Aaron Lupuloff Helps Students to Achieve the Best Results in Their Studies

Aaron Lupuloff is a successful entrepreneur who serves as the co-founder and senior executive director at the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He is passionate about making students to excels in their academics and create future leaders. The foundation is dedicated to making students successful, offering fund scholarships, innovate, develop leadership, support teaching and learning, as well as finance its visionary programs.

The foundation embraces, excites, encourages, educates, emblazons and empowers students to excel in their studies and teachers to deliver unparalleled learning experience. GCP Foundation has never wavered from the path of creating and growing a system of leading schools by working toward its mission as well as harnessing the support of the community of Gwinnett.

Lupuloff has been supporting community causes for a long time. He helped in the formation of the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence and went ahead to hold positions of Treasurer, Vice President, and President at the foundation. The foundation supports academics, the arts, as well as athletics to help students to pursue their ambitions. He c-founded and became a member of the board of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. Mr. Aaron Lupuloff and his wife are currently on the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board. They both support the Camp Twin Lakes, Partners Against Domestic Violence and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He spent more than two decades at Bear Stearns JP Morgan as well as Raymond James serving as the Senior Managing Director and Managing Director respectively. He attended the University of Alabama where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He boasts more than 35 years of experience in the financial services.

When he started Norcross High School Foundation, he realized that there was a gap in the schooling system that needed to be filled. Students and teachers needed help to excel in their respective capacities. He believed that he would help more than 180,000 students with the GCPS Foundation. He is always working to make sure the foundation lives up to its vision and mission of improving student achievement, fund scholarships, innovate, support learning and teaching, develop leadership, as well as make sure all schools programs are funded fully.

Aaron Lupuloff takes part in his team’s whiteboard sessions to brainstorm and bring new ideas to life. He interacts with more than 25 community activities and listen to their insight, thoughts, and wisdom in an effort to bring ideas to life. He has learned the best ways to foster student achievement. He believes that if focus is put on the most challenging students first, learning is accelerated empowering students to be achievers. He is a listening person and he does that to stay productive. He not only seeks the opinions of the wealthy, but also everyone in the community. If had a chance to advise his younger self, he would tell himself to stay patient, humble himself and ask for help from others. Aaron Lupuloff does condone people who are afraid to fail. Failure is an inevitable part of the process of becoming successful. While on the verge to succeed, remember, communication is key to scaling new heights of success.


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