Wikipedia Tool Proves Useful To Editors

Wikipedia is the online encyclopedia that is visited by millions across the world daily. Wikipedia is available in approximately 300 different languages. This is truly amazing feat for even an online encyclopedia. However, Wikipedia editors believe that gaps in coverage still exist. Certainly, the majority of visitors to Wikipedia speak English. Consequently, they are looking for articles in English. However, editors discovered that there were gaps in languages for a long list of articles. Fortunately, university researchers working with Wikipedia, invented a tool that helped editors find the gaps in language coverage of articles on the Wikipedia site. Now, editors are able to identify gaps in their own language and the tool points them to a second language that requires making Wikipedia revisions and translating that article into that language.

Why Wikipedia Page Creation Make Good Sense For Business

Wikipedia is the last place that some uninformed business owners might consider for marketing purposes. The fact is that Wikipedia should take first place in all their marketing and advertising efforts online. The site is basically an open source website that allows just about anyone to create a Wikipedia page for the site. The good news is that pages on Wikipedia tend to rank very high. The bad news is that writing articles or business pages for Wikipedia is an extremely difficult and frustrating process for many online marketers. The fact is that Wikipedia guidelines are very strict. Those that do not follow the guidelines will have their articles flagged or removed. Still, Wikipedia pages will lend credibility to an individual or business. Along with other wonderful advantages that will help build a personal or business brand.

Get Your Wiki

Business people are starting to take a second look at Wikipedia. Many are starting to realize that Wikipedia is a great marketing tool that is usually overlooked by marketers online. Fortunately, there hiring Wiki writers online that specialize in writing articles for Wikipedia is made easier thanks to Wikipedia writing companies such as Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is comprised of veteran Wikipedia editors that are very familiar with Wikipedia writing guidelines. In addition, they are quite familiar writing articles for the small business, individual, non-profits, to large corporations.

Get Your Wiki writers will write, edit, monitor, and update a Wikipedia page that pre-existed or one that they made from scratch themselves. They will also provide another very important service. They offer a monitoring service that keeps watch over all the articles written. They find that some people are malicious and might leave inaccurate edits that hurt a client’s reputation. They carefully monitor those Wikipedia revisions and make sure that the edits are accurate. Contact Get Your Wiki today for more information on their Wikipedia writing service.

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