Sergio Cortés Impersonates Idol Michael Jackson As Career

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us wish that we were famous. That is one of the reasons why many people idolize movie and television stars, and dream of having a luxurious and opulent lifestyle. We idolize the people who we see on television and movies and in the back of our minds, dream that we can have a lifestyle like those people. There are many people that strive to live a life of celebrity, and to those who do, it is a dream come true.

Sergio Cortés dreamed of being a star like his childhood idol, singer Michael Jackson. He dreamed of it to the point where he began to imitate his favorite singer. Now his dream of being like his childhood hero has come true. He is now considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the country. His story is one that we can all relate to, one of idolization of his favorite singer.

When he was younger, Cortés love to watch his favorite singer, Michael Jackson perform with his brothers, the legendary singing group the Jackson Five. Cortez love to mimic the inflections and singing style of the soon-to-be pop idol. At first, Cortés did his imitation just to amuse himself and his close family and friends.

Then one day, as he was walking the streets of his city, he was spotted by a local news photographer. The photographer was amazed at how much Cortés resembled his hero Michael Jackson. The photographer asked the fledgling impersonator if he could take a picture of him and publish it in his local newspaper. Cortés agreed to the photo, and the next day its publication set off a firestorm of attention. Many people wanted to know who this person was who looked so much like one of the greatest music stars in the world.

The new attention led Cortés to be sought after by a number of different talent agencies and talent representation. After considering many offers and endorsement deals, he chose to do a Michael Jackson impersonation show. It was just the beginning of what was to be a spectacular career, and recognition as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world.

Now Cortés goes all over the world, doing shows impersonating Michael Jackson. He has a loyal following of fans from all over the world, many of who visit his Facebook page. He has thousands of likes on the page, and regularly poses as Michael Jackson in photos on it. One can see how similar he looks to Michael Jackson and why he has received such attention. The Facebook page has many sincere and flattering comments about his uncanny resemblance, and best wishes from adoring fans.

Many people will never know what it is like to be famous and hear the cheers of adoring crowds of people. Sergio Cortés had a dream to experience life in the limelight, and now he does, living a life of one of the greatest performers who ever lived. To see Cortés perform is not only a testament to his skill and ability, but a living memorial to one of the great performers of our age.

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