Luke Lazarus Consultancy Greatly Benefits Autralian Startup Entrepreneurs

What is a startup?

For many entering into the business world, they hear the word startup and see it in so many different contexts of business, but they wonder what it is they are supposed to be doing.

It is very much like a composer who has 12 notes, but they have an infinite palette to add these notes in different rhythms, meter, instrumentations, styles, tempo, etc. Sos is in the world of the business startup. A person or group of people have a novel idea, and they want to bring it to market. It could be a Grandads® Protein Pies, and it is a whole slew of products based on Grand Dad’s original recipe handed down to the five generations.

They have a story, but they have to write a mission statement and find money to cook the products and a distributor to distribute nationally. The startup has something to get started and are definitely on their way, but they have to put their ideas into a business plan and show investors how they expect to have a positive cash flow within 2-3 years of business. A startup is any service that is novel that that never been done before.

Developing a Business Climate

To have been given an idea for a business is one thing, but for a purpose for a company to have been created by one’s insight and imagination is another. A startup idea needs to be tested if it is marketable. When Luke Lazarus was a boy in Perth, where he grew up as an Australian lad, he toyed with business ideas and wrote a few in an old notebook.

He was sure one of them would work and asked a childhood friend to help him. The childhood business was carried out, and the early experience stayed with Luke Lazarus as he grew from childhood thru his adolescent years and into adulthood, where he attended Melbourne Business School to work toward an MBA. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer

Shortly after he completed his masters in business, Luke Lazarus began executing his successful business plans. In a recent interview given by Doug Sandler, Luke Lazarus reported that he started four firms within a short time out of Melbourne Business School.

All of those businesses were successful, and Luke Lazarus negotiated a just price for the purchase for each of them, which the new owners were happy to give to acquire.

Next Steps

Luke Lazarus had empathy towards startups knowing from his own experience how difficult it is to launch and lead a business to success. His reason to work with startups was to be a consultant that could spend a set amount of time with startup teams a make a beneficial contribution to their future success.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy was put into effect in 2013 as a response to the growing need startups were experiencing to get expert advice from veteran entrepreneurs. Luke Lazarus has been able to help hundreds of businesses during this time.

Some of his startups have already launched successful companies, while others have drawn attention from Venture Capitalist for investment. One startup he has worked with has gone from practically zero in sales to hearing the name of their business called from a significant stock exchange during their IPO launch.

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