Privinvest, The Global Shipyard Company

Two brothers, Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa came together more than two decades ago to form an international shipbuilding group. The group is called Privinvest and it uses next-level technology to design ships like the naval, mega yachts and vessels used commercially. The company is available in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, France and the Mediterranean. The middle east serves as its headquarters.

Privinvest has More than 2500 employees who dedicate their hard work in designing and constructing commercial vessels as well as naval. They also supply integrated and support programs for all the naval fleets. For any country willing to develop its ship, they transfer the technology needed. The company has engineered and constructed ships that are recognized and known globally, for example, the sailing yacht which was launched recently. This remarkable project and the fact that it offers its services globally has seen it become one of the most reputable company. They respond to the needs and demands pf clients appropriately and have thus become a world leader in the shipping industry.

Privininvest knows and understands the issues arising from environmental pollution. It is thus committed to protecting the environment by using energies that are marine renewable. It uses turbines and hydrokinetics from industries that protect the environment. For more than 20 years, the shipyard has constructed and delivered more than 2000 vessels. Its products are available in more than 40 navies all over the world. The company is working with some major NATO and non-NATO navies while still incorporating some private customers. Privinvest continues to receive new and overwhelming orders due to its massive success in exporting its product. The group has new orders available each day ranging from integrating the surveillance system for effective protection. Some other projects it works on include building new ships for navies, private customers and the public authority. It also offers services to the above entities. Its stakeholders are very confident with the international recognition that the Privinvest shipyard company has gained over the years and are committed to ensuring that it remains to be the best shipyard group globally. Find out more about Privinvest:

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