Combining Industry Expertise plus a Strong Focus to Serve Clients

According to the recent article on the, NexBank SSB, a Dallas-based regional bank, was pleased to announce that it was a sponsor of the world’s largest regional fund for women, the Dallas Women’s thirty-second Annual Luncheon. Through a donation of 100,000 dollars, NexBank would support the foundation to advance the economic security and leadership of women. The 2017 Annual Luncheon was scheduled for Oct. 20 at the Dallas-based Hilton Anatole Hotel.

The luncheon was to feature a keynote speech from one of the Top 100 Influential People published by the TIME Magazine, Dr. Hope Jahren, who is an award-winning scientist as well as the best-selling author. The keynote speech was to be live-streamed to a total of 20 schools and more than 10,000 students across North Central Texas.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation usually hosts the luncheon yearly with over 1,300 civic, business, as well as community leaders in attendance. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is known to be the biggest regional women’s fund worldwide as well as a trusted leader in improving positive economic and social change for girls as well as women.

Nexbank is headquartered in the city of Dallas in the U.S. state of Texas. It is known to be the twelfth largest bank in TX. It also takes number 179 largest bank in the United States. Nexbank was founded in the year 1934, and since June 2017, the bank had grown to a total of 87 employees at three locations. The company’s money market rates are three times the national average. Additionally, Nexbank has a rating of an A in health.

NexBank has 6.4 billion dollars in assets since June 30, 2017. It delivers commercial banking, institutional services, as well as mortgage banking primarily to financial institutions and institutional clients plus middle-market companies, large corporations, as well as real estate investors.

The team of the NexBank executive management combines industry expertise plus a strong focus to serve their customers to offer to lead financial service abilities to institutional, corporate, as well as individual clients. Led by James Dondero, who is the chairman, Co-Founder, as well as the Highland Capital Management President, the directors of the Nexbank brings a breadth of leadership and management experience as well as a strong dedication to the success of the company.

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