Greg Secker, the CEO Who Can’t Be Stopped

Ever since Greg Secker was a little boy, all he always knew what he wanted to do and went ahead and did it. And growing up with that kind of limitless mentality, Greg has made sure that he was climbing up the ladder of success, breaking down one barrier after the next. At the age of forty-two, he still isn’t showing any signs of stopping yet.

He began making a significant change when he started his own company back in 2003. Despite starting small, his business began hosting financial trading seminars on international forums gaining ground in countries such as Ghana, Australia, New Zealand as well as the Philippines among many others. This kind of dedication is what landed him the prestigious 2009 national business award which was just but a start to many that would follow.

Apart from being a forex acumen, Greg Secker also takes pride in helping others by improving the quality of their lives. To do this, he set up a non-profit organization and has shown tremendous support to the people worldwide. An example of his organization improving the quality of lives was with the “Build A House, Build A Home” project that helped the Philippines during the Typhoon Yolanda tragedy.

In a recent interview with CEO/CFO, Greg Secker made it clear that he isn’t a “why guy, but a why not guy.” And it is because of having such kind of attitude that he has managed to build an entire empire around it. He also said that the whole point for starting the Greg Secker Foundation was to instill essential life skills to young people early. He says that this is to avoid shocking them with the crude reality later in life as it is the case with most people.

And thanks to his dedication and sheer hard work, Greg Secker bagged the British Telecom Award for Innovation in E-Commerce in 1998. The latter was awarded to him after successfully creating a virtual trading desk which is an active online forex trading platform. The same kind of hard work is what saw him become the Vice President at Melon Financial Corporation at 25.

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