Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health Continue to Provide Valued Services


Having access to quality and affordable healthcare should be a basic human right. As the world is becoming more advanced and efficient, it would seem that this would be something that should be easily achieved. However, it continues to be proven that the modern healthcare system is not always able to properly utilize the technology advances that it has available to give convenient and quality healthcare services to customers.


While the healthcare industry is still catching up to what is available in the marketplace, there are still many innovative companies and professionals that are continuing to change the industry for the better. One company that is continuing to revolutionize the healthcare industry is Virtual Health, which today is led by the Chief Technology Officer Jack Plotkin.

Virtual Health today is a leader in the tele health industry. While this industry has been around for a long time, it is continuing to improve due to a variety of technology advancements introduced by Jack Plotkin and Virtual Health. While customers used to be frustrated by long waits on the phone and challenging forms to fill out, everything today is far more streamlined and efficient.

Today, someone can use the Virtual Health services to receive a full examination and 360-degree view of their health. A physician or other healthcare provider that can then provide recommendations for additional care then analyzes the diagnostic data. This can include referrals for specialists or even prescriptions.

While Jack Plotkin continues to develop the Virtual Health company today, he has a long track record and experiences that have helped him to be successful in this role. For the past 20 years, he has acted as either a senior manager or consultant for a wide variety of companies in both the technology, healthcare, and finance industries. This comes after he completed his very impressive educational background that included getting two different degrees in computer science and economics from Harvard.  

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