Glenn Schlossberg, the Fashion Guru

Glenn Schlossberg was born in Middle Eastern American 54 years ago. He is a striking figure in the fashion industry. Surprisingly, no one thought that he would ever lead the fashion industry. He is the principal and the founder of Jump Design Group which has been in existence for 29 years now. Glenn has revolutionized the fashion industry. He began his career from cutting fabric and then made his way up to the industry. Since then, he has been a hands-on person. This aspect has incredibly contributed to his success in group operations. Jump Design Group specializes in retail gowns and garments.

Glenn Schlossberg runs his company under the concept that each role in an organization is of great importance. He makes sure that his team is unique when it comes to design, production, and sales. He also ensures that they are ever on-trend and updated with fashion. Glenn has experienced increased sales as customers get maximum satisfaction leading to repeat client. He loves that his team is united and works together in production, designing, and giving high-quality clothing to its clients.

Glenn Schlossberg joined the fashion industry due to passion and that it was a family affair. He used to work with his father, who used to be a tailor. Having been to a fashion institute in New York, he decided to establish the Jump Design Group. His ultimate objective was to produce the best and most affordable garments in the market.

Jump Design Group has significantly grown under the leadership and management of Glenn Schlossberg. The growth of the company is dynamic ranging from logistics, design, and manufacturing potential in New York and beyond. Jump apparel has gained international recognition in some of the largest global retail companies such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Zappos, Taylor, and Lord. Glenn has outstanding entrepreneurial skills that continually influence the fashion industry and other related industries. For more info about Schlossberg you can visit his twitter page.

Glenn Firmly believes in helping youth acquire their full entrepreneur potential. He devotes his free time in sharing his experience with the young generation in the fashion industry with organizations such as Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Jump currently sells 5.5 million garments annually, and more than 100 million products have been delivered since the start of the company. On top of this, Glenn has emerged as the winner of The Special New Yorker Award.  To know more about Glenn you can visit

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