Literally Jet Smarter with Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter App, the Uber of Private Flights


Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of the JetSmarter app. This nifty platform is like the Uber for private jets. They have more than eight thousand paid members that fork out an annual fee of $14,000 to avail of unlimited chartered flights. There is something extra special about the exclusivity of chartered flights that scream all out luxury. But JetSmarter, with its vast routes that offer different kinds of tailor-fit services to suit their clients’ needs, is actually quite affordable in the long run.

The JetSmarter subscribers can literally jet smarter by using the app that provides them with various options. Members can choose to create their own shared charter flights with the people they like, they can opt to travel on a private jet shuttle on a scheduled flight, or they can actually rent an entire private jet for their own personal use if they don’t feel like riding with anyone at all.

The nice thing about being aligned with an app like this, if you choose to share a chartered plane with others, you don’t get to rub elbows with the typical masses. Instead, you are surrounded by like-minded people that also ascribe to high standards. Sergey Petrossov noted that traveling his JetSmarter brand through their many scheduled and on-demand flights is actually a great way to network.

JetSmarter is a very clever app that is able to leverage on technology to make massive profits by tapping into a niche market that longs for this brand of service at a more affordable price tag. One of their smart strategies is that they do not maintain their own private jet, which is expensive and tedious to do. Instead, theirs is a collaboration with a huge network of chartered flight companies. Sergey Petrossov said they act as a middleman who does the seamless scheduling for their esteemed clients with highly discriminating tastes.


Sergey Petrossov noted that their set up started with simple operations in a small office with a few key staff members that had to multitask the various workloads. Now, he proudly announces that they have grown to more than 260 employees in various locations around the globe.

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