Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Returned To Austin

Texas has one of the best economies in the entire country. The Texas economy has long seen growth in the double digits. This allows many Texans to have the funds to devote to improving how they look. Today’s medical techniques allow many women to look younger and feel better. Someone who knows exactly how to help clients accomplish this goal is Austin doctor Jennifer Walden. Walden talks to Austin MD Magazine about her career and how she hopes to continue to help her fellow Texans enjoy access to amazing state of the art medical advances. In opening up a practice here, she has brought her skills right back where she started.

A Proud Texas Native

Dr. Walden is a native of Austin. Her family has many members of the medical profession so she had many role models to watch when growing up. It was as a child that she began to realize the true potential of the medical profession. Her fascination with this field continued as she grew older. This led her to seek out the finest possible training in the field of medicine and learn as much as she could about all areas of contemporary medical practice. She earned a degree in biology and then gain admission to a medical school in Texas, allowing her to complete her education and stay close to beloved family members at the same time. Dr. Walden cherishes time with her loving family.

A Delightful Return Home

Walden sought to specialize in the important field of plastics. She spent time with some of the finest experts in this field in Manhattan. And yet, she ultimately realized that she wanted to be back home where she belonged. This is why she decided to settle back in Austin and leave a highly successful practice in New York City. In doing so, she has found many patients who are pleased to work so closely with a caring and professional surgeon who can offer them the results they want. Dr. Walden is happy to be back exactly where she wants to be: in Texas with her entire family.


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