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Julie Zuckerberg Recruits NYC Talent

Julie Zuckerberg has managed to become one of the most prolific life cycle recruiters in the industry. She has proven that she has the skills to acquire the best talent for organizations that need people that are skilled in various positions.


It has been good for Julie Zuckerberg to work in various positions because they she has gained a lot of different skills in the areas that she has worked in. Her time as a recruiters has been split between law recruiting and financial recruiting. This has given her quite an edge. Julie has been able to recruit everything from a managing director to a lawyer. She has done this because she knows what the skill set is for the various positions that she has had to fill.


Executive recruiters have a hard job because they have to grind the pavement. They are not going to have the luxury of just having a lot of people come to them via resumes. In lower level positions people that need jobs will seek you out. In executive positions a recruiter has to seek out the people that are equipped for the jobs. A lot of the time this happens because executives will already good jobs. These professionals may not even be interested in moving to another company. It is the job of the executive recruiter to highlight the details of the job. They can tell people about how this job will be different from where they are. Recruiters can also mention benefits that may be better than the benefits that a prospective employee may have. This is what Julie Zuckerberg has been able to pick up during her years as an executive recruiter.


A lot of people that start in recruiting may get burned out from trying to acquire this type of talent. Julie Zuckerberg, however, has managed to build a solid career that has taken her to another level. She has become the person that knows how to help discover talent. Julie has become such a pro at this that she has even taken on the role of coaching a lot of other recruiters in the position that she has right now. This is evidence of her passion for recruiting talent. It also knows that she has been successful over the years at doing this. Her current job at Deutsche Bank has shown that her skills are highly valuable in NYC.



The Monster Eye Of Morrison: Something To Watch Out For

When the four times winner of the “Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector” (Crunchbase) steps through the doors of an investment firm, I believe it is time for the wolves and the bears to scramble into the hiding. Such is the impact that Helane Morrison has made upon the world of investment and finance that has reeked with fraudulent approaches and corruptions for as long as anyone can remember. 

For the larger part of its history, the investment world was able to mask its hunger. However, as I call it, Karma did hit the business ogres at least twice, once during the infamous Great Depression and next, in the titanic financial calamity of 2007-08, taking down with it not only those who had committed sleaze, but also the innocent who had simply fallen into the torrential tides of destruction. This left the world gaping in horror at the crocodile tears of the investment firms. Thus, none of us currently finds it surprising that the general public lost all measures of confidence in the investment business and would rather keep its money at homes or in the form of gold rather than simple cash in banks (Source). 

Coming to the aid of the crippled and the struggling customers, Helane has played a pivotal role in guarding them against fraud, bringing justice to them and sending the corrupt elements involved right into the intestines of prison. The world of investment has its own ugly hurricanes and tornadoes and Morrison has established herself as the watchdog that smells trouble from afar. 
She was born in Brooklyn and achieved her Bachelors in Journalism from the Northwestern University, later adding a J.D to her qualifications from the University of California. She also had the opportunity to work under the iconic Blackmun and gain his spirit of equality and courage, followed by work at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabin and finally securing the leadership of the San Francisco-based office of SEC. Helane made giant waves during her time at the SEC according to WS Journal’s article about her leaving the government branch.

Helane Morrison has so much more to her career that I can sum up in a few words. Being a woman of character, I find her brave, relentless and fierce in a world where a woman is not expected to possess or exercise such qualities. At present, she serves as the Managing Director of the Hall Capital Partners.