Troy McQuagge is the Leading CEOs in the World

Troy McQuagge, chief executive officer at US HEALTH Group, was recently awarded the prestigious One Planet Award. Troy was named the Gold Winner of the coveted Global Premier awards program. The One Planet Award is an incentive towards appreciating the business and professional ingenuity in all industries across the globe. All organizations including public, new startups, nonprofit and even for-profit organizations are eligible to hand in their nominations and read full article.

The role that saw him scoop the award is his exceptional leadership since he joined the health insurance company in 2010. His first accomplishment at US HEALTH Group was retooling the US HEALTH Advisors; US HEALTH Group’s captive distribution agency. After his remarkable success in the role, Troy was then elected as the president and the chief executive officer of US HEALTH Group in 2014.

In his tenure, Troy has provided unprecedented leadership which has helped the company make record sales and profits. High competition characterizes the health covers sector; however, Troy has helped the company rise above its competition through innovativeness and a keen vision in business and Troy on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge is a man whose reputation speaks for himself. He brags of a remarkable wealth of experience in his career. His initial foray into the health covers sector was his service to the Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He later moved on to (UICI) United Insurance Companies Inc. and served in the Student Insurance Division in 1995. When he was named the president of UICI’s Insurance Agency UGA in 1997, Troy helped the company set several single-year records in sales.

Having spent so much time in the health insurance industry and especially in leadership roles, Troy McQuagge has refined his skills quite remarkably. Troy attained his professional qualifications from the University of Central Florida, Graduating with a BA in 1983. If anyone deserved the One Planet Award, it was none other than Troy McQuagge.

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