about wine in an interesting manner.

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Why You Should Sell With The Traveling Vineyard

Do you wanna sell wine with the Traveling Vineyard but you don’t know if it’ll be worth the investment? There are so many people who feel the same exact way in the world of sales because this company is just one of many. However, it’s important that you find out why you should join this brand and start selling their wine.

First of all, they have good tasting wine. You don’t ever have to worry about selling wine that people won’t enjoy tasting. This is a great company that knows how to provide you with everything that you need. When it comes down to selling and promoting, they will help you with all the tools, bottles, wine events, and everything you have planned to get your products seen by the public. Having a wine tasting event is scary, but they help prepare you so you know what you are doing. They teach you the ways to advertise even online and throughout your parties with friends ad family.

The Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the best in the business for numerous reasons, but they are a reliable brand for sure. When you sign up with them, they will give you a great person in your specific region to help provide you with what you need so you can get on the right track and succeed. It’s not going to be an overnight process, but they will guide you and help prepare you so you can make sales and make good money selling.

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The Right Way to Wine and Dine

Who doesn’t love a good meal, complimented by a nice drink? I know I certainly have a penchant for it. Below we cover the right way to ‘wine and dine’.

The Antique Wine Company specializes in fine and rare wines, and is based in London, England. This company is known for record-breaking wine collections, as well as fine wine events. They offer an array of services, ranging from sourcing rare wines to private wine master classes and cellar planning. “I want to sell something that people would buy again and again and get a great deal of pleasure,” owner Stephen Williams has said of his booming business.

Wine and food are one of the most ideal combinations, which people have enjoyed for centuries. There is a wine that pairs well with almost anything you decide you want, you just have to figure out what compliments what.

For example, champagne pairs well with anything salty. Sauvignon Blanc goes well with tart dressings and sauces. Like a dish with fresh herbs? Choose a bottle of Gruner Veltliner. Thinking fish? Pinot Grigio is a light wine that pairs well with seafood.

Or you can pair cheesy dishes with a dry Rose, and Pinot Noir is great for earthy dishes (anything with mushrooms, for example). The possibilities and food pairings are virtually endless, and can be very interesting to experiment with.

Nothing tops an evening or even a special occasions like a good meal and a fine wine to go with it. It can be a relaxing, wonderful experience you can share with family and loved ones, or even enjoy by yourself.