From Math Textbooks to Teach to One

This program focuses on each and every individual student’s learning needs and abilities through the use of modern technology in the classroom and a collaborative safe space for students, teachers and parents to get involved in a variety of ways.

As Teach to One concentrates on the learning process of each student, it has become a positive environment that has shifted the mindset of students who were once struggling with math concepts and are now acknowledging their skills as they regain the motivational boost into a mindset of growth and confidence.

This program creates a foundation starting from each student’s level of progress while also adjusting lessons and assessments to fit their individual needs.

Centered around different teaching sessions, Teach to One offers students the experience to work in a variety of ways and settings from teaching alongside instructors to collaborating with peers during small group interactions. These teaching strategies open the doors to a thinking classroom environment where ideas are shared and valued and students are learning math concepts in a more in depth style from dedicated teachers, reports by

Teach to One is proven to be beneficial to a student’s academic success in the sense that it prepares students for the professional world. Students are given the opportunity to work with a team of individuals as well as engage in independent work to gain experience in adapting to diverse environments. It also encourages a healthy balance between face-to-face learning and incorporating technology into the curriculum to further a students academic journey with advanced digital resources rather than a textbook. This balance of technology and human connection can enable students to strengthen their critical thinking skills and areas in social-emotional development.

Teach to One is an effective program that doesn’t focus on a specific grade level, age or one style of learning. It eliminates the added weight of math textbooks and promotes an open classroom community for a lighter and more fulfilling learning experience.

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