American Addiction Centers: Customizing Treatments for Veterans through Desert Hope Treatment Center

Did you know that only half of the veterans with addictions and mental health issues seek professional assistant? There are different reasons for this low percentage, but one of them is the lack of facilities that accommodate their personalities. Fortunately, American Addiction Centers are challenging this sad reality through different means.

The AAC is the first ever entity in the USA (and probably in the world) to create a facility, specifically for veterans and other people that have served in the armed forces. Desert Hope Treatment Center is a game changer in this niche through its approach to treatment and after treatment care.

First, it is one of the few facilities in the world to create customized treatment programs. According to professionals in these facilities, people have different experiences, and giving these people a similar treatment is not ideal.

Desert Hope Treatment Center is, therefore, home to personalized therapies, and through this approach to treatment; it has one of the best recovery percentages in the USA.

Professionals at AAC also understand that people react differently after alcohol and drug abuse, and it is, therefore, wise to handle each veteran individually. In a series of researches by ACC, veterans are the most affected by all types of addictions and mental health cases are the highest.

Second, Desert Hope Treatment Center is home to diversity, and through this policy, the facility is assisting hundreds of veterans. The admission process is, without a doubt, one of the most open processes in the world of treatment.

According to ACC policy on equity, any veteran seeking professional help is admitted without any discrimination. Therefore, the facility is home to all people, regardless of their religion, race, referral source, or sexual orientation. AAC believes that equality is one of the most important factors in fighting addiction. Any person who is 18 years and above and is a veteran has equal chances of being part of the Desert Hope Treatment Center family.

Apart from being a home to diversity, the facility is one of the few facilities in the world to have different approaches to therapy. First, the center is the first ever Veteran-centered facility to offer medical detoxification within 24-hour supervision for a more extended period. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

The facility is also one of the first ever to offer inpatient rehabilitation programs and residential treatment options to veterans. These treatment options are ideal in helping veterans receive treatment in the best facilities. The diversification in treatment is also a chance for the veterans to adapt to life after addictions.

This facility is part of the larger plan by American Addiction Centers — of making treatment accessible to as many people as possible. The entity is also keen on making the services available in many parts of the USA. Desert Hope Treatment Center is part of the comprehensive program by this entity.

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