IAP Worldwide Was Awarded the US Navy Contract, Yet Again

IAP Worldwide Services has been offering a wide range of solutions and services to both the US as well as international government agencies. Once again, IAP Worldwide has proven itself to be the global leader in providing innovative, safe, and reliable services and solutions by winning a US navy contract. The company was awarded the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II (GCSMAC II), by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command in Hawaii. The winning of this indefinite-quantity/ indefinite-delivery contract by IAP Worldwide Services demonstrates to its customers on Monster.com across the globe that they can rely on their high-quality and ingenious solutions for their demanding challenges.

What is Contained in this Contract?

The $900 million-worth contract awarded to IAP Worldwide Services by the Hawaii Naval Facilities Engineering Command is expected to run until September 2024. Some of the services that will be offered to the US Navy by IAP, as outlined in this contract, include:

Facility support services.
Supplementary construction in the event of natural disasters, full range of military actions, humanitarian efforts, and incumbent breaks in.

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Why Was IAP Awarded this Contract?

For the more than 60 years that IAP Worldwide services has been in business, it has become a reputable provider, with regards to excellence in supporting such contingency-based contracts with various DoD entities. For instance, IAP Worldwide Services happen to be the only provider selected for all the four Air Force programs, in accordance with the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP), since the year 1996. According to the IAP Global Support Services vice president, Rick Nohmer, the company is honored to continue offering Task Orders across the world in support of NAVFAC. This is because the company is the current Navy incumbent under the GCSMAC I contract. The continued selection of the company by the US Navy on https://www.iapws.com/about/ indicates that IAP Worldwide Services has been offering satisfactory services and solutions.

The Role of Kaye Scholer in the IAP Transition

Kaye Scholer played a critical role in the out-of-court, debt-for-equity restructuring by IAP Worldwide. The defense contractor represented a group of lenders and the Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas in this restructuring. The restructuring at IAP Worldwide Services and some of its affiliates as well as subsidiaries required management and ownership changes. This was a somewhat cumbersome process but was a success, thanks to the participation of various stakeholders and more than 45 Kaye Scholer lawyers.

Despite the various changes and restructuring at IAP Worldwide Services over the years, the company is still a leading provider of services for government agencies and commercial industries. The reaction to the Hurricane Matthew further demonstrates the ability of IAP to offer lasting solutions to various challenges.

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